Monday January 25, 2021

DA says Clark County Seven did not commit bias crime

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Seven Clark County men were recently arrested in Lincoln City for illegal fireworks, yelling racial slurs and using Nazi salutes to harass a black family on Independence Day, prompting the Lincoln County District Attorney to issue a statement about the incident.

Jonathan Cable, the current district attorney for Lincoln County, said his office had been in contact with Lincoln City Police officers the night it occurred and has been in constant contact with the victims.

Cable said he would file the appropriate charges that could be proved under the law and explained why this instance was not a bias crime (ORS 166.155 or 166.165) because it did not involve offensive physical contact, destruction of property or threat of physical injury.

The district attorney said the quick intervention of the Lincoln City Police prevented those things from occurring.

“Unfortunately, using racist or derogatory language is not in itself criminal under Oregon law,” Cable said.

Cable said it should be noted that Lincoln City Police were cheered and applauded by numerous witnesses and did a great job keeping the victims safe.

The suspects are not in custody due to Lincoln County Jail’s policy related to COVID-19, which has limited the list of charges for which a suspect can be incarcerated.

“The behavior alleged will not be tolerated in this community and should not be anywhere,” Cable said.

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Justin Werner
Justin Werner
Justin is publisher of Lincoln City Homepage and an investigative journalist who finds facts. He's on a mission to seek out truth and isn't afraid to be the tip of the spear for freedom of the press.



  1. So if I show up at the Da house swearing and intimating his family it is OK because I didn’t do the physical damage what a crock of crap the seven should be in jail and they should be charged with a bias crime because that what it was ! I’d believe it is time for the Oregon community to hold these people accountable. If they did thi
    s to a person working for the state, city or federal government. They would be charged with a lot more. WAKE UP and act like you care..

  2. No Steven, but if you’re BLM and burn down their family business THEN you’re a “peaceful protestor” and Biden will make your bail.

  3. While I can understand the police intervened before it became a bias crime, the motivation was there. If you can’t charge them with a bias crime, perhaps harassment, intimidation, etc. I feel like there are certainly laws to handle this type of behavior.

  4. Don’t you get it? They weren’t held in jail, they’re gone,back to Washington, and they ain’t comin’ back.
    Besides, there is something called the 1rst amendment, which gives people
    the right to free speech, it doesn’t regulate the content of that speech.
    If they didn’t physically threaten, or touch anyone, they’re scott free.
    Sure, these guys are a$$holes, but being a jerk isn’t illegal- too bad, isn’t it. Your leftist bullflop about hate speech only flies in the liberal media and snowflake businesses that cave to mobs of activists.

  5. Nobody is asking about this group of Russian thugs living the high life in SW Washington. They seem to be completely unafraid of US law enforcement and laugh at our laws.


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