Monday, October 18, 2021

Depoe Bay rejects 24-hour rule as motels return to business as usual

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Workers at a WorldMark resort in Depoe Bay were busy completing upgrades on Monday, June 4, as the popular 171-unit facility gets ready to reopen later this month. Meanwhile, other motel operators in Depoe Bay are back to business as usual after city councilors rejected a 24-hour turnaround rule. (Photo by Rick Beasley)
Workers at WorldMark resort in Depoe Bay were busy completing upgrades on Monday, June 4, as the popular 171-unit facility gets ready to reopen later this month. Meanwhile, other motel operators in Depoe Bay are back to business as usual after city councilors rejected a 24-hour turnaround rule. (Photo by Rick Beasley)

DEPOE BAY — Motels and vacation rentals here are once again open to tourists and operating at a relative gallop after city officials rejected a 24-hour turnaround policy recommended by county officials.

Only WorldMark Resort, with 171 rooms the biggest and most popular visitor destination, remains closed as operators wrap up remodeling that occurred during the Covid-19 lockdown. In a June 4 letter to Depoe Bay city councilman Jerome Grant, however, resort manager Amie Marshall said the facility — known as “The Resort at Whale Point” — would reopen in late June.

The nearby Wyndham WorldMark Resort at Gleneden Beach in unincorporated Lincoln County will also reopen June 22, according to a company official. As a “timeshare” operation, Marshall said it would not fall under the county’s 24-hour rule, either.

Grant led the argument last month to disengage from a countywide consensus on Covid rules at a joint meeting with county commissioners and officials from five cities by clarifying the limits of county authority during questioning of Lincoln Co. Counsel Wayne Belmont.

The City’s decision to pull back from a rule requiring a full day between reservations came at a May 21 city council meeting.

“I just thought it was too onerous for hoteliers,” Grant said this week. “The viability of the virus on stainless steel surfaces may be 72 hours according to the scientific data but that doesn’t mean it’s transmittable, and the operators will be cleaning the rooms and doing the best they can.”

Depoe Bay’s city recorder said all licensed visitor accommodations in the city have successfully submitted reopening plans that include cleaning and social distancing protocols.

Rick Beasley
Rick Beasley is a simple writer who collects sniper rifles for a hobby. During an astonishing publishing career that spans five decades and continues at Lincoln City Homepage, he has collected 17 awards for excellence in journalism from various organizations including nine first-place Best Writing awards from the Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association.

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  1. First off not many that were employed are staying in their homes now cause we are open and working! Second covid-19 IS more deadly than the flue you F-N forker. Grow a brain! All I know is the younger folks are making a change and you Old Trumptards will be like buffalo’s in the 1880’s! So long won’t miss you!

  2. Wake up you are all crying like little babies. Good open up it’s an unlawful order she can’t control you. Its less deadly than the flu wake up!!!!! Sounds like you all can just stay in your homes for the rest of your lives but then I guess that won’t be long because it’s not healthy to stay in your home like that. Move to Michigan or California if you want to be controlled.

  3. Over and over we are shocked at just how brazen depoe bay is. This time, putting their business before public safety. Let’s not forget about Worldmark, a Fortune 500 company deciding to take reservations on the 22nd!? There is zero evidence to suggest this is a good idea as the majority of their ‘owners’ come from Washington state, Portland and the valley where infection rates are much higher. This is our home, where we live with our families. Our rights as residents are being violated and as I’ve researched this, the state is doing nothing to stop this violation. Even with the recent outbreak at pacific seafood, which in and of itself sets back phase two requirements for the county, there seems to be no pause in ‘opening’. Worldmark pushing back on the 24 hour rule endangers their staff and their guests, as if opening wasn’t egregious enough. It’s saddens us that a rush for some will be tragic for others and this action is being allowed by the state. We are digging into this matter to try and find answers from the state in an effort to highlight public safety standards that threaten our Lincoln county communities. The last thing we need is to find ourselves behind the curve of they who do not live and work within our own community. I get it, this has been hard on all of us. No need to make it harder by catering to all of ‘them’. Class action? This legal analyst is working diligently to do what I can.

  4. Well said! The order is a temporary law (5 20 136 ) As a governing body representing the city, the hotel owners need to know they are not under any protection against any lawsuits as they have broken a law. So any residents, workers, or visitors can sue for damages and whatnot. They will be coming for your businesses, knowing how broke the city is.

  5. The city of Depoe Bay once again is exercising lousy judgment. They obviously care more for local hoteliers than the health of visitors and local residents. No surprise. The Depoe Bay City Council already has shown its complete incompetence in dealing with the city budget. Moody’s eliminated the city’s credit rating because of such incompetence. If I were a resident of Depoe Bay, which thank God I am not, I would be talking to a lawyer about suing the city and or trying to dissolve it and allowing the ccounty to take over from the nitwits who are unable to manage their own finances and protect public health.

  6. I hope Lincoln City is next. Hate to see people are going to somewhere else and not coming back anytime soon. Lodging business supports many other business, we’re in this together.

  7. As much as i love Depot Bay, it’s probably going to be awhile before I visit. I don’t like the concern they are showing for visitors paying for a safe and healthy holiday.


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