Lincoln City Police to make impact over Labor Day weekend


    Lincoln City Police DUII

    Lincoln City Police will be patrolling in force over the Labor Day weekend looking for drivers impaired by alcohol or drugs.

    In partnership with the Oregon Department of Transportation, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Oregon Impact, Lincoln City Police will use grant funds to put extra patrol officers on duty throughout the historically busy holiday weekend.

    Police will be focusing on drivers under the influence, as it continues to be a leading cause of crash injuries and deaths across the nation.

    The planned enhanced DUII enforcement is part of a larger nationwide effort by law enforcement agencies to get drunk and impaired drivers off roadways to keep people safe.

    Police used grant funds last year during Christmas and New Year’s Day to provide enhanced DUII enforcement where two arrests were made.


    1. I think you can also look at side roads that parallel 101, like the one that runs by my house, these drunks think by staying off the hiway they’re safer. Do this at about 2:30 a.m.
      Maybe you’ll see some of the easily amused persons who like throwing eggs
      at people’s houses as well. I will be glad when tourist season is over and these
      twits all go back to Washington,Idaho and Portland.

    2. Might want to pay close attention to the area by Ace’s Bar. Every single golfer coming out of there has been drinking. You’ll make your quota in one day. These people are a menace to the neighbourhood. It’s a good place to start.


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