Thursday, June 17, 2021

Electric vehicle charges in Lincoln City

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ChargePoint Lincoln City
A Lincoln City owned ChargePoint electric vehicle station at NE 15th Street (Photos by Justin Werner)

Lincoln City Councilors discussed electric vehicle charging stations at Monday’s meeting and directed staff to explore the possibility of charging drivers to “fill up.”

“The City is paying the electrical cost for the public to charge free,” Urban Renewal Agency Director Alison Robertson said. “At this point in time they are free with the local taxpayer paying the electrical cost for anyone to charge at those stations.”

Lincoln City was the first on the coast to install public charging stations for electric vehicles free of charge in 2009 and the move was generally viewed as positive, drawing good press and a visit from Congressman Kurt Schrader.

electric vehicle charging Lincoln City
Lincoln City owned ChargePoint Charging Station, 1226 SW 50th Street

Electric vehicle charging stations are located in Lincoln City at the following locations:

Cultural Center, 540 NE Highway 101 – PRIVATE/ODOT – City makes five percent (approx. $200/year). One J1772 and one CHAdeMO.

Tesla Supercharger, Lincoln City Outlets, 1500 SE East Devils Lake Rd – 120 kW, eight spots. TESLA ONLY.

ChargePoint Charging Station, 1226 SW 50th Street – 7.2 kW, 1.9 kW, two J1772 spots and one NEMA 5-15. FREE.

ChargePoint Charging Station, 1601 NE 15th Street – 7.2 kW, 1.9 kW, two J1772 spots and one NEMA 5-15. FREE.

Tesla Destination Charger, Taylor & Taylor Realty, 3891 NW Highway 101 – 16 kW, two spots.

Charging stations are also available in neighboring Otis, Gleneden Beach and Depoe Bay.

ev charging Lincoln City
Lincoln City owned ChargePoint Charging Station, 1601 NE 15th Street

Lincoln City owns two ChargePoint charging stations capable of charging six vehicles. Owners of electric vehicles must pay ChargePoint for a $20 membership card (one-time fee) to access chargers. The City does not make any money from it’s owned chargers.

“Overall I think it would be a shame to not continue to offer these chargers,” Councilor Rick Mark said. “I definitely think we should look into some sort of charge.”

According to the council agenda, the total investment, operating and maintenance costs to date for public charging stations — excluding staff time– is $47,000.

The cost of power given freely since 2010 is estimated at $9,800, but city officials said it was a best guess due to shared power meters.

Councilors voted unanimously to direct staff to do research and seek ways to get money for the charging of electric vehicles.

After the vote, Councilor Judy Casper asked if anyone attending the meeting owned an electric vehicle. Nobody did.

Justin Werner
I'm publisher of Lincoln City Homepage and an investigative journalist. Also the web guy, photographer, cameraman, video editor, sportswriter, cat trainer and e-bike enthusiast.

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  1. New to the area, but I do drive an electric car. I stop in towns with chargers while on road trips, I support their local economy for the two hours while my car charges. It’s an easy way to get people to stop and shop for a few hours. I say add a charge for use and get as many chargers as you can.

  2. This is crap. giving away electricity for these cars is crap. It’s biased,
    and the whole electric car thing is a joke to begin with. Electricity has to
    come from somewhere, it is generated by powerplants, either dams, which
    screw up rivers, or coal fired plants in the east, or nuclear plants.
    Until your electric car runs 100% on solar power, you are a deluded moron.

  3. LETS GO BACK TO STONE AGE DRIVE CARS LIKE FRED AND BARNEY DID am sure there’s still a few of us around that know who they were.

  4. DESIV, thank you for the additional information. I am truly shocked that the Council wants to charge for this. That is a first in 6 years that they want someone to pay for it besides the tax payers.

  5. @Fran,
    I think you misread the article.
    They are actually planning on the opposite of what you are concerned about.
    They want to stop giving away free electricity.
    So it’s good to see you in agreement with them. 😉

  6. Here we go again, our City Council wants to spend our tax dollars on giving people free electric. What happened to affordable housing? Why do we the tax payers, have to pay for someone else’s fuel?

    Same issue with D-river parking situations. The state was fine paying for all of the expenses with that property by our City Council voted to have the city take over the park. Why…….just to spend our tax dollars. When will this stop!!!!! Why don’t they have a town hall with the residents and actually see what we want!!!!!

  7. The more I think about it (yes, I am talking to myself!), the more this is probably a good idea. At some places I have seen (tho not so much in LC when I have checked), the free chargers get taken up (the thought is that when that happens, it is generally locals) and aren’t available. Paid chargers tend to keep them more available for people who want/need them.
    So probably a good idea. But I’d ask for a usage report and see if there are any reports (you can check a bit on the Plugshare website) of them being too busy or not…
    If they are super busy (I would doubt that is the case, but), you can usually add a feature where it charges the person more money when the charge is complete, to encourage people whose cars are fully charged to move their cars and free the spots up for those who need it.
    I don’t recall the LC ones being very busy when I would see them, but as I charge at home, I don’t generally go out of my way to check them out a lot. 😉

  8. Interesting…
    Hope this is a good call…
    As an EV owner, it is nice to see a city with free charging, and if they are guessing about $9,800 in electrical charges, that is some quantity of people who hopefully are visiting LC businesses while they are charging. The locations, downtown behind the Bijou and down in Taft, are great locations.
    That said, as an EV owner, I really appreciate having charging available, and I don’t mind paying for them when I visit towns with them. And I do plan some of my trips around charging availability to a point.
    Although as a LC resident and EV owner, I charge at home. I don’t use the free LC chargers myself.
    Best to leave them available for the visitors. 😉


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