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Fawn seized, euthanized

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Wildlife experts say if you find blacktail deer fawn like the one above, leave it alone! (Photo by ODFW)

TOLEDO — Game wardens on June 8 seized a healthy deer fawn they claim was being illegally turned into a household pet.

According to fish and game trooper Andrew Butler of the Oregon State Police, Francis M. Ready, 49, ran across the baby deer in the Toledo area and took it home. Over a two-week period, the black-tailed deer lived in the Ready’s house and played with her dogs — apparently dooming the poor creature.

“The black-tailed deer fawn was seized and delivered to ODFW biologists,” reported Butler. “The deer fawn was evaluated and determined to not be suited for release and was humanely euthanized by ODFW biologists.”

Wildlife experts advise people from removing unattended baby wildlife even if they appear orphaned. The National Wildlife Foundation (NWF) asserts nearly all fawns “rescued” by people were not abandoned.

“Female deer hide their newborn fawns in tall grass or brush and move some distance away to feed to avoid drawing predators to their offspring,” said Maureen Smith of NWF. “With the proliferation of deer in suburban areas, sometimes this happens right in our own yards. The fawn simply waits in hiding until its mother returns. Soon, the fawns will be strong enough to follow the does and run from predators, and they no longer need to spend hours alone in hiding.”

According to the Oregon Dept. of Fish and Wildlife, removing or “capturing” a game animal or other wildlife and keeping it in captivity without a permit is against the law. It is considered a Class A misdemeanor, punishable by up to one year in jail and a $6,250 fine. Officials say if you encounter a lone or injured animal to call the Newport ODFW field office at 541-867-4741.

Ready was cited for violation of Section 497.308 of state law for not having a permit to hold wildlife.

Rick Beasley
Rick Beasley is a simple writer who collects sniper rifles for a hobby. During an astonishing publishing career that spans five decades and continues at Lincoln City Homepage, he has collected 17 awards for excellence in journalism from various organizations including nine first-place Best Writing awards from the Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association.

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  1. Euthanized? Wow? Also the guy continues to call others morons on here but comments of his are left . Hmm. Ill leave that right there.
    As far as killing that baby goes, my opinion is that it was worse than the outcome of letting it stay where it was loved and cared for and don’t even tell me there wasn’t a safe place it could have gone just so that your rules live on no matter how Ludacris.
    Humanity sucks

  2. Cruelty. They could have just left the fawn with the family that adopted it ! It would have been more humane!!! Just another example of how our government is taking our God given rights, and our rights to make our own decisions, away from us. Our government is seizing too much power and making too many decisions for the people !

  3. Heartless. One if God‘s creations. Let’s share this. Everybody needs to know what happened here. Sick.

  4. How dare they euthanized this beautiful baby. It could have been taken to a wildlife sanctuary.
    Uncalled for. How dare they !!!!!!!!!!

  5. Where would smokey the bear have been if left in your care?

    GET CREATIVE. We don’t need any more government doing heartless things. It is nearly too much to bear.

  6. There was no reason to kill the fawn.
    There are places for animals, who are not releasable.
    Why advertise this inhumane choice.
    A doe was hit, in 1971, by a car leaving a fawn.
    They found it, I was 3 and the statesman photographer got pictures, They got on AP press!
    It was a love able moment.
    Then it went to a rescue.

    • Good luck finding a deer rescue… You are a moron. It won’t survive in a “reserve”. It had no fear of humans or dogs. Private “reserves” or “preserves” hardly exist due to lack of funding. Don’t take animals out of nature.

  7. With those “welfare check” measures I suppose we’re to believe the best way to save something is to destro it. Imagine if those clowns worked for the Dept. of Human Services.

  8. There is absolutely no reason that fawn had to be euthanized. There are nature reserves. Just killing a healthy animal cause it’s not wild is bullshit.

    • You are a moron. It won’t survive in a “reserve”. It had no fear of humans or dogs. Private “reserves” or “preserves” hardly exist due to lack of funding. Don’t take animals out of nature.

  9. That really really sucks for them to Kill a healthy animal. Who do those people, how dare they assume to play GOD. I hope I never meet any of those killers in person, the first thing I would do is spit on them and then return the favor! Now that would be justice!!!!

  10. The wild life department are supposed to be The Godfather of the wildlife but their a bunch of lying, corrupt assholes and don’t give a dam

  11. If Fawn was doing well… Why wasn’t it sent to a reserve for release? Arent their organizations that do this? Seems horrible to kill it for no reason?

  12. I am familiar with this case and happen to know that the fawn was not hiding in a safe place waiting for mom. It was in the middle of a bridge completely dehydrated and hypothermic. These people took in a being that was at death’s door, not a healthy one. They showed it love and kindness nursing it back to health. Stop trying to drag them through the mud in order to create a better story. Odfw killed an innocent animal for no other reason than the person accused did not purchase the proper permit before saving the life.

    • You certainly wouldn’t get that impression from reading the article.
      The article reads like someone scooped it out of the bushes.
      Somewhat ironic considering the scrutiny law enforcement is receiving
      right now.
      All things considered, the best course may have to been contacting
      Fish and Game, but I wasn’t there. I don’t know what I would have done.


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