Friday, September 25, 2020

Chinese face masks arrive just in time for new rules

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Amy Ryan Courser blasts do-nothing politicians for wildfire negligence

Heads should roll on Nov. 3 for slipshod forest policies that changed Oregon into a tinderbox waiting for a spark, declared a contender for Congress who is turning the U.S. 5th District into a hot seat. 

Lincoln County/A Galaxy of Stars

Behold the sinister orange glow that highlights the struggling red sun's attempt to melt the dense smoke.

Depoe Bay resident boosts Portland Police morale with gift bags

A Depoe Bay woman recently organized delivery of gift bags to an embattled Portland Police Bureau, who have been the target of attacks by rioters in the City of Roses.

Multi-agency Resource Center opening at Lincoln City Outlets

Lincoln County community services and FEMA are hosting a Multi-Agency Resource Center (MARC) that will be available for those whose homes and businesses were affected by the Echo Mountain Complex Fire and accompanying wind event.

Lincoln City man shoots self in groin at checkout

Lincoln City Police responded to McKay's Market Sunday for a reported gunshot wound, discovering a man had accidentally shot himself in the groin.

Echo Mountain Complex: 293 homes destroyed, Zero fatalities

Officials with the Echo Mountain Complex have completed preliminary structural damage assessments in the fire area and 293 residential structures have been determined to be a total loss.

Echo Mountain Complex Fire 40 percent contained

A lack of expected rain hasn’t stopped firefighters from getting more control over the Echo Mountain Wildfire as 40 percent of the fire is contained and mopping up efforts are underway. 

New ‘dignified’ donation distribution center at Lincoln City Outlets

Lincoln County Public Health officials and members of the Lincoln City church community will be opening a centralized donation distribution center in Lincoln City, 2 p.m. Tuesday to get needed supplies in the hands of people affected by the wildfires.

Echo Mountain Complex Wildfire 33 percent contained

A milestone was reached for firefighters on the Echo Mountain Complex yesterday as 100 percent of the control line has been completed on both fires.

Garbage fire at North Lincoln Sanitary Service

North Lincoln Fire and Rescue responded to a fire inside a garbage truck behind the main office of North Lincoln Sanitary Service Monday evening.

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Evacuations in effect for Lincoln City

A level 3 evacuation is in effect for all of Lincoln City from 40th street north. Level 3 means go now.

Fire strikes historic Otis Cafe on Independence Day

North Lincoln Fire Rescue units swarmed the Otis Cafe shortly before 8 p.m. Thursday to combat a fully involved fire at the iconic restaurant.

Highway 101 hole prompts ODOT to call in geologists

Oregon Department of Transportation officials have called in geologists Thursday to take core samples of a hole on southbound Highway 101 in Otis.

Lincoln City wildfires update

Lincoln City government issued an update Thursday on wildfires north of the city, saying all evacuation orders are still in effect and residents are not allowed in the area.

An evacuated Lincoln City sits dark and intact

Lincoln City Police were active Wednesday night and were patrolling with spotlights in a town evacuated and once again without power.

Local men face drug, weapons charges following ATF search and arrest raid

Two Lincoln City men and a Cloverdale resident were charged Wednesday after Special Agents from the ATF Seattle Field Division executed multiple federal search and arrest warrants in Lincoln City.

City halls around Lincoln County, including Depoe Bay (above), received thousands of face masks last week just days before local officials issued sweeping new Covid-related rules. A KN95 mask is equivalent to an N95, but is manufactured in China. (Photo by Rick Beasley)

DEPOE BAY — Protective face masks are being distributed in the nick of time to ordinary citizens of Lincoln County after state officials recently agreed to increase the supply.

Boxes of KN-95 protective masks arrived at city halls around Lincoln County last week, just days before sweeping new Covid-19 orders were set to take effect. On Wednesday, June 17, 1,500 masks arrived at Depoe Bay City Hall, where four boxes flew out the door for dispersal at the food bank and the town’s only church. Lincoln City received 5,000 masks, while other deliveries were made to Newport, Yachats, Waldport, Toledo and Siletz.

On Friday, June 19, county and city officials met online for a joint meeting that produced two new Covid-related mandates. One will reduce social and religious gatherings from 25 people to 10, the other imposes a requirement to wear a face mask in most public settings, including grocery stores, gyms and public transit. Both rules take effect Wednesday, June 24.

County emergency manager Jenny Demaris reported that Lincoln County has received a total of 100,000 “face coverings” from the state, with about 80,000 already distributed to health care providers, schools, first responders and citizens who turned out for a countywide drive-up mask giveaway on June 13.

“Lincoln County received an initial shipment, but upon further evaluation of the quantities given we received additional ones,” said Demaris, who cited a volunteer warehouse staff for dispersing nearly 3,000 boxes of masks. “We’re saturating the community as best we can.”

A KN95 is equivalent to an N95 mask, but is manufactured in China. Demaris advised the non-cloth face coverings are “durable, but not washable.” To obtain a face mask, call your local city hall.

As she volunteered to mete out masks, Depoe Bay City Councilor Debbie Callender said she objected to the county’s crowd reduction efforts because it will impact her church services. Reluctantly, she will distribute the KN-95s during Sunday services.

“I couldn’t believe the state was providing us with masks made in China,” she said. “The Chinese gave us Covid, and now they’re profiting on it.”

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Rick Beasley
Rick Beasley
Rick Beasley is a simple writer who collects sniper rifles for a hobby.


Lincoln County Commissioners vote to stay in Phase 1

Lincoln County Commissioners voted Monday to keep Lincoln County in Phase 1 with a 3-0 vote, citing increased concerns over the Labor Day weekend, the convergence of the flu season and a desire to proceed cautiously.


  1. As usual…….Mr. Beasley writes without regard to facts. While the county, and some cities voted to reduce the number of people allowed to gather, from 25 to 10, it did NOT include religious entities, or commercial operations, or any gathering that has a dedicated responsible party to handle physical distancing and face covering requirements.

    Just once, Rick……..try getting your facts straight!

  2. OSHA has already stated that N95 mask do not stop the spread of the virus! The exhale vent is not filtered. Get your facts straight.

  3. I’m deeply disturbed by first the headline of this article. What difference does it make where the masks come from or are manufactured? The headline itself promotes ignorance and racism. I am a former journalist and this is appalling.

    Secondly, as a tax payer from Depoe Bay, how can a City official say such statements?

    Blaming does not resolve anything. The virus is here with us to stay until there is a cure or vaccination. It originated from bats. It makes no difference where those bats came from. Check your facts.

    I request that Lincoln City Home Page change the headline of their article.

    In addition, a public apology from Debbie Callender is in order. If not, she should be removed as a public official.

  4. Absolutely remove this religious bigot from council duties!! If you want or NEED to pray, get on your knees and DOIT! Do NOT PREY on U S !

  5. Absolutely remove this religious bigot from council duties!! If you want or NEED to pray, get on your knees and DOIT! Do NOT PREY on U S !l

  6. From what I’ve read a certain type of N95 mask that has a valve (not all of them do) can transmit Covid to others. The KN95 mask is about the same spec wise but has a “fit test” requirement. Most any cloth mask can be used to help prevent the spread of the virus. These masks should have been given to local dentists who donated masks to the cause and never received any back. The gathering size limitation DOES NOT apply to businesses, vrd’s, churches, etc. It only applies to groups with a leader (like what, a square dance with a D.J.?), and I can’t imagine that being enforced. A nice symbolic gesture or a reminder maybe, but of little useful value. Lincoln City already rejected it and I’m guessing Depot Bay will if they haven’t already.

  7. What a useless article. I’m all in for free N95 masks wherever they come from. Maybe that’s the point the sniper journalist wants to scare folks with so he can up his supply room with masks that everyone else won’t use since they come from “China”!

  8. Dan
    Maybe different story but did read a Chinese Pharmacists was jailed for 15 years for selling fake 3m masks to people in China. Not sure if they made it here. Doubtful.

  9. Tap, Clever use of homophones. Pray and prey…Nice work. How long did that take you? You do understand however this makes you homophomic. Look in the mirror Tap. Seems you can’t stop hating on Christians long enough to address your own homophomia. You might want to work on the stutter as well. I think there is a tutorial on Homepage Posting that would be helpful to you.

  10. I hope she is not eating any Chinese food or buy anything from Walmart, they might contain the virus! Also, no Corona beer. She’s an idiot.

  11. n95 masks, big deal. The same thing I use cutting tile or slate, they’re for
    dust, not airborne pathogens.
    The face covering requirements? Ok. It didn’t look that way when I was at
    Safeway on Saturday, people without face covers walking right past the sign saying “do not enter without a face cover”.
    Chinese masks for Chinese viruses, nice, sounds like the same way my
    drug dealer used to operate, create a market, and then supply the demand.
    I’ll use my bandanna, it’s all the same, unless you think you need a copperfit mask from t.v., or a 50.00 artist masks I see on Ebay.
    What does annoy me are that no one is on the same page. I miss the tourist ban already. Correct my syntax, spelling or grammar and you’ll
    get an ear full big teach. What I like about this forum, is I don’t have to be nice to anyone, like that wimpy Nextdoor Neighbor site, or Facebunk.

  12. Rack-nuts, If the headline of this article offends you you must live in a very safe space. Since you “Self Identify ” as a journalist we’ll take this real slow. Rick used “Chinese face masks” because the face masks are from China. The only people “offended” by this are those who enjoy being offended. I remember when all Americans were allowed to think and speak as they wished. Self-righteous indignation clearly is your censorship weapon of choice. You bludgeon your opponents into submission with it. You are the intolerant one. You are the thought police. And the virus did not come from bats, it came from progressives like you who have weaponized it and turned blue states into police states.

  13. Kev, I would not think of correcting your grammar although I would enjoy the earful promised. I have decided to not take issue with your posts mostly because I don’t know where to begin. So much low hanging fruit. I feel like a kid in a candy store, so many phobias and so little time. I think its very brave of you to to share all your fears in a public forum. Carry on Kev, I’m with you.

  14. The ignorance of the Bigot Redneck TrumpTards! I bet most of you would not say this bigot crap strait to a chines, mexican or black persons face . . . right in front of cops. I’m sure most would not say this to their Human Resource Department at work. You all must be upset at Trumps failed rally. 6,200 thats all he can muster up these day’s. What a major looser. Bigots have become Toxic!

  15. All these comments are ridiculous, in my view. If you must wear a mask, go to Joann’s Fabric store, buy some material and cut out a design yourself. The joke is on you all. A scarf will do, a bandana, etc. I would never, ever buy or wear one of these made in the country that sent the virus.

  16. Dem, A “chine” is the bony part of a meat chop. You have mistaken an Asian for what sits atop your neck. I am not surprised at this.

  17. Dem, you might want to stay in the shallow end of the pool with Kev until you can get your spellcheck working again.

  18. Plaguedic Trumptard . . . so your new to typos, posts, computers, auto spell or texting and twitter. You seem to be. Carful being a word NAZI. People do that when they have nothing good to add!

  19. I suspect Jim Fossum would not have tolerated this kind of editorial were he still around. Every op-ed authored by Rick Beasley that is published on this website further discredits its claim as a journalistic endeavor. Finding that his site is being used for racist sloganeering should be embarrassing to its publisher. But this is obviously not the case. I guess site clicks and baiting readers into voicing their disapproval is more important to advertising numbers. That’s low energy. Sad.

  20. I also might add that The News Guard is kicking the crap out of the Homepage as an actual news source on Covid 19 in our community. People reading The News Guard will know of the first Covid death in Lincoln County, as well as the current case count and most recent actual news on the Governor’s latest orders. Oh, and there isn’t a single racist op-ed piece to be found.

  21. Plaquedoc has a serious issue, most likely a fat troll who can’t leave other people alone, I’m concerned about his IQ, clearly it’s 3 digits, it’s just the first one is a zero.
    You’re not with me doc, you’re an idiot, and your comments about other
    people are uncalled for.
    You wouldn’t last 90 seconds in my world before someone slapped you upside the head with a framing hammer or a 2×4.

  22. Plaque dork, your 3 digit IQ must start with a zero.
    You delight in putting other people down.
    You aren’t with anyone, but yourself.
    You wouldn’t last 90 seconds in my world before someone knocked you
    upside the head with a 2×4

  23. Kev & Dem, Seems like plaguedoc has your number. Dem you need to borrow some of Kevs Xanax. That might be a good idea because I can tell by his double post he’s had to much already. Joe, do you work for the News Guard? So if the news guard is so great why are you here?

  24. Dem, I think you meant “careful” not carful. Carful means “as many as a car can hold.” Don’t feel bad its a common mistake or did you write that just to demonstrate your typo expertise? Now you’re just showing off.

  25. Demwthagun, what helps me keep words straight is to use them in the same sentence. Like…I warned the carful of Democrats to be careful when pulling down the Lincoln statue.

  26. Ha! I knew it! you’re all little trolls just waiting under the bridge.
    Tell me, did it hurt when they tattooed “breathe” on the inside of
    your eyelids?
    Change your gravy stained boxer shorts and find a life.
    My double post was for the “air quote” intelligence of plaquedork,
    I knew he’d need to read it twice.
    I need to go now, I have important things to do, I’d explain it to you, but
    it’s going to be over your little pinheads.

  27. I agree!!!These non white people want to be treated fair,this will not sit well!!!Just makes a person avoid going near “non white” people!!!

  28. Stop Dem your confusing Kevin. Next you’ll tell him there’s no Santa. How can you post, “Carful being a word Nazi” and not expect people who can spell not to come out of the woodwork? But thanks for crediting me with multiple personalities. I think you just see every person who isn’t grammatically challenged as me. Living in a liberal echo chamber will do that. As to the Beasley comparison thank you for making my day. Yet I must protest, Beasley is a true wordsmith and I am not worthy. If Beasley were to scorch low hanging fruit such as yourself you would never surface again.

  29. Well, well, well, News Guard Lincoln City had so many phone calls and tweets calling them “racists” that they had to change the new rule, “Blacks no need to wear face masks” How dumb they all are. Stupid, shameful and ridiculous. RACISTS they all are period. What idiots would ever put that rule in force? Now writing a 3 page comment retracting it. GOOD LORD.

  30. Hey!!!Good news!!!!If us”white people” have to wear masks,then so should everyone else,regardless of their skin color!!!!

  31. So, Fort Kevin, nice. Well, if you’re one of the Olivia Bitches, we wouldn’t get along at all, this house has been here a long time, and I longer in the city.
    I see why people don’t use their real names, me, I could care less. I have nothing to prove to anyone but myself. If I decide to argue with someone,
    it’s because they piss me off. I’ve made my own way at work since 1990,
    because I had the fortitude to take some risk and make decisions. 99.99% of my customers think I’m just fine, that’s how I make a living.

  32. This was done by the city council in Lincoln County….brilliant people, huh… the entire United States against them…racists, racists, racists… smart are the democrats now????? Law suits in the making.

  33. Have to say that I am very sad. My son always warned me to not read the comments, but today I did again, And it broke my heart! Why are we all talking to each other like this? Why are we saying such hurtful things? Why aren’t we encouraging one another and holding each other up during such a terrible time as a pandemic? I am sorry for all of us, but this is what we have come to.

  34. OregonCoastMom,
    It is going on because there are so many paid evil thugs, terrorists, racists, scum bags tearing down our history, looting stores, throwing bricks at officers, burning police cars….all because they want America to be another Venezuela and we must not allow this. STAND UP FOR AMERICA. IT STOOD UP FOR US ALL THESE GREAT YEARS. EVIL MUST NOT BE ALLOWED.

  35. True Nancy, What OCM can’t see is Progressives enjoy the chaos. Funny it went from cops are bad to pulling down Washington and Lincoln. And it’s not Venezuela they want it’s CHAZ.


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