Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Lincoln City Skatepark vandalized

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Lincoln City Skatepark Vandalized
Local skater Ryan Best and friends start cleaning after vandals defiled Lincoln City’s famous skatepark

The world-famous Lincoln City Skatepark was vandalized this weekend, with pickles, Ragu, cooking oil and toilet paper rendering a portion of the park unusable.

Skatepark ragu

According to local skaters, late Friday night or early Saturday morning is when the vandalism occurred. Canola oil was spread on the concrete and multiple glass bottles of Ragu pasta sauce were thrown whole, which caused glass to shatter and red stain blast patterns. Whole pickles were also thrown into the bowl.

Lincoln City Vandalism

“It really sucks,” Local skater Ryan Best said. “It’s such a nice place. We clean up here all the time and have in the past, but this is the worst it has ever been.”

Best and other skaters said graffiti is an ongoing problem and they spend time cleaning it whenever it pops up. Best’s father, Dustin, said the criminals were stupid because, “You don’t waste toilet paper in a pandemic.”

The park, built in 1999 by Dreamland Skateparks, has been billed as the “gnarliest” skate park in America by Thrasher Magazine. A recent 20-year celebration, dubbed the Rip Ride Rally, saw hundreds of professional and amateur skaters competing while hall of famer Eric Dressen watched.

Lincoln City Police Sgt. Randy Weaver arrived as a group of parents and skaters started cleaning up the mess. Weaver contacted the City of Lincoln City who told the cleanup group to wait until Monday when the City would come clean it up.

Lincoln City Skate Park Vandalized 2021
Painting contractor Michael Holstin listens to LCPD Sgt. Randy Weaver explain why a cleanup effort needed to cease until city workers could come in and do the job

A Portland man who made the trip to Lincoln City specifically to skate at the park said he was upset that vandals would go to such extremes.

“Why would someone try to destroy something that’s made for people to have fun?” He said. The man said the ordeal must have had some thought put into it as oil and red sauce are known to penetrate concrete and are hard to clean.

Local painting contractor Michael Holstin of Quality painting Services, who’s son Clayton skates the park, was there to clean, having brought multiple pressure washers and surface cleaners to get the job done. Holstin was upset about having to stop cleaning to wait for the city, but acknowledged the possible liability issues because the skatepark is a city building.

The skaters said they are sure it was the “BMXers” who threw firecrackers into the cradle two weeks ago. Posts on Instagram have been popping up, pointing fingers at a group of bike riders in Toledo as the culprits.

“They came and were harassing us for like a half-hour,” one skater said. “We told them to please not ride their bikes here as it damages the park and they called us [a bunch of names] and wanted to fight.”

On the City of Lincoln City’s website it states:


Bikes, scooters, in-line skates are NOT permitted in the park.

Justin Werner
I'm publisher of Lincoln City Homepage. Also the web guy, photographer, cameraman, video editor, sportswriter, tech support, beat reporter, cat trainer and e-bike enthusiast. I have a passion for telling people's stories and keeping my fellow citizens informed.

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  1. Your article states that the park is for everyone to enjoy but I have heard multiple stories of bmxers coming to the skatepark and getting boards thrown in their path while riding bowls (if the board hits their wheel at speeds, the bike rider will fly off the bike and could suffer some really gnarly injuries) I’ve heard many stories of local skaters trying to fight bikers and throw stuff at them. no sympathy for me. anyways, sounds like it coulda just been dumb kids having fun vandalizing. I could believe bikers did it in retaliation to being harassed and attacked by skaters for trying to ride some ramps and catch some air.

  2. Wow I gave a shit and genuinely felt bad until it said no inliners bmx or scooters . Now I don’t and honestly we’ll deserved if you’re gonna make something fun and for the community why the segregation. We all come out to ride . This was the doing of skaters being asshats and not letting all of of the community ride .

  3. I personally have had knives and hammers pulled on me, unopened beer cans thrown at my head as I was leaving. Where is the park for bmx riders since the skateboarders often resort to violence?
    Sucks for the decent skaters but plenty of them in LC arent decent. Newport, toledo, even siletz with its formerly outrageous crime problem was more accepting. “Bikes damage the park” tell that to every other park around you that allows them and damage hasn’t been seen yet. You have 2 skateparks when you could have had 1 well maintained park for everyone to enjoy. Reap what you sow

  4. I’ve noticed more graffiti in LC, Newport, and the Yaquina Bridge! Seems the criminal/gang element is here yet council members vote for less police (Depoe Bay). Also, take a look at the trash along 101. Shopping carts, bags, camping debris. Oh, “Oregon, Our Oregon” indeed!

  5. What? Citizens can’t clean up something for free? Liability- what a crock
    of bs, what’s going to happen to someone at a skate park? Isn’t it an
    inherently dangerous activity in and of itself?

  6. Hey I bet those are the same food items the local jesus sympathetics gave to the drug addicts to keep them going for another week, despite the fact they get enough food stamps for two people. Check who got a free food box the day before at vineyard.


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