Tuesday, June 14, 2022

I’m voting for Cable, and here’s why

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Lincoln County District Attorney

As an 80 year old woman, I’ve experienced a lot in my life. Plenty of failures followed by my share of successes. I was Boise Cascade’s first female executive during a time women didn’t dare think about the entering the boardroom. But I’ve learned a lot along the way. And one of those things is to think for myself. Not what others tell me I should think.

My only child is a Lincoln County Deputy District Attorney. And he has spoken highly about his boss, District Attorney Jonathan Cable. But he has also spoken highly of Deputy District Attorney Lanee Danforth. Rather than listen to my son, I read up on both the candidates, read the voter’s pamphlet and their campaign web pages. I’m impressed with both.

However, as I look back on my life and experiences, I learned more along the way and did a better job as time went on. District Attorney Cable has the advantage of that experience to not repeat the same mistakes, and to keep moving forward. With such an important position, experience is essential. I’ve seen over the years what happens when someone comes to power with little experience.

I am voting for District Attorney Cable and would hope others would join me. District Attorney Cable is perfectly suited for the position. In return, I would ask that Mr. Cable take an interest in Ms. Danforth’s career so she too will have the experience someday to be the District Attorney. That seems fair.

Shelly Thornicroft
Lincoln City, Oregon

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