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Drug decriminalization brings ‘visitors’ to Lincoln City

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Oregon decriminalization

Oregon’s recent passing of a law decriminalizing drugs is attracting criminals to Lincoln City and according to police, drug-related crime is on the rise.

Yazid Ayyad
Yazid Izzat Ayyad

Yazid Izzat Ayyad, 33, of Sacramento Calif., called Homepage Monday to “blow the whistle” on alleged wrongdoing by the Lincoln City Police Department. Ayyad said officers violated his 5th Amendment rights by not allowing him to see his lawyer and were wrong to seek a warrant to have his blood drawn. Ultimately Ayyad was arrested and charged with DUII and possession of methamphetamine.

“It was for personal use,” Ayyad said. “I just keep it around in case I get sick. He went Supercop on me for no reason.”

In the phone interview with Ayyad, he mentions his main reason for coming to Oregon was the decriminalization of methamphetamine, heroin, LSD, oxycodone, methadone, ecstasy and other drugs. Ayyad said the $100 fine was a “slap on the wrist” and was “the talk of all the prisons and jails.” Ayyad said he’s been in prison five times.

When asked if others would come to Oregon because of the new drug law, Ayyad said:

“For sure a lot of others will be coming. What did you think was going to happen?”

He said he came to Lincoln City because he has over 30 warrants in California and knew he would have a better chance of winning “the cat and mouse game” here in Oregon.

“It’s a cat and mouse game,” Ayyad said. “If I’m sliippin’ and you catch me, I’ll do my time. I’ve been in this game a long time and if I can get away with it, I’m gonna do it.”

Ayyad said he was proud of his criminal accomplishments, including the 2008 robbery of an undercover cop.

Ayyad, who calls himself a gangster, said his warrants were non-extraditable and saw drugs had been decriminalized in Oregon so he took the trip and ended up in Lincoln City.

Yazid Ayyad

“I’m looking at 30 years in a box,” he said. “My probation officer said the warrants were non-extraditable — So I put one and one together. I can take a hint.”

Ayyad said he got into a situation at the Lincoln City south Shell gas station with another man and asked him if he wanted to “get down and settle this right now.” Both men agreed the issue was not worth fighting over and Ayyad says he drove away in his car. Ayyad drove off the highway a short time later around 4 a.m. Monday morning. According to Ayyad, he called for a tow truck and police showed up and put him in a cop car. He was taken to a local hospital and then placed in custody for seven hours, he says, “so the cops can get that COVID-19 money.”

Lincoln City Police officials confirmed drug-related crimes are up, saying break-ins and thefts surrounding drug use have increased since the law went into effect.

Lincoln City Police Department

“Drug users do whatever they can to make money so they can buy more drugs,” a Lincoln City Police Department spokesperson said. They also went on to say it made the job of policing more difficult, but they will uphold the laws voters put in place.

Oregon became the first state to decriminalize possession of drugs, but Portugal, the Netherlands and Switzerland already had laws in place decriminalizing small amounts of drugs. In Portugal, where drugs were decriminalized in 2000, drug deaths have fallen while drug addiction treatment has risen 20 percent.

Ayyad said he was going to stay outside the jurisdiction of Lincoln City Police, but said he would not be leaving Oregon anytime soon.

Justin Werner
I'm publisher of Lincoln City Homepage. Also a web guy, photographer, cameraman, video editor, sportswriter, tech support, crypto expert, cat trainer and e-bike enthusiast. I have a passion for finding facts and keeping citizens informed.

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  1. If this isn’t enough to recall Governor Brown for allowing this totally insane new law to be put on our ballots, I don’t know what is. She has to be insane. We are sitting ducks in Oregon. Start a recall. Who but drug users or democrats would vote for that? No other states but Oregon. I can’t think of any purpose.

  2. This is possibly the most amateur piece of journalism in the history of small town news. What a misleading, sensationalized load of crap you’ve published here. The unbiased reporting of facts is clearly outside the perimeters of your skill set. I’d recommend finding work in the kitchen of one of Lincoln County’s many dining establishments. They’d be lucky to have someone so adept at stirring a pot.

  3. Hahahaaaa…….good job Oregon. Hey, the good news is you will be a magnet for every junkie degenerate criminal this side of the Mississippi and probably further, maybe some of the idiots in my area will visit you, haha. No crying when crime skyrockets along with taxes to pay for this ridiculousness. To the hardworking people left in Oregon, you better get the hell out because it is you who will pay for this in all ways. One more thing, bring this ideology here and we will deal with it harshly and with “EXTREME PREJUDICE”. COMPRENDE? UNDERSTAND? GET IT?

  4. I can relate to the druggies coming to Oregon for the meth, coke and whatever else they can put in their bodies. On 03-31-21 While parked at Safeway – a woman decided that she should 50 + MPH into the parking lot – hitting two vehicles and damaging a third. I was sitting in the 2nd vehicle parked waiting for a prescription – when suddenly my side airbags go off and my vehicle violently shoved some 15 ft sideways. The homeless woman living in her car from Virginia no doubt cam out here for the drugs she could take without penalty. Her response when asked why she drove into the parking lot at 50 + MPH -as “He backed into me”. did she apologize for hitting our cars – NO – she stood there- clueless so what damage she had caused, Had anyone been standing at their trunk putting groceries away would died from the impact. My 2019 Toyota Camry Hybrid is totaled – but insurance will replace it – my injuries were pretty mild compared to what could have happened. My faith in people doing the right thing is shaken. Much like Victoria BC some 20 years ago when the City fathers decided to give homeless people $ 200 a month for their pets- resulted in what – a multitude of homeless flocked to Victoria for the $$. Now I suspect that the idiot voters who approved the stupid law allowing possession pf meth, cocaine and heroin will result in criminals coming to Oregon to enjoy their new found freedom. While the honest hard working citizens of Oregon will pay for the stupidity of voters who approved this stupid plan. I have lived in Oregon for 73 years and I am tired of this Liberal crap of no penalties for hard drugs, more taxes, absurd rules created by brain damaged liberal clowns, and a place where the police are vilified and worthless violent protesters are praised and protected. Time to find another State where common sense prevails and law and order are celebrated and appreciated.

  5. Have enough interactions with the police, and you’ll discover that bias doesn’t
    always have a skin color. I believe locals are treated differently than tourists,
    and can produce evidence that would probably hold up in court.
    I’ve never known crime to decrease, and who cares if it’s committed by
    locals, tourists or the Easter Bunny, I would blame democrats for a number
    of things in Oregon, since this is a mostly democrat state, with cities like
    Portland ( a great example of how to handle lawlessness) deciding what goes
    for the state. Trying to compare the USA with other countries is ludicrous,
    I use an international entomology forum, and people get into “warm”
    discussions about comparisons between countries in the EU, each country
    is different, just like each state is different, and if you can’t see that, you’re

  6. I have to wonder how many of the people who say “The European system failed” have ever been to Europe.

    Would they be as happy if I said about Gun Control that “The American system has failed”?

    There is no single European system, and some of them have most definitely succeeded.

    I also suspect that those lauding the police and wanting more “super cops” are white and have never had to deal with racial prejudice from the police. I suspect if they were treated unfairly by the police they would be screaming about how unfair it was.

    I am also white, so I haven’t had to deal with prejudice first hand myself, but have definitely seen the results.

    I have also been told by a local sergeant that, despite having checked with all of the relevant people, he “KNEW” that I was breaking the law, because he was a sergeant and I was not in the police. He was wrong. I have had good interactions with local officers too, but it should not be dependent on who you are interacting with.

  7. All good statements I voted against this also the righting was on the wall. SFAnnie wake up the European system failed same as it will here a lot of countries don’t even mess around with addicts and dealers they just put them in some basement cell never to be seen again. LCPD keep up the good work have more super cops on the force to clean the city out of these addicts send them to gov. brown her and her crowd can see what they helped do to Oregon. On the other hand lets move the state capital to downtown Portland (city of plywood) it would fit right in since there is a mix of everything there. now.

  8. I voted against that measure exactly because I figured we were going to attract addicts to our state. This person exemplifies the problem. I hope they can extradite him back to CA and lock him up for a while.

  9. So it seems that many of the people who are ranting in these comments want to blame George Soros, Kate Brown, Liberals, Jews and Democrats for everything that they see as being wrong with the world.

    Lawmakers did not create this law, it was put forward as a ballot initiative. The majority of voters approved this ballot initiative.

    A lot of the complaints mentioned in the comments have nothing particularly to do with decriminalization of personal amounts of drugs.

    E.g. a Californian on Dope in Taft… So instead you’re going to Washington where Dope is also legal.

    As for Kevin Koffel’s “recent statistics” those are based on 2018 figures, which are not exactly recent in my mind, and without a more detailed breakdown are not particularly helpful. Are these Murders, or Assaults? The perpetrators are also of interest. Given the number of tourists in Lincoln City in a regular basis, how many of these crimes are committed by visitors?

    My experience is that the majority of loud, abusive, drunks are tourists. I suspect that they are more likely to get into fights than the quiet sober people.

    The per capita crime figures are misleading as the population of Lincoln City does not include the visitors who in 2019 totaled over 86 million person nights (based on transient room tax). The population of Lincoln City by contrast totals about 2.5 million person nights.

  10. I don’t have a long comment but from the first time I’ve heard about Horgan decriminalization of drugs I was appalled I do not understand what any of this new world is coming from my deepest sympathies for the future

  11. here are your statistics- Lincoln City Oregon-
    137% above the national average
    violent crime, 67% above national average
    property crime, 149% above the national average.
    Before you ask silly questions, use your laptop.
    these are recently figured stats. and easily found in about
    30 seconds.

  12. Seems like Justin repeated what he was told, attacking the messenger
    is a little pathetic, and why don’t one of you know it all’s tell us how much
    narcotics cost? I have no idea. I think property crime is up, Lincoln City,
    per capita is a dangerous place.
    No arrestee with the option to pay a fine or go to rehab, is going to choose rehab. They like what they’re doing. You can argue about technicalities like
    “decriminalization”, but it boils down to virtually legal.
    I’ve had to run off dopers parked across the road, setting up camps, or
    hiding places in the nearby woods, we have things stolen right from the driveway. This story didn’t scare me, it just confirms what I suspected
    would happen. Maybe this ayyad was just talking trash to make himself
    into a big man, in any event, it looks like he likes Oregon.

  13. There may be some warrants that are so low level that they are not worth the paperwork to execute.

    However, this guy states that he is looking at 30 years AND his parole officer is who told him that…..

    If he is looking at 30 years, that isn’t minor. In fact 30 years is huge. This is most likely a lie and if it isn’t, then it is a huge failure for LCPD.

    If he is on parole (that is why he would have a parole officer), then being in another state is a parole violation and that is always worth the effort of extradition.

    This is a shabby piece of journalism that presents obvious lies as fact. This article raises more questions than it answers. My biggest question is, why are you trying to scare people with rumor and innuendo? The facts are: there was an altercation that did not rise to the level of assault. One man involved in the altercation was stopped by LCPD and found to be DUII and cited for it.

    Give us some verifiable facts. Are reported property crimes up? Is the price of drugs up? Is LCPD busting more dealers? Did you call his parole officer? If he is ‘un-extraditable’, then he should be happy to put you in contact to verify his story.

    This article is scare mongering plain and simple. It does seem to be effective, you have managed to scare about half the commentors. And angered even more.

  14. I have read everyone’s comments and here’s mine.
    I worked at San Quentin, went up on death row , processed all inmates parole hearings and court case results . I know what I am talking about.
    Katie’s thinking is so way off base about drug users behavior that it is sinful. Drug users are some of the most intelligent people on earth. They want drugs, they will find a way to get them, PERIOD. Katie opening up Oregon to drug people is opening up THE BEGINNING OF THE END OF OREGON. She thinks she is being so ultra chic and so ahead of the times with being the “First Governor” to do this and that all mentioned before in other comments. One asks oneself why is she doing this FIRST thing, is she trying to be a female Timothy Leary, (RIP)?
    Katie is doing this for more reasons than that. Fueling the drug trade in Oregon without strict drug laws will boost the number of addicted to drugs a hundred fold and right into these luxury clinics. Here the addict will get drugs, 3 meals a day, a good bed and no responsibilities. They know they play the game, get out, get popped for drugs again and without reasonable drug enforcement, right back in to the club-drug clinic. The clinic gets funded by the the Federal Government and the state- Medicaid or OHP or OHP PLUS IN OREGON. That means a tremendous amount of the states money will need to go to these clinics! And does anyone care where all that state funding comes from? I will tell you. In Oregon, they rob Peter to pay Paul. In March of 2017 Katie had the DHS take away thousands of disabled people’s awarded benefits including caregivers and food stamps, doctors care, rehabilitation, care that keeps the disabled and Elderly alive and in their homes. That money was given to another of Katie’s in Valley babies to fund that. So all these disabled and elderly people were left with nothing, no food, some with no families to care for them, house bound and given a death sentence! But that’s OK because all the drug people will come here fill up those multi million dollar clinics and the majority of the people will say , Oh look she is cleaning up our streets. Little do they know that pretty soon their streets will become laden with thieves , gunfights, and then comes in the Bigger drug sellers. They have to meet their overhead too! It’s a matter of life. Where there is a large amount of drug seekers , there comes a larger supplier.
    Katie is opening up Oregon to HELL!
    Her cuteness of thinking she is a voyeur or innovative will turn our streets running with more blood then she has already done in Portland. You souls think she would have learned a lesson there, don’t turn the dogs on people as once the dogs get that blood lust of destroying things, their mind wants that HIGH-feeling they got from destruction to last! Once you start something destructive like that you can never stop it. That’s leads us to ask…is she really thinking of WHAT IS GOOD FOR US, THE HONEST AND DECENT PEOPLE OF OREGON Or is she furthering someone else’s agenda? Who ya playin with Katie? Huh? Who is running Oregon with you the puppet?

  15. The reason they had such success in Portugal was because they took all the money they were spending on drug criminalization and they redirected it into rehabilitation programs for recovering addicts and people released from incarceration, such as job placement programs. We can truly help people if we show compassion. BUT we have to get this right.

  16. Hahahahaha getting what you voted for Democrats, higher gas, increase in child trafficking, Chinese missles woman being undermined in sports by biological men, trash everywhere, homeless tents all over, pop up trash dumps, parks you can’t crazy take kids to, people on every other corner in portland and Eugene its just gross now. The drugs and crime were bad but its a free for all now. Homes, cars parking lots no where is safe and now women aren’t safe in restrooms like we don’t have enough to be wary of Congrats job well done.

  17. Brown is just going to destroy our state like Newsom has. Decriminalizing drugs just makes the state a more desirable place for users. More drugs,more crime,and more abuse is all we will get from these stupid things liberals are doing.

  18. It amazes me that a lot of comments start by calling good honest citizens names… Huh ….. seems like a bad way to win an argument, but bullying seems in fashion…Ok topic at hand #1. Meth and other hard drugs have been around for a long time in all areas of the country and we engaged a ” War on Drugs” for many decades and lost….so to me the big stick and prison did not work I for one am willing to try something else and if we used a fraction of the money spent in the so called war on treatment maybe we can heal the sick and our communities. These addicts are not all criminals but yet we make them criminals. #2. Hell yeah the guy got a DUII and should be sent back to where ever he came from I’m sure in his state he would be sent back to prison for a parole violation.

  19. I was born, 62 yrs ago, and raised in Oregon and am disqusted at how stupid and liberal this state has become!! Im ready to leave this state and this decriminalization of hard drugs is one main reason why!! This article is a very small description of what Oregon is turning in to. Its Unbelieveable that Brown was voted back in and with her support this law was even put on the ballot! This state is turning into a safehaven for drug abusers, illegal immigrants and those who choose to be homeless and live off the system. Yes, Wake up Oregon before your beautiful state is completely in the toilet!!

  20. @Rick Griffith You asked “What good law abiding citizen would not want this for Oregon?” Well 947,313 41.54% of Oregonians do not want this for Oregon. I highly suspect the 20% or so that swung the vote to YES are drug users or bleeding heart liberals that believe our already overburdened system could handle this Measure 110 that was FUNDED BY GEORGE SOROS, who also funded the “Open Society Foundation” in South Africa. South Africa is now in turmoil, where on average, crop production had decreased by 79% since conversion to land reform. In the three provinces surveyed, job losses averaged 84%, with KwaZulu-Natal suffering a 94% job hemorrhage. This is where America is headed…. communism. Gotta take those pesky “assault” rifles away first, though.

  21. Thank you L.C.H.P.– good community service. I offer but a little correction if I may.
    You have erroneously, perhaps unintentionally, portrayed similar decades old decriminalization efforts in Portugal as failures. The way you wrote it it SOUNDS like Oregon is doing this DESPITE purported “failed” attempts at SAME in Portugal and other countries.
    Say what? Zero illegal drug related deaths? and a 20% increase in rehab intake patients? is a failure? No, not at all, that is called success– huge success.
    What good law abiding citizen would not want this for Oregon?
    No one expects you to be on par with a professional journalist. Perhaps you can do a follow up story to clarify some points which are quite confusing for some readers.
    For example, no one has made small amounts illegal drugs legal here. There has been a decriminalization of these drugs. There is a huge difference between the two which is apparently lost on many of your readers.
    Publishing questionable statements from a self-professed career criminal without corroboration or objection likely leads many to assume they are statements of fact when they are not.
    Ayyad claims his 30 California warrants are non extraditeable which is key to the notion that Oregon is soon to be crawling with a flood of criminal suspects from other states who think they are not going to be sent back to their respective states on outstanding warrants. That is simply NOT true in all cases.
    The Extradition Clause of the U.S. Constitution (Article IV Section 2) requires that:
    A person charged in any State with Treason, Felony, or other Crime, who shall flee from Justice, and be found in another State, shall on Demand of the executive Authority of the State from which he fled, be delivered up, to be removed to the State having Jurisdiction of the Crime.
    Surely when an LCPD officer runs a person’s identification on a traffic stop he’s going to see wants and warrants on any serious charges in other states. Suffice to say, our P. D., S.O., S.P., and F.&G. officers are top flight and know what to do when they see a pending out of state warrant during a traffic stop. Depending on the warrant, that person will likely be going home in shackles at the other state’s expense. He does not merely get a citation and fine for having a small amount of illegal drugs under he People of Oregon’s decision to not imprison a person for possession of a small amount of ILLEGAL drugs.
    This was decided by the PEOPLE– not the LAWMAKERS.
    If you quote from a police department spokesperson you must include his name; this ensures accountability.
    I do thank you for stirring things up. It’s a very interesting story. I don’t mean to be unkind but would encourage you to continue your work as a self-made Photo Journalist.
    However, your well intentioned, efforts at Print Journalism here, have no doubt led many readers astray. Yet worse, you are creating a platform for those with ill intent.
    I do take my hat off to you sir. Keep up the good work. Question all sources. Check all facts. Realize there are many who mistake your kindness for weakness.
    Realizing you are “one man banding it” as ALL TV news reporters do in small market TV, you wear the hats of producer, reporter, videorgapher, video/still editor, graphics person, and publisher with no budget, I must say I am very impressed. You have the heart and courage and stamina to become successful beyond your wildest dreams.
    Kind regards, Rick Griffith, Depoe Bay

  22. Our family has been having our family reunions in LC since the 70s. After a situation late last year in Taft at a service station…by a Californian all hopped up on dope…we decided its best to take our reservations & money to Ocean Shores, Wa.
    Wake up oregon.
    Danger, danger…will robinson.

  23. This reeks of bullshit. This program works in the European countries, but it didn’t happen overnight. Like anything new, it takes time to adjust. The fact that LC PD admits they don’t like this law means they aren’t likely to adapt anytime soon. How about we stop politicising this, and start embracing change. Incarceration rarely works as well as rehabilitation.

  24. All you bleeding heart liberals that voted YES on Measure 110 should be ashamed of yourselves. Shame shame shame.

  25. I believe it! Why wouldn’t drug users come to Oregon and just get a slap on their hands for drug infractions..Now we all have to put up with the new dangerous new drug market and how it effects our loved ones who are most vulnerable. Super Dumb Move Oregon Lawmakers.

  26. Thank you LCPD for going all “supercop” on this guy.

    “ Ayyad said he was going to stay outside the jurisdiction of Lincoln City Police.”

  27. It will only be a matter of time before your criminal past catches up with you. There is one place that you can hide without fear..
    6 feet under…

  28. Oregon voted to legalize narcotics, I am sure some deluded individuals
    here in Lincoln City voted yes for the measure.
    That loser is a criminal, and now he and his buddies, along with all the dopers
    already here are going scott free. I predicted this would happen, and have
    no problem saying “I told you so”
    California doesn’t want this guy, that’s plain to see. We live by a set of laws,
    some of them, I don’t particularly care for, but that’s the way it is, I’d like to
    see a “stand your ground” law in Oregon, then it’d be easier for me to shoot
    some drug addicted burglar or mugger. This was absolutely predictable,
    and it’s not going to get better. When someone was arrested for DUII or
    drugs, they already got court ordered rehab, the bill that was passed was a ruse, Oregon got national coverage as the first state to go full on dopeville.
    We got more pot shops than liquor stores, not that I care, because I am
    drug free, including alcohol, but it really tells you something about what’s
    important to our elected officials. I smell dope nearly every time I go outdoors. Banning illegal fireworks- that’s a double negative. We do need more places for parking, sure, but give them an inch, and see what happens.
    Reading this guy’s comments is just mind numbing, “I’m a gangster, and I’ll
    do it as long as I get away with it” Nice. Just don’t knock on my door ayyad.

  29. So this man didn’t start a fight, then drove off the road, and the police charged him with DUII and possession of Meth. It seems like a bit of a stretch to say that this is a massive influx of hardened criminals intent on destroying our way of life.

    Yet there are suggestions to add laws to ban already illegal fireworks, and introduce new parking regulations. Both of which will add to the workload of a police force that already claims it doesn’t have enough people to enforce all of the existing laws.

    It also doesn’t help when some of our police officers have the attitude that we should do what they say because they are “the law”, even when they are provably wrong.

    As for Jason’s comments… This was a ballot initiative so which “morons” is he planning on voting out, and how? Is he just planning on removing the rights of citizens because he disagrees with what they do with them?

    I agree with Teresa that there should be no such thing as non extraditable warrants, if someone has outstanding warrants elsewhere they should be sent there to deal with them.

  30. I used to go to Lincoln city, Depoe Bay, and Seaside every couple of years. Such a beautiful geographic area. I went last summer and had planned on going again until I read about the state legislatures decision to decriminalize hard drugs. I hope the citizens of Oregon will vote all the morons out and look to your eastern neighbor for an example of how to govern all people.

  31. Of course crime will increase with the legalization of hard drugs. You would have to be and idiot not to see this coming! Oh that’s right Portland voted it in!!!
    Lincoln City has the highest crime rate in Oregon per population. The last thing we need is to have more criminals come here because there are no consequences for possessing illegal drugs!!

  32. This guy is one – why believe what he is saying?
    Lincoln City remains a mecca for families and healthy people out to fly a kite, grab a bowl of chowder, and get their feet wet in the ocean. This article sustains our apprehension of strangers and does nothing to unite the community.


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K9s assist in capture of fleeing suspect

A Siletz man, wanted on multiple warrants, fled from Lincoln City police Tuesday, first in his vehicle and then on foot, ultimately leading to two K9s finding him hiding behind a hotel.


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