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Lincoln City Scooters: ‘Bird’ is not the word

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Bird Scooters Lincoln City

Citizens of Lincoln City noticed electric scooters on Lincoln City sidewalks Wednesday, but city government did not agree to the company’s pitch Monday.

Bird Rides, Inc. presented a plan Monday to the Lincoln City Council via Zoom, to put 75 electric scooters in the city. A Bird Rides representative, Michael Covato, said during Monday’s council meeting that a fleet manager would check on the scooters everyday, every couple of hours. He also said there were over 100 million rides last year. Covato explained the scooters were similar to bikes and would not be a nuisance and more of a benefit.

Councilor Rick Mark made a motion to have further discussion about multiple concerns made by other councilors and to direct staff to work with Bird on how to get scooters in Lincoln City. The motion failed with councilors Anne Marie-Skinner, Dianna Hinton, Riley Hoagland and Judy Casper voting nay.

“I appreciate the time. Thank you council,” Covato said. “Hopefully we can try again in a couple years.”

Bird scooters could be found on Lincoln City sidewalks in multiple locations Wednesday, raising posts from locals on social media.

Mayoral hopeful Susan Wahlke chimed in:

According to one city councilor, the council is looking at fining the company. If a fine were imposed, it would probably be for each scooter per day they remain on sidewalks.

Bird Rides allows people to rent scooters via an app which unlocks them and tells them how to ride. Riders are active with Bird in over 100 cities worldwide and the company recently signed a deal in Europe for 150 million to “help European cities recover.”

Homepage reached out to Bird, but the company did not respond for comment.

Justin Werner
I'm publisher of Lincoln City Homepage. Also the web guy, photographer, cameraman, video editor, sportswriter, tech support, beat reporter, cat trainer and e-bike enthusiast. I have a passion for telling people's stories and keeping my fellow citizens informed.

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  1. OH YEA YEP that is all we need here already fun trying to get thru downtown traffic with all the out of towners here. Side walks crowded with tourists a lot of times, just need scooters running into them lawyers smile law suits will be coming. Skate boarders can tolerate at least most of them are smart to pick up and pack there boards when a lot of people around. A problem with people hit buy cars in town lets add a few scooters to the list. I do agree with the city council on this one.

  2. Look it up,California Better Business Bureau, where The Bird is located, gives The Bird an “F” rating!!! Complaints,complaints,complaints!!!!!

  3. A lot of things in the city council seem already decided, I noticed it when
    people were actually able to attend in person, voting seemed more of a formality, than a necessity.

  4. This is my opinion to the City council members that voted NO and anyone else that bent an ear to them to be afraid of this option in our City.
    Here is my opinion.
    Maybe Bird Ride figured they’d try it anyway ( drop off scooters without permission) since the council didn’t seem open to a further discussion and abruptly decided to not allow them. Watching the video I felt like the decision was already made by the City counselors and the company didn’t even have a chance. I hope the scooters get used and enjoyed. Sure there will be some issues, but the benefit of a few less cars on the road, less air pollution from cars, more outdoor time and revenue for the City, outweighs the bad. I understand the liability is on the company and not the City. Does Lincoln City City council have such outdated opinions that this athletic and energizing way to get around is rejected so quickly? Skateboards used to be taboo, now it’s common place. Please take another look for our struggling community and the fun tourists and locals can have by an alternative way to travel through town. A quick google search shows how popular they are and are growing rapidly. Let’s be innovative instead of outdated.

  5. Exactly. “Bird” sounds a lot like that other annoying piece of pointless
    technology- TWIT ter.
    If this remains the dumbest thing we hear of in the near future, we will be

  6. It’s the dumbest thing that I’ve ever heard of. Did you see where they put them? Right in the middle of all of the bars just wait until a drunk person gets on one and ends up in the road as a new hood ornament for the semi passing by.

  7. Riding wheeled vehicles on sidewalks is not a good idea. I’ll sue, and already
    have a bad back.
    “Bird”? How fitting a name. I got your bird right here “Bird”.
    Another dangerous toy zooming around for the inevitable “accident”, which
    really wouldn’t be an accident with something like this.
    Who cares what they do in Europe? This isn’t the EU in case no one has noticed.
    At least not yet.


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