Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Fecal bacteria health advisory issued for D River Beach

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Health Advisory D River
A public health advisory was issued for D River Beach Sept. 14 (Photos by Justin Werner)

A health advisory for unsafe levels of fecal bacteria at D River Beach was issued Tuesday by the Oregon Health Authority.

Fecal bacteria can cause rashes, diarrhea, upper respiratory infections and other illnesses. Children, elderly and those with compromised immune systems should stay clear of water flowing into the ocean.

D River fecal

From OHA:

Visitors should avoid wading in nearby creeks, pools of water on the beach, or in discolored water, and stay clear of water runoff flowing into the ocean. Levels of fecal bacteria tend to be higher in these types of water sources.

Unsafe levels of fecal bacteria in ocean waters can come from both shore and inland sources including:

  • Stormwater runoff.
  • Sewer overflows.
  • Failing septic systems.
  • Animal waste from livestock, pets and wildlife.

Even if there is no advisory in effect, avoid swimming in the ocean within 48 hours after a rainstorm.

Ocean waters will be re-tested after an advisory is issued. Once bacteria levels are at a safe level, OHA will notify the public that the advisory is lifted.

While this advisory is in effect at D River Beach, state officials continue to encourage other recreational activities (flying kites, picnicking, playing on the beach, walking, etc.) on this beach because they pose no health risk even during an advisory.

For the most recent information on advisories, visit the Oregon Beach Monitoring Program website or call 971-673-0482, or 877-290-6767.

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  1. Native wildlife is one thing, and I have had conversations about lake
    water with residents when I was doing home repair, it’s a big lake and
    it seems like a bottleneck area could be addressed.
    Pigeons are flying rats and that’s all. They should be eradicated.
    We did go by the wayside today and there is one completely missable warning sign at the entrance.

  2. I believe the east side of the Driver bridge is the problem as countless birds congregate on the sand bank that clogs the river, dredge this part of the river and let the water flow more freely and this will flush the lake better, I live on the lake and haven’t seen a blue green algae growth for the last two years so think on the whole the DLWID is doing a good job. In addition I would encourage Kyllos to screen the underside of the restaurant in order to discourage the dozens of pigeons from nesting there, birds of all types carry the nastiest pathogens in their droppings.

  3. Where is the tax dollars going that we been paying every year to be cleaning up the lake and getting rid of old septic systems from places along lake? Something is going on around the lake this problem happens quiet often. Kevin is right no storm run off and I too have not seen many farms nearby or farm animals buy the lake only wild life that’s around any lake.

  4. Didn’t this happen just a while back? I got a suggestion for “urban renewal”
    do something about Devil’s Lake, the source of the D river. This shouldn’t
    be happening in Oregon. Clearly not storm water, it’s something else.
    Not a lot of farms nearby either, I see very few cows grazing by the lakeside.
    So, does this warning mean there s sign that warns people of the issue? That’s
    got to look good.


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Health advisory lifted for D River Beach

Oregon Health Authority follow-up water tests at D River Beach showed lower levels of fecal bacteria Friday, prompting the agency to lift the health advisory issued three days ago.


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