Sunday, October 17, 2021

Five additional confirmed Lincoln County Covid-19 cases

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Covid-19 Lincoln County

Lincoln County Public Health announced today five more confirmed COVID-19 cases. Three of the cases had close contact with an individual confirmed to have COVID-19. One case is from community spread that was incorrectly assigned to another county and has been updated to reflect being in Lincoln County. The fifth case is also a result of community spread. This brings the current case count to 15 confirmed and one presumptive – which will show on the Oregon Health Authority website as 16 cases.

This marks the first time an outbreak has been assigned for COVID-19 in Lincoln County, which means several cases are linked to one event. The individuals all attended the same family gathering as the juvenile confirmed positive last week. Although Phase 1 permits gatherings of up to 25 people, individuals must be able to physically distance and wear face coverings to prevent the spread. Public Health continues to do contact tracing for the outbreak and for the new cases.

The confirmed case details are:

  • Person between the ages of 11 and 19, not hospitalized, part of the family gathering outbreak.
  • Person between the ages of 0 and 9, not hospitalized, part of the family gathering outbreak.
  • Person in their 30s, not hospitalized, part of the family gathering outbreak. This was a presumptive positive case, now confirmed.
  • Person in their 30s, not hospitalized, community spread.
  • Person in their 40s, not hospitalized, community spread. This person was incorrectly assigned to another county and a data correction placed the case in Lincoln County.

In addition to the confirmed cases, there is a new presumptive positive case that is not part of the family gathering outbreak. This person has symptoms and had close contact with a confirmed positive case so is noted as “presumptive positive” until the test results come back.

“We understand that not seeing your family and friends can feel extremely challenging, especially in a time of crisis like this when you may normally rely on them for support,” said Nicole Fields, Deputy Director of Public Health. “If you do choose to see family and friends in person, it is critically important for us all to take precautions. Remember the basics and keep 6 feet of distance, wear a mask, wash your hands often, and try not to touch your face.”

Public Health strongly encourages the public to follow the OHA guidelines:

  • Stay home if you are sick.
  • To avoid exposure to COVID-19, people who are at risk for severe complications (over age 60 or have underlying medical conditions) should stay home even if you feel well.
  • If you become symptomatic (cough, fever, shortness of breath) while in public, please return home and self-isolate immediately. Contact your health care provider if you need medical attention.
  • Practice good hand hygiene with frequent handwashing for at least 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer (60-95% alcohol content).
  • Cover coughs/sneezes with elbow or tissue. If you use a tissue, immediately discard tissue in garbage and wash your hands.
  • Avoid touching your face.
  • Practice physical distancing of at least six (6) feet between you and people who you do not live with.
  • Use cloth, paper or disposable face coverings in public. As Oregon is reopening and restrictions are being lifted on businesses and public spaces, it may be difficult to ensure that you can stay six (6) feet away from others at all times. Please review Mask and Face Covering Guidance for Business, Transit and the Public.
  • Stay close to home. Avoid overnight trips and minimize other non-essential travel, including recreational day trips to destinations outside the community where you live. Travel the minimum distance needed to obtain essential services; in rural areas, residents may have to travel greater distances for essential services, while in urban areas, residents may only need to travel a few miles for those services.

You can find more information at

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  1. To Jean: I am 66 & my husband is 75. We have multiple health issues between us. I empathize with you. We have 2 grown sons. Fortunately they understand we will see them in person once everyone’s been vaccinated and the pandemic is history. In the mean time we wave through the window and talk on the phone. Maybe you could do a drive by and wave to everyone. Let them know your thoughts are with them. I would be terrified to be around that many people, especially if any of them are not taking it seriously. Good luck to you and stay safe.

  2. New confirmed infections in our county and climbing and we’re re-opening? Opening campsites? Allowing camping along 101? With the riots going on, there will be a flood of out of state citizens wanting to shop, tax free! WELCOME!!

    Well, “flattening the curve” was good while it lasted. Thank you to the powers that be for the catastrophe that will be coming our hospitals soon.

  3. This posting is annoying. Why can’t we be told where the cases are,
    unless no one has noticed, Lincoln County is kind of big.
    These new cases were inevitable, I go out shopping and see people
    prancing around like it’s their own private world. We at my house
    are still wearing face covers, and practicing the guidelines, I’ve given
    up on the gloves, but wash when I get home and avoid touching my
    face until I can wash up.
    I know people are getting tired of this, and it’s got to be especially
    hard on older persons…although I’m 55 and have emphysema. it’s
    these people that don’t or won’t take precautions that are causing
    the new infections.
    And a response to the first twit who commented on this topic- give up
    on your inflammatory language, the protesters and looters
    are all idiots. No protest has ever done any good, the government
    doesn’t respond well to threats, and looters- they should all be shot, I’d fix this situation quick.

  4. Two months of shutdown and there were, what, 7 cases? Two and a half weeks (with warmer weather which should normally slow the spread) in Phase 1. Bars full of mask-less idiots slurring and spraying sputum, hugging each other, “I love you, man!” People exercising their right to infect others nearly everywhere. Out-of-state plates, from far more infested areas seeking refuge here with our low infection rate, and the case count doubles. Probably just a coincidence …

  5. Soon to be a hundred or so with the hotels and bars opening up. Went to the outlet mall last Saturday. No one was wearing masks and urban outfitters was a gathering of non social distance. We ran out of there. If we get the covid it’s our own stupid fault and put ourselves at risk.

  6. If you don’t feel safe don’t go. For some people it is just as bad as the flu and it can kill you. You also have to remember that it doesn’t effect everyone the same so they should all be fun but they shouldn’t force you to go. My mom is at high risk so she has just stayed home and we take her food and anything that she needs. If you really want to go and see them go an hour or two before everyone else shows up.

  7. You can look forward to seeing, hugging your loved ones in the not too distant future This keeps us going!!

  8. Of course!!!Just because you can not hug or embrace your loved ones right now,tomorrow will bring us together soon.

  9. Good idea, i have a 1 yr old great granddaughter she will be difficult to keep away. I’m thinking using the app puts 20 people or more together on a call, we can all see each other. I hope she i scca ok with this. S bgg e is going to say, mom do you never plan to see us again? How do i answer?

  10. If the party is outside,you could take a chair,and sit away from everyone,you’d be there,which should satisfy your daughter.

  11. Thank you.
    My daughter is putting undue amount of pressure. She thinks I have become paranoid in my old age. I try to explain but she just giggles. We are very close as i am sure if I got the virus and died how could she live with herself.

  12. Please read the comment after yours. I also agree with your statement. So many people make comments before they fact check. They post what they read as truth.

  13. Myself,I would not go,I am seventy five and missed my son’s 52 BIRTHDAY party.There ‘re ways for you to be involved without going.This is only my opinion.Stay safe.

  14. It’s so hard not seeing my family. I’m a 68 year old with several underlying health issues. I was recently invited to my granddaughters 21st birthday party. The place they are having it is very small with a hugh back yard. My daughter is upset i may not go, almost everyone there will be in the mid 40’s or younger. My daughter does not understand she wants me to go. What do I do? I don’t want to get covid-19 and being around 20 or so scares me really bad. I really need honest advice. Please no mean or rude remarks. Thank you

  15. Trish, comparing public health advisories to “nazi power” is repugnant and idiotic. You do know the nazis were nationalists, right? Take your “seems like” snowflake feelings and replace them with a history lesson.

  16. Do all these rules apply to the looters in the cities and protesters? Seems like it is all a bunch of “DO THIS OR YOU WILL PAY” NAZI POWER.


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