Sunday, December 5, 2021

A busy Fourth of July for Lincoln City

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Lincoln City had a busy Independence Day with F-15s flying over City Hall, people dressing up for honks, no internet, LCPD and NLFR zipping up and down Highway 101 and trash left on beaches.

A pair of fighter jets from Oregon Air National Guard’s 142nd Wing flew directly over City Hall before noon. The F-15 Eagles cut through the sky at 400 mph, putting on a show for those below. The jets were not originally scheduled to fly over Lincoln City.

A man and his dog, who wished to remain anonymous, spent hours collecting “honks 4 freedom” on the corner of Highway 101 and NE Logan Road. The patriotic fellow said he was out there to spread some cheer after a gloomy period due to COVID-19.

“I do this every year,” he said. “Well first time in this city. I’m out here to remind people we are free and to wish America a happy birthday.”

The anonymous freedom reveler would say things like, “Oh yeah!” and “There you go!” as passing cars honked a flurry of support. The dog did his part by greeting other passing dogs and sniffing them or barking accordingly.

Lincoln City Fourth of July

The City of Lincoln City put on a spectacular fireworks display over the Siletz Bay shortly after 10 p.m. There were many illegal fireworks being shot off from different areas in Taft, prompting Lincoln City Police to respond multiple times to different locations. According to LCPD Sgt. Jeffrey Winn, five arrests were made for assaults due to fights. North Lincoln Fire & Rescue was also busy investigating and responding to calls, including an adult jumping into a fire.

A Spectrum outage caused widespread loss of internet to Lincoln City and Newport overnight. Spectrum officials said the cause of the outage was vandalism and crews worked throughout the night to identify and fix the problem with service being restored around 9 a.m. Monday.

Some citizens expressed their concern over trash generated from Fourth of July festivities along the seven miles of Lincoln City beaches, observing piles of trash bags left at some beach access locations. North Lincoln Sanitary Service said they would be busy gathering refuse collected by clean-up groups and individual citizens and the trash would be hauled away as it is every year.

Justin Werner
I'm publisher of Lincoln City Homepage. Also a web guy, photographer, cameraman, video editor, sportswriter, tech support, crypto expert, cat trainer and e-bike enthusiast. I have a passion for finding facts and keeping citizens informed.

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  1. Thank you to the many community members who pick up after these big holidays! I do it whenever I can and reward myself with an espresso! I will say, so far this has been the most crowded I have seen so far in my 40+ years on the oregon coast, but hopefully once the rest of oregon returns to the festivities it will be a little more laid back. I wish we could remind travelers that you can’t park wherever you want, that it might only be you on vacation, and that you should always leave a place in better condition than you found it. And for God sake, when you are asked where are the good spots on the beach pled the 5th!!!!

  2. Yeah, get off my lawn! We had to put up a “no parking sign”, as to
    the help it’ll do later on…
    I agree left turns off 101 are dangerous and it’d be nice if we could ease traffic by eliminating left turns without a dedicated lane.
    Just like the lines into the off road coffee shops that spill over onto an interstate
    highway, there are better solutions.

  3. In records to the patriotic photo with the flags:
    They had these flags in Bandon too. People walking in and around them.
    Me. I walked around them but the wind came up and WHAP ! flag goy me right smack in my left eye….I almost lost my eye.
    Please put them on longer rods above 7 ft.

  4. The Lincoln City PD, Fire, and paramedics had a busy 4th. Thank you to them. I’ve never seen it so busy here. Portland news stations broadcasting for days that Lincoln City will have fireworks contributed to the mass crowds I’m sure. 2 more months then we’ll be rid of the tourist occupation.

  5. To be fair, there can be a difference between discussing/complaining about an issue (like trash or traffic) and being a grump.
    Not that there aren’t grumps in LC. There are grumps everywhere. And we love our grumps too… 😉 It takes all kinds, even grumps. 😉
    But that doesn’t mean a grump can’t have a point from time to time…
    Point taken tho about this being a tourist town. That’s just what we have…
    Traffic is part of life here. And as locals, we know to prep to stay in on some weekends and/or time our trips appropriately. Tho I do think they should consider disabling some left turns on the Highway thru town.
    Now, if you will excuse me, there are some kids I have to shoo off of my lawn!!!!

  6. It’s really sad people bring their family’s to such a beautiful place. An leave it such a mess. As parents we teach our children to clean up after them selves. An as adults they don’t think twice about leaving it for others to clean. As a visitor you should have a little more respect to the people who work so hard for us to have a wonderful place to vacation.

  7. What a bunch of grumps live in this town! The 4th of July only comes once a year! Sure a lot of people show up and there is a huge amount of garbage, but our merchants need the money. Some people do get out of hand, but they are handled by a great bunch of men and women on our police force. My husband and I have owned a house in the Taft area for 30 years , plus a vacation rental. The 4th is a great people watching time. This town is a vacation destination. What the heck do you think keeps this town alive??? Stop being such a bunch of grumps, it is only one day a year.
    Just some extra info, that bunch of boys that did the fly over are the number 1 group of flyers in the US!! Be proud they took the time to give us a great fly over on a fun day!

  8. Well, as someone once told me, one of the nice things about living in an area with vacation rentals all around you is that when you have a bad neighbor, at least they are gone in a few days. 😉

  9. Well, consider this- Lincoln City is a tourist destination. We have an overload of
    VRD units, and the industry here is people. The city council, as well as residents
    should be able to realize this, people are problematic, and, we can either
    deal with our fellow humans, who at times are complete jerks, and disrespectful, or toss the whole tourist concept into the trash bin, I listened
    to whiners on the city council complaining about fireworks and their effect
    on dogs, the trash generated by the city’s cash cow, so- it happens every
    year, every holiday, and that’s that. I’m all for putting a cap on VRD units,
    and eliminating a large portion of the current ones. Think that’ll happen?
    The city rezoned my neighborhood to cram in more VRD units at the
    “oh so wonderful” Olivia Beach stack of 3 story 40 foot high cracker boxes.
    Drive by SW Coast street sometime and marvel at the monstrosity.

  10. The traffic problem in Lincoln city is unbearable, it bottlenecks around 35th street at the new area with single lane ( which is a joke ) and huge waste of money. Unbelievable

  11. Yes thank you out of towners and Portland news telling ya all go Lincoln city fire works bring your garbage too leave on beach after you leave for everyone to see you was here. Nice of the ones that brought the extra fight events with the taking out of the internet and cable also combined. 5 or so even got to meet some our fine police officers. Lot of other residents I know that has lived here long time have not seen flood of so many come in town all at once. Good for the shops that made some income food services too am sure good old Safeway made a killing as always. Lets do something for them labor day so they have a place to leave there garbage and finish off there fire works they did not use on 4th. Oh buy the way Kevin I watch looney toons also beets the heck out of watching the news in less you need more brain damage or depress.

  12. Yep, it was a great holiday on the coast, at least LC didn’t ban, or rather, try
    to ban fireworks, and the Taft show went on, luckily we can see it from
    the deck, which is a nice break from lighting our own stuff, which, amazingly
    enough was all legal this year…if you’re a fan of the Simpsons,
    you know it’s our right to celebrate the founding of our country by blowing
    up a small part of it.
    So- it was vandals. well, that’s why I missed Looney tunes on MeTV this
    morning, and had to break out some Lost in Space dvds last night, that stuff
    will never get old.


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