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I support Riley Hoagland for mayor

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Lincoln City Homepage Letters to the editor

Dear editor,

Lincoln City voters will choose their new mayor in the May 18 special election.

I am writing to express my support for Councilor Riley Hoagland, who will bring a fresh perspective and new energy at a crucial time for our community.

Riley cares deeply about Lincoln City, volunteering countless hours for a wide range of organizations in areas ranging from social welfare to economic development. His involvement runs the gamut from strategic planning to boots-on-the-ground work, showing him to be a rare example of someone who not only talks the talk, but walks the walk, too.

Dealing with complex issues under the glare of public scrutiny is no easy feat, but Riley has proven himself equal to the task. At council meetings, he combines effective preparation with an ability to engage in robust and constructive debate in pursuit of solutions.

Our new city manager will require clearer direction and more accountability than has been evident in recent years. Riley’s clear communication style makes him the ideal candidate to lead council through the critical task of selecting and directing our new administrative chief.

Please join me in voting Riley Hoagland for mayor this May 18.

Yours faithfully,

Patrick Alexander

LCH Reader
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  1. I can not support a candidate for Mayor that is immature and is condescending when you go against his views. I want someone with leadership skills and knowledge of what the Residents want. This City Council refuses to have town hall meetings with the public and continually agrees to pass things that causes our taxes and utilities to rise in cost.

    Please vote for someone who has not held or is currently holding a position Council or Mayor. If you do you will be just asking for more taxes!

  2. Can you please provide your last name to support your convictions? I am another Lewis here in Lincoln City and I don’t want locals thinking that I penned this drivel. I’m the one that wears the dog-faced mask, supports the arts, etc.

  3. Your mention of “termites” is unsettling, and if you don’t understand why,
    you might be watching the wrong news channel, and are unfamiliar with
    a mr. farrakhan.
    City politics do not define political parties, although, if you pay attention to
    voting at council meetings, it’s possible to draw conclusions.
    I had Mr. Dick Andersen for a Republican before he ran for state office,
    other members show their colors over time.
    I feel the city system is appropriate, we have enough division already in the

  4. If someone running for office in your small towns does not say Democrat or Republican I will not vote for them. We do not want another Portland with our city being trashed by Democrat Antifas and BLM. If you do vote in a democrat that is the beginning of an infestation of TERMITES….they destroy everything in their path!

  5. I can’t support someone from the City Council who puts up a
    “black lives matter”
    sign behind him in a zoom meeting.
    Pick a less controversial group to support, or better yet- don’t.
    We don’t need portland style activism in Lincoln City.


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