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Lincoln City lodging reopening criteria

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Lincoln County lodging reopening

As Lincoln County’s lodging gets ready to reopen Monday, June 1, a framework plan created by Lincoln County and its cities will need to be implemented.

The City of Lincoln City issued a press release Saturday to clarify a 24-hour hold for hotels, motels and vacation rentals after receiving several inquiries.

Lincoln City’s clarification of the 24-hour hold requirement:

For Hotels, Motels and Vacation Rental Dwellings (VRD), when a guest(s) check out of a room that room must remain vacant of guest(s) and housekeeping staff for a 24 hour period. Once this 24-hour period has passed then housekeeping, staff are able to enter the room to clean according to the housekeeping requirements listed in Exhibit A of County Order 5-20-136. Once housekeeping has finished, the room can then be rented again.

Lincoln County Order 5-20-136 lays out service changes and restrictions for the lodging industry for a June 1 reopening. Lodging types include:

  • Hotels
  • Motels
  • Bed and breakfasts
  • Homestays
  • Short term residences (including vacation rentals)
  • RV parks and campgrounds

Service changes

Hotels Motels:

  • Remote check in if available.
  • Alternative: curbside check in.
  • Touch free check-in instituted.
  • Barrier in place at check in – i.e. plexiglass.
  • Hand sanitizer in lobby.
  • Owner/Employee wellness checks.
  • Health questions and Temp checks – start of each day.
  • Breakfast – Grab and go / sealed items / room service – No public space consumption.

Short-term rentals/Vacation rentals:

  • Remote check in.

RV Parks / Campgrounds:

  • Remote check in or alternative curbside check in.


Hotels Motels:

  • Covid health sign at entrances and check in. Sign templates to be provided.
  • Public spaces closed (more detailed designation – – no public in pools, spas, gyms, lounges or seating areas) all cordoned off and signed appropriately).

STRS/VRDs, Homeshares and Bed and Breakfasts:

  • Covid health signage posted on front entrance. Sign templates to be provided.


Hotels Motels:

  • Owners/Employees required to wear face covering when in public areas when in presence of guests.
  • Guests encouraged to wear face covering in public places while in town per State of Oregon’s guidance (Template language to be provided) – Communicated prior to arrival – electronically and via phone.
  • No stayover guest room service (daily room cleaning for multiple day stays).
  • Pools, spas, gyms and any other recreational amenities stay closed unless otherwise authorized by the state.
  • A minimum 24 hours hold be maintained between check out and the time the room is cleaned and put out for rental again.
  • Staff must be able to maintain social distance from each other in work stations and meet all other business guidelines as set by the state or local health authority.

STRs/VRDs, Homeshares and Bed and Breakfasts:

  • Owners/Employees required to wear face covering at all times when in presence of guests.
  • Guests required to wear a face covering when in shared spaces in Homeshares and Bed and Breakfasts and encouraged to wear while in public via State of Oregon guidance – Communicated prior to arrival – electronically and via phone.
  • A minimum 24 hours hold be maintained between check out and the time the room is cleaned and put out for rental again.
  • Bed and Breakfasts and Homestays, no communal meals.

Housekeeping Minimums for STRs/VRDs and Hotels:

  • Use of CDC/EPA approved disinfectant.
  • Sanitizing all high touch items in guest rooms door handles, elevator buttons, etc..
  • Gloves for housekeepers.
  • Linen washed with approved disinfectant chemicals at correct temperatures.
  • Removal of paper products – Any required items are laminated and cleaned or replaced.
  • Hair dryers removed from bag – Dryer cleaned at each checkout.
  • All unused linen and terry are removed and exchanged.

Required clean up if Guest is suspected of having COVID 19 (positive, presumptive or symptomatic) for all lodging properties and types:

RV Parks and Campgrounds

  • All group and public areas closed.
  • Camping allowed except no group tent camping in this phase.
  • Restrooms cleaned in accordance with state guidance; patrons bring own soap, hand sanitizer and toilet paper.
  • Check in and check out contact free.
  • Employees required to wear face covering at all times when in public areas when guests are present.
  • Guests encouraged to wear face coverings while in town per State of Oregon’s guidance (Template language to be provided) – Communicated prior to arrival.

Each establishment that will reopen shall submit a plan detailing how they will meet the minimum requirements established in the order. Failure to adhere to the plan shall be grounds for revocation of permission to open and may subject owner/operator to other remedies available under state and local law.



Justin Werner
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  1. Okay so where does it say I put a blow dryer in a bag? It says to take blow dryer out of bag but what bag is this? Do I re-use this bag or is it a paper or plastic bag? Since I am suppose to take the dryer out of the bag do i leave it behind for the guest to place it in the bag since I am suppose to take it out? So I clean the blow dryer and place it in the same bag? This is extremely frustrating as we are directed to follow all these procedures but none of it is actually understandable? Do I place it in a bag after I wait 24 hours to enter the property for cleaning? Then do I take it out 4 hours later when I leave for guest to come check in? And in those 24 hours that the blow dryer is sitting and infecting everything do i bag up everything in its vicinity since the blow dryer sat unbagged? Do I clean the dryer with possibly a uv light which I don’t see stated anywhere? I am just pushed off to the next government website about cleaning practices. Then the next shuffels me around none taking the responsibility not one of them has any clear guidlines just epa approved cleaners that are almost impossible to get. And laundry with approved detergent tell me more on what that is and where do I get this? Why do all counties have conflicting requirments and where in the heck does this ” bag ” come from????

    • VRD dwellings have been a hot topic, they were when the idea was first put forth, and many people living next to, or surrounded by them have realized, that while the lodging option probably contributes to tourism, which the city relies on, there are a plethora of cons about these properties. I didn’t wake up one day and decide- Today I’m going to start
      disliking vrd dwellings. It was a slow and persistent process that led to
      a conclusion.

  2. Besides all that, I do get invited to parties, but limit my participation
    because I don’t use alcohol.
    Calling people a name associated with the Nazi regime, is a sign of real
    intelligence, the last bastion of the radical left, I bet your garage is full
    of signs that say” down with racist Nazis”.

  3. as much as I’d like to argue with people who have no clue as to the utter
    devastation vrd dwellings have caused my neighborhood, you are not my
    neighbors, and unless you are a vrd operator there would be a 99.99% chance
    you would feel the same as my family does, we have been here since 1975 and
    it’s only greed that has virtually destroyed the once peaceful beach town my
    parents remember. I have the fortitude to use my real name, not some bogus crybaby alias because I’m too scared of being wrong.

  4. I have lived and put up with VRDS for over fifteen years. The owners are not good neighbors. Until you,Florence Avenger, steps in my shoes,do not assume your views are correct. This city has way too many VRDS,when will a limit be placed on new ones?? The answer is never. SHort term rentals bring in good renters sometimes, but my experience is most of these renters come here to do what they cannot do in their own neighborhoods.

  5. Bad news Meridith Lodging. I have a special dislike for VRD dwellings
    and am wondering how my jerkwad neighbors are going to find the intelligence to abide by these standards. The VRD behind me, and I’m
    going to assume others is/are consecutively rented for the next 90 days, and
    be sure I’m going to be on top of the 24hr requirement for entry by
    cleaners and guests after the building is unoccupied. I am going to make
    sure I know how to file a non-compliant complaint, in fact, I’m going to
    do that right now.

  6. The decision to shut down the hotels did not come from the governor. You must be sick of facts, logic and reason. Take off your hate blinders.

  7. So Kate, let me get this straight. The lodging industry you’ve done your best to destroy now has to try to recover using half their capacity.


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