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Hall, Danforth, and Bachart lead in initial election results

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Lincoln County Election
With 90 percent of the votes counted so far, below are the initial Lincoln County election results from County Clerk Dana Jenkins’ office as of 8:15 p.m. Jenkins will be updating the totals throughout the evening, and will certify the election in a few weeks.

Claire Hall leads county commissioner race

While County Commissioner Claire Hall leads the race to retain her seat, she has failed to reach the 50 percent threshold, and will likely face off with the second highest vote-getter, Joe Hitselberger, in a runoff election on Tuesday, November 3. Hall was first elected as County Commissioner in 2004, and was re-elected in 2008, 2012 and 2016.

Lanee Danforth leads DA race

Lincoln County Deputy District Attorney Lanee Danforth is leading the DA race against the current District Attorney, Jonathan Cable, 55.8 percent to 36.6 percent. Cable was appointed by Governor Kate Brown in January, 2020, after Michelle Branam left the DA spot to become an Oregon Assistant Attorney General, stationed in Newport.

Sheryl Bachart leads Circuit Court judgeship race

Incumbent Sheryl Bachart is leading the race over local attorney Russell Baldwin 71.6 percent to 28.4 percent. Bachart has been a Circuit Court judge in Lincoln County for over 12 years. This is Baldwin’s second attempt at securing a judgeship, having lost in 2018 to Thomas Branford 36 percent to Branford’s 64 percent.

Complete election results (updated as of 5/19/20 at 10:50pm)

Total number of ballots (votes) received: 18,816
Approximate % of ballots (votes) counted: 99.00%
Voter turnout (as a percentage of all registered voters): 50.76%
Lincoln County Commissioner, Position 2
Joe Hitselberger 3,484 (20.9%)
Claire Hall (incumbent) 6,789 (40.8%)
Edward M Johnston 664 (4.0%)
David M Davis 1,631 (9.8%)
Betty Kamikawa 3,008 (18.1%)
Write-Ins (includes Celeste McEntee) 1,081 (6.5%)
District Attorney, Lincoln County
Kenneth R Park (withdrew from race) 1,253 (7.5%)
Lanee Danforth 9,484 (56.5%)
Jonathan H Cable (incumbent) 6,061 (36.1%)
Judge of the Circuit Court, 17th District, Position 1
Russell L Baldwin 4,887 (28.9%)
Sheryl M Bachart (incumbent) 12,008 (71.1%)
Lincoln County Assessor
Joe Davidson (incumbent) 12,530 (100.0%)
State Representative, 10th District – Democrat
David Gomberg (incumbent) 7,015 (100.0%)
State Representative, 10th District – Republican
Max Sherman 3,893 (100.0%)
State Senator, 5th District – Democrat
Melissa T Cribbins 6,984 (100.0%)
State Senator, 5th District – Republican
Dick Anderson 4,127 (100.0%)
State Representative, 9th District – Democrat
Cal Mukumoto 206 (74.9%)
Mark Daily 69 (25.1%)
State Representative, 9th District – Republican
Boomer Wright 56 (100.0%)
United States Representative in Congress, 5th District – Democrat
Blair G Reynolds 661 (7.7%)
Kurt Schrader (incumbent) 5,803 (67.2%)
Mark F Gamba 2,167 (25.1%)
United States Representative in Congress, 5th District – Republican
Angela Roman 404 (9.0%)
Amy Ryan Courser 2,100 (46.9%)
G Shane Dinkel 1,352 (30.2%)
Joey Nations 622 (4.9%)
United States Senator – Democrat
Jeff Merkley (incumbent) 8,273 (100.0%)
United States Senator – Republican
Paul J Romero Jr 1,498 (33.0%)
Robert Schwartz 606 (13.4%)
Jo Rae Perkins 2,086 (46.0%)
John Verbeek 346 (7.6%)
Secretary of State – Democrat
Mark D Hass 3,172 (38.1%)
Jamie McLeod-Skinner 2,188 (26.3%)
Shemia Fagan 2,972 (35.7%)
Secretary of State – Republican
Kim Thatcher 3,842 (84.1%)
Dave W Stauffer 726 (15.9%)
State Treasurer – Democrat
Tobias Read (incumbent) 7,068 (100.0%)
State Treasurer – Republican
Jeff Gudman 4,120 (100.0%)
Attorney General – Democrat
Ellen Rosenblum (incumbent) 7,402 (100.0%)
Attorney General – Republican
Michael Cross 3,822 (100.0%)
United States President – Democrat
Joseph R Biden 6,563 (74.6%)
Bernie Sanders (withdrew from race) 1,453 (16.5%)
Elizabeth Warren (withdrew from race) 595 (6.8%)
Tulsi Gabbard (withdrew from race) 182 (2.1%)
United States President – Republican
Donald J Trump (incumbent) 4,570 (100.0%)
Judge of the Supreme Court, Position 1
Thomas A Balmer (incumbent) 11,142 (71.2%)
Van Pounds 4,516 (28.8%)
Judge of the Supreme Court, Position 7
Martha Walters (incumbent) 13,370 (100.0%)
Judge of the Court of Appeals, Position 11
Joel DeVore 8,553 (56.0%)
Kyle L Krohn (incumbent) 6,730 (44.0%)
Judge of the Court of Appeals, Position 1
Josephine H Mooney (incumbent) 13,051 (100.0%)
Judge of the Court of Appeals, Position 12
Erin C Lagesen (incumbent) 13,001 (100.0%)
Judge of the Court of Appeals, Position 13
Doug Tookey (incumbent) 12,838 (100.0%)

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  1. Your citations (at least the links that aren’t broken) are about people not coming off voter roles. One article states that maybe a 4 or 5 votes were cast for deceased individuals, but the rest confirm that fraud was unlikely. In short, there is a verification method to make sure that improper votes are not counted.

    If you want some reputable sources about actual voter fraud, please see below:

  2. Concerned citizen is obviously not an educated citizen. Lay off the Kool-Aid and maybe watch something other than YouTube conspiracy theory videos if you want people to take you seriously.

  3. DemWthaGun just wait all of these extra votes that go to the Democrats are going to be coming from a cemetery. Its kinda funny how people that have passed away years ago can still vote? It should go back to the way it was I want to go to a voting booth but nooo because dead people can’t vote then.

  4. Results. It’s what we want, depending on who you voted for…
    Every time an election comes around, and when I watch the news
    as well, I am reminded of a bumper sticker I saw once-
    “Vote For Term Limits, One in Office, One in Prison”
    The founders never expected politics to be a career, it’s too bad.

  5. The voting is over. We know who won. But—now comes the real test. Now that these new winners have got their job, –will they–DO what they said they wanted to do, when they were running? Or will they be largely inactive and “coast” til the next election? Transparency, communication and integrity still matter. Here’s hoping…

  6. Bad news people. I’ll say whatever I please, to whoever I please,
    whenever I please. I am very good at picking out faults and I’m
    an expert at insults. Just trying to keep it clean here Wayne somebody,
    I suppose you’re dumwthagun’s boyfriend.

  7. Dumwthagun, I’m impressed, clearly your 3 digit IQ begins with a zero. The republicans will take back the House of Representatives, Donald Trump is going to be reelected, and all the Dumbnocrats are going to cry and whine, just like they’ve done for the last 3 years. There are no numbers for how many people of each party voted, only total numbers of voters, many people don’t bother voting for unchallenged positions, and that skews the numbers. I can see that vote by mail increases the numbers…right. Barely 50%, and a lot of races aren’t even party based. You are a fat idiot, and if you had any fortitude, you wouldn’t hide behind some dipstick alias.

  8. When you vote by mail turnout goes up substantially. This is why Vote by mail is so important and why it’s catching on and will eventually be the way! We Need More Turnout! More Voting, More people! Thanks for pointing that out for us Kevin, you are a good advocate for vote by mail!

  9. Hmm . . . only 50% of the people voted and almost 2 times as many Democrats voting! Makes you wonder who the real twits are!

  10. Barely 50% voter turnout. Nice. That’s what’s so wonderful about reading complaints about elected officials. 50% of you have no business complaining about anything political. So, the next time you want to cry and bit#$ about politics, try to maybe think about wondering if you considered voting in the last elections. This is another reason politics is so “messed” up- expletive deleted. 50% of the people are deciding who gets elected, and the way I see it, a lot of those 50% are twits.


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