King Tide hits Kyllo’s Seafood Grill, again


Kyllo’s Seafood Grill took multiple hits from logs propelled by King Tide Tuesday, as bystanders looked on from restaurant windows and D River State Recreation Site.

“This is just crazy,” a Lincoln City politician said. “Look at the windows shake when the logs hit the pylons. There’s people in there.”

A large tree was pushed under the D River Bridge, where it became stuck, as the Pacific Ocean ran up the “World’s Shortest River” with a bevy of timber in tow.

This is not the first time the ocean has battered the restaurant, having ruptured a gas line in 2018 and forcing the evacuation of patrons and staff.

Kyllo’s is designed to withstand high tides and the accompanying logs that rattle around under the restaurant.

Many turned out to D River State Recreation Area to witness firsthand the violent effects of the Pacific during King Tide and flood warnings.

“This is an example of why you never go down to the beach on days like this,” said Bill Davis from Tacoma, Wash. “We’ll just enjoy the view from the safety of our car.”


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