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COVID-19 outbreak at Safeway

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Safeway outbreak Lincoln City

At least four Lincoln City Safeway employees have tested positive for COVID-19 according to sources within the company, who spoke on condition of anonymity Thursday evening.

Multiple sources at Safeway said employees from three different departments had been self-quarantined at home after receiving positive tests as far back as Wednesday, Dec. 2.

Lincoln County Public Health confirmed an investigation has been ongoing since Dec. 2, and eight positive COVID-19 cases have been investigated as of Wednesday. An outbreak can be declared with two employees testing positive and any connected cases found through contact tracing fall under the outbreak.

With information from Safeway employees, the public and Lincoln County Public Health, this could mean four employees and four family members tested positive in the two-week period.

Public Health officials said they need people to stay home if they are sick and COVID-19 positive persons can speed up the process for contact tracers by going back 48 hours before first signs of symptoms or a positive test and write down where they’ve been and who they’ve came into contact with and telling them to self-quarantine. Doing this can speed up the process so health officials can shut down outbreaks quickly.

Safeway continues to operate as it is an essential business and has taken measures to protect its employees and the public from COVID-19 transmission by installing plexiglass at its checkout lines and delivering medicines from its pharmacy. Safeway recently deployed their DriveUp & Go, where shoppers can order online and pick up in the parking lot.

Safeway partnered with U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in November and will offer COVID-19 vaccinations at no-cost to the public through their pharmacy and may receive vaccines in Phase 1 for select populations.

Safeway DriveUp & Go Homepage contacted Safeway Thursday night but a manager was unavailable for comment.

Public Health reminds the public that the best way to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 is to:

  • Maintain at least 6 feet of distance between yourself and those who do not live with you;
  • Wear a face covering when you cannot maintain this distance;
  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water; and
  • Monitor your symptoms. If you feel sick, stay home.

If you have questions about this or COVID-19, please contact the Lincoln County Call Center at 541-265-0621 or by email at [email protected]

For up-to-date numbers on cases of COVID-19 in Oregon please visit

Stay informed

Global Response: The World Health Organization guides the global response.

Justin Werner
I'm publisher of Lincoln City Homepage. Also a web guy, photographer, cameraman, video editor, sportswriter, tech support, crypto expert, cat trainer and e-bike enthusiast. I have a passion for finding facts and keeping citizens informed.

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  1. Be nice. Cm may be simpleminded but has a good heart. As I read these posts I am reminded progressives like Brown depend on those in the short bus to comply with and enforce their nonsensical policies.

  2. So, go shopping for them. OR, condemn all of your non-loved neighbors to a lifetime of unemployment, house arrest, face diapers and medical tyranny.

    All over something with, realistically, a health threat somewhere between that of the Swine Flu of ’09 and Hong Kong Flu of ’68.

    Leave politics and religion out of it. This is common sense.

  3. Wake up people!! A covid19 positive for a cold…..99.9 recovery rate….stay home if you are immune compromised otherwise we need to get on with life. It’s not Ebola for God sake!!

  4. Non compliance is the issue. When I see someone go into a store, without a
    mask, and then walk out with items, that’s crap. The employees should refuse
    service to that “human”. I would refuse to sell to anyone in non compliance.
    This is an OSHA issue, and if you see employees not in compliance, photograph
    them, and make an OSHA complaint. As far as patrons, the same thing could be done. Sure, the vaccine is on the way, and what good is it going to do?
    We are still going to have to wear masks and use sanitizers, because of non
    compliant individuals. Tourists are not all to blame, although different rules from state to state, and county to county make all guidelines a waste of time,
    when people are allowed unrestricted travel. Sorry people, but if we want to
    ever see normal again, we need some “reimagining” of controlling this virus,
    and it’s going to infringe on civil liberties, otherwise it’s not going to work.

  5. To those counting out of state license plates, what do you propose? Border checks? Street barricades? ID checks?

    Want Safeway shut down? Yeah, that’ll be a great help… hope you enjoy living on veggies from your garden, for those that have them.

    Stop the whining and complaining about others and take steps to do what you believe will protect you… and you’ll be fine, right?

  6. You people who live at the coast and shop at Safeway or Fred’s why don’t you tell manager what you are seeing instead of blaming people from out of state. You live in a Tourist Town what do you expect to see!You all need to direct your complaints to management at Safeway or Fred’s.

  7. How do we get through too the obstinate protesters that think their freedom is being taken from them if asked to wear a mask? Freedom without responsibility is savagery. You have the freedom to live in society. Choose to wear a mask to protect your community. Not doing so to prove to the world that you are standing up for your rights only makes you look like you can’t understand simple logic and science. And damn it: Cover your nose!
    I shop Safeway and they are habitual offenders. They need some mask enforcers…polite ones, of course.

  8. Not sure I’d feel comfortable taking my elderly parents (both in their mid-90s) into Safeway for a free Covid 19 shot, since they’d have to make it through a crowd of tourists and possibly other infected employees who aren’t symptomatic…yet. And I’ll be halting my regular shopping trips there until this thing turns around. Lincoln County medical department needs to set up drive through vaccinations, both flu and Covid, for vulnerable populations. This thing is reaching national emergency status.

  9. I shop at the Lincoln County Safeway. I reported one of the females working in the deli department for not wearing her mask properly. She still continues to do so. I see people in the store all the time without masks and others wearing it covering only their mouths, What I don’t see is any of the employees except for 1 cashier on the days shift saying anything to any of these people. Something needs to be done about this now.

  10. No surprise. Every time I go in there it is full of tourists from out of state based on all of the out of state licence plates in the parking lot. Washington, California, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Texas…the list goes on and on. Counted 8 different states before I even got through the door. These people dont care about a little city like ours…they are on Covation. Until they put a stop to interstate travel that is non essential the volume of vacationers that are off or working remotely will not subside. Infection rates will increase, and the per capita numbers will surpass Portland metro. Get them out of the community or, suffer and shut it because you are part of the problem. Tourist season is over, but no one got the memo…This community is to small to bring in infection rates like this from people not wearing masks. Can you imagine how many people come through that are infected to shut down a casino with 3 dozen infected employees, and at this point at least a dozen at Safeway? Hmm…

  11. I’m also surprised this took so long. Too many people aren’t following the simple guidelines. I have emphysema, and wearing a mask sucks, but I do it, and I
    use sanitizer. Anyone that can’t suffer along with the rest of us, apparently
    thinks they are special and don’t need to be outdoors in the first place.

  12. Fred Meyer in Newport was allowing the same practice by overnight stockers which is why I stopped shopping there months ago. Not sure what they’re doing now. And in both the Newport Fred Meyer and Safeway I’ve encountered meat department employees who either failed to wear masks or did not have it covering their nose when they were cutting fish for me.

  13. Honestly not surprised this happened. Worked there shortly in the beginning of September and only one person wore a mask on the night stocking shift. Supervisor there said employees could work without them even when working in close proximity to others.


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