Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Enough with the COVID doom and gloom

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Lincoln City Homepage Letters to the editor

I just this minute have had enough of the doom and gloom COVID narrative. If you can’t follow some simple instructions — some of which amazingly are simple daily hygiene — you’ve got more serious problems.

Just exactly what do you want the government to force us to do? I see and have seen plenty of people in town and in our few trips to the valley ignoring the simple things we’re asked to do.

The lockdown has stripped the city and the nation. The outlet mall is an empty shell, food service has managed to somehow hang on, but winter is coming, and it’s not going to get easier.

Lockdown! It’s selective. I’m pretty sure there are “essential” services that don’t even get the coverage their workers deserve. Construction, trucking, mail, store clerks.

Lockdown! Say hello to the liquor store, the weed shops, suicide hotline and depression. Say goodbye to last Christmas. This thing is here to stay period. It’s not polio that can be eradicated. I’m pretty sure the flu hasn’t been eradicated, yet people go on with their lives with some getting the flu vaccine, and others opting out.

I am not excited about going anywhere anymore. It’s depressing. I can barely breathe as it is, but guess what? I still need to make a living and go to work. We are already doing exactly what Americans are willing to do without storm troopers forcing us to “be safe.”

The current political situation is all COVID, all day, all night. Exactly what more are you willing to do or put up with? I’ll answer that for you — NOT MUCH.

Kevin Koffel
Lincoln City

LCH Reader
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  1. Enjoy your new lockdown. Don’t worry, soon, most likely the entire country
    will be shutdown again and misery does love company.
    This is the death rattle of life as we knew it.
    And don’t expect the same support I gave in March. This country is going to crash and burn. You expect Joe Biden to fly down from on high and solve everything, well, think again, he’s going to trash the entire USA and you got the government you deserve. Enjoy.

  2. These comments didn’t age well. Covid cases are at an all-time high transmission rate (11/9/20) and it’s not magically disappearing.

    Stay home unless it’s a true necessity. Don’t interact with mask-less strangers. Many who carry the virus show no symptoms. Sacrifice now so that next year things can begin to return to the prior normal. We are social creatures but this virus thrives off of social interactions.

  3. addendum- I have emphysema and do have sympathy for at risk persons,
    my father had diabetes and a bypass. Mom is 20 years older than me, I’m
    56 and a shell of my former self. I’d write more, but I have to go to work and
    clean some gutters and replace some missing shingles for somebody….

  4. Hey Clay- I got your back. CLAY- THERE’S A PANDEMIC! BE Afraid!
    Self entitled Americans, sure, I see them on the news all the time.
    The point I was attempting to make, is that people are already doing
    what they are willing to do, and there isn’t anything else to be done
    except perhaps the stocks in some public square. Forcing people,
    any people, to do things they don’t want to do, is difficult, even for
    dictators that shoot people against walls. Some are willing to die for
    their beliefs. Don’t worry people, it’ll all be over soon.

  5. I agree Jewel!!!! Why doe the Liberals think its the Republicans fault for “everything”???? It is because they do not have an answer!!! And why is everything political to them??? People need to get on with their lives.Which is way too short for this constant blaming someone else for this Covid 19 virus.

  6. Clay,
    What a pathetic person you sound like. If you are so ill, STAY HOME. LIFE IS LIFE. PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE. REPUBLICANS ARE THE BEST!

  7. A pandemic requires constant reminders. I see people becoming lax all around me, and that bothers me as a diabetic, not to mention age and other factors that are against.
    Daily bombardment with reminders is a necessity for even attempting to slow the spread. Compliance is what is required for containment and it’s highly unlikely we will see that level of compliance in America due to the very high population of self entitled Americans who care about nothing beyond themselves.
    Until covid-19 is dealt with this our daily lives.
    Dump republicans!

  8. I agree . This is totally out of control, parents are not teaching kids hygiene. Many Parents do not care, others may not have been taught either. Common sense is
    No more. Everyone seems to think they are owed a living. This lockdown is BS. Sanitation is a must but get real folks you have to take care of yourself. We can’t do it all for you. Open up. Let those of us who are not entitled earn a living, get this town and State open. Who cares about Kate Brown’s rules. This is Political folks figure that out. Wear your masks and gloves wash wash wash your hands. Be responsible. I know Covid is serious. So is any illness. Just be clean and you will be ok.


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