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Depoe Bay resident boosts Portland Police morale with gift bags

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Portland Police Gift Bags

A Depoe Bay woman recently organized delivery of gift bags to an embattled Portland Police Bureau, who have been the target of attacks by rioters in the City of Roses.

Highly decorated Portland Police Officer Mike Gallagher is in charge of keeping members of the bureau’s morale up, and he says it has been a difficult job given the current situation with “no end in sight.”

“Officers are having feces thrown at them. They’re being hit with bottles, rocks, fireworks, molotov cocktails, paint and urine balloons, you name it,” Gallagher said.

Officers feel like they are on their own little island trying to survive.

With Black Lives Matter, Antifa and other groups protesting nightly, it has become difficult for Portland Police as they are tasked with keeping law and order when protests turn violent. Calls to defund the police have led to budget cuts, which have made resources for the beleaguered department largely unavailable.

That’s where the Depoe Bay resident comes in. Gift bags containing gift cards for coffee, food, beer and a locally made chocolate bar were put together for officers, who have been working 20-30-day shifts due to staffing shortages. The items were secured by the woman with some help from “elves” and portland area businesses.

Portland Police Gift Bag

“The way it was put together — the thank you card — even the little ribbon. That took time,” Gallagher said. “It’s very much appreciated.”

Members of the Portland Police Bureau’s Rapid Response Team were recipients of the bags, with reactions ranging from stunned disbelief to heartfelt gratitude as their shifts began. “Thank you so much,” was a common response to the gesture with some saying, “God bless you,” and “You helped make our job easier.”

Rapid Response Team members said they were touched by the donations from afar and were filled with hope and encouragement.

What was inside the bag:

Portland Police Gift Bags

A thank you note accompanied the bags, and with it a personal message from the Depoe Bay woman who tells a story of how she almost became a police officer and does random acts of kindness in her grandfather’s name. The woman thanked officers on behalf of the Portland community and the entire State of Oregon.

“We know things are very tough right now with what you have to do on a nightly basis,” the thank you note reads. “I can’t even imagine how difficult your jobs are at this time. Hang in there, it will get better.”

Thank you from Depoe Bay

Police sent a trio of thank you cards to the good samaritan, signed by the men and women who continue to protect Portland. The team also sent a custom challenge coin.

Portland Police Thank you
Names have been obscured to protect PPB as they have been personally targeted by certain elements of protest groups

According to Gallagher, This act of kindness is not an isolated incident as there are other stories of people driving long distances to hand deliver gifts to Portland Police, but nothing so far, on this scale.


At a time where violence and politics dominates major news networks, it’s nice to write a story about the good in humanity.

Justin Werner
I'm publisher of Lincoln City Homepage. Also the web guy, photographer, cameraman, video editor, sportswriter, tech support, beat reporter, cat trainer and e-bike enthusiast. I have a passion for telling people's stories and keeping my fellow citizens informed.

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  1. More like incoherent rambling time. Again, if you don’t like a politician in a democracy the answer is vote them out, you don’t burn down your city… unless your a progressive. Which begs the question; Why do progressives burn down their own cities? Not that I’m saying it’s a bad idea. Someone with a public school education such as yourself needs to help me out with this…Thanks

  2. The unrest is what you reap after 4 years of having the most Un American, Un Patriotic President “EVER”. He is a draft dodger and a tax dodger. These are American Obligations! He makes fun of and ridicules Men and Women who are willing to put there life on the line for God and Country . . . Trump has no value to Country, or even a God. He is a fraud! And now we know why he wants to hide his Taxes!!! ouch! Debate Time!

  3. HAY dumbimo what a stupid commit what island or world are you really from. I know you cant be a true L.C. resident there not that dumb as your commits are.

  4. Officers quote: “Officers feel like they are on their own little island trying to survive”.
    Normal Persons Quote: “Now they know what it feels like to be Black”!

  5. So once again you read left wing bs. Wake up!!!! Somebody needs to go in there and clean the [email protected]$t that comes out at night your little buddies. Kind of like your boy who walked up and murdered the guy who was walking around. I’m sure that your ok with that. Grow up this is America not the middle east this isn’t the way you act. They are acting like a 5 year old baby.

  6. Geronimo wake up!!! Portland is a poop hole just like chaz or chop whatever you want to call it and san Francisco. You can go live up there with your buddies anyone with half a brain knows that there are riots every night they are criminals NOT law abiding citizens. Why would you even try and blame a group that isn’t even there? The proud boys actually went to get a permit for a rally the way its suppose to be done. The police need everyone behind them. We don’t need to stand for this racism and hate from black lifes matter B.S. the cops are not out just gunning down people because there skin is black. They will and should protect themselves so they can go home to their family when there shift is over. It’s a simple concept don’t fight with the police don’t pull weapons out on the police and you won’t be in this situation! Besides you are more likely to be killed by the police if your skin is white yes it’s true its on the cdc website.

  7. GeroniNO- Unfortunately your head being buried in your … has kept you from seeing the videos shot by the rioters. Molotov cocktails being proudly thrown by your friends attempting to destroy buildings and people can only be denied by those attempting to lie to themselves. Talk about creative writing! “The truth is out there. But so are lies.” We know where you stand. Thanks for staining a true hero’s name.

  8. Plaguedoc: I am glad you find fun in mocking others. Mockery is a haven for those with no legitimate argument.

    Truthurts: Your dated references show that you are the one who is out of touch with reality. Have you been living under a rock since the 70s? Wake up and get with the times.

  9. No Geronimo, I am not Antifa. I was being satirical. Satire is “the use of humor, irony, exaggeration or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices”.
    I WAS MOCKING YOU but explaining it to you takes all the fun out of it.

  10. Geronimo, Richardo Montalbon just called me and needs a replacement for Tatoo. Great news, he thinks you’d be perfect. He says you should catch the ten pm flight out of downtown Portland. Antifa will be waiting for you at gate five when you get to FIX…Fantasy Island International.

  11. I don’t live on an island. I live in Lincoln City. If you are “hurrying” for Amy and Truthurts posts, you are racing toward total idiocy. BTW, you may want to get checked for a stroke based on the construction of your first sentence.

  12. Truthhurts: I was all over the town. Including downtown, pearl, lloyd district, hawthorne, happy valley. PDX stands for Portland, not just the airport.

    Plaguedoc: are you Antifa or something? You sound like an anarchist.

    • Geronimo what dream world are you in best like suggested go back to fantasy island take your buddies with you for sure. Have pictures of Portland from friend before he deserted the city its destroyed feel for the business owners there what’s left of them. Hope you use your G.P.S to get back to island since downtown Portland is not close to PDX. Hurry for AMY’S post behind you and Truthurts POSTS all the way.

  13. Geronimo, your thug friends are in downtown Portland. That is why you did not see them at PDX. Also on your way back to fantasy Island do us all a favor and take them with you.

  14. I’m with you Geronimo, I think Ted and Kate are doing a great job. Why is everyone so uptight about burning Portland to the ground? Those pesky police need to stand down… Break out the s’mores.

  15. How fantastic for the woman in Depot Bay. I would gladly contribute to her cause. Post it please.
    Portland could be cleaned up quickly by our great President TRUMP. He mentions it all the time and said it would be done in a few short minutes. The Mayor and Governor should be totally ashamed what they have allowed. Criminal and disgusting to let this go on and on. They are 100% to blame. Our Police Officers are our friends and deserve the best. The violence nightly is spoken nightly by Portland Police so it is on record what is going on. Fires, bricks tossed at Police, thugs with every kind of tool imaginable. America needs to be cleaned up of these criminals invading the cities nightly.

  16. Go visit pdx. Not scary at all. Was just there a week ago. Don’t trust the mainstream (or lincoln city) media to portray the situation accurately. This is not journalism, it is boot licking. Protests are not riots and it is disingenuous to characterize them as such. PPB is only a target because of the actions they have taken. The violence is a direct result of non-portlanders and non-oregonians coming into the area looking for a fight. If the PPB told their Proud Boy buddies to stand down, the violence would dissipate.

  17. A nice gesture, luckily, we live far from the rampant lawlessness in Portland,
    it’s been over 3 years since I risked going into Portland, and it’ll be a very long
    time before I go back for any reason.

  18. VERY KIND act need more like this big thanks to this Depoe bay resident and helpers. Yes the police have been deserted by there city gov. mayor turning his back on them he needed the tear gas on his brain. Robinson instead of doing her job don’t help especially with her being a protester should be booted out. I did here form a friend that lives close to Portland there renaming the city to city of plywood the protesters have taken the roses away.


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