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Lincoln City taking comments for $87 million urban renewal plan

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Urban Renewal Boundary

Lincoln City Councilors will hear from the public and consider adoption of an ordinance at 6 p.m. Monday, July 27, for an urban renewal tax increment financing plan aimed to improve Roads End and the Villages at Cascade Head.

The proposed maximum indebtedness for the plan is $87,100,000.

The City Council directed city staff to do tax increment feasibility studies of Nelscott, Roads End and Villages at Cascade Head and after reviewing the completed studies, directed city staff to prepare the current plan.

As funds are accrued in the future, a Community Visioning process will further define and prioritize projects to be completed in the proposed area.

The urban renewal plan has included the public with a series of public forums, radio shows, hearings and press releases.

The goal of the plan is intended to guide investment in the area over the life of the plan and substantial amendments to the plan must be approved by the City Council. Urban renewal’s mission is to eliminate blight and depreciating property values in areas and to attract job producing private investments to improve property values.

Plan goals and objectives as defined in the plan documents:

To accomplish its mission the Agency will develop and implement an urban renewal (tax increment finance) program known as the Plan, the goals and objectives of which are:

1. To resolve the problems created by existing blighted conditions so that unused and underused properties can be placed in productive condition and utilized at their highest and best use.

2. To involve community members and stakeholders and increase engagement in planning to support projects in the Area.

3. To establish and improve road connections to increase accessibility within as well as into and out of Area.

4. To improve the City’s economic vitality and its ability to provide municipal services.

5. To support City economic development and housing goals.

6. To install and enhance pedestrian pathways in areas of maximum concentration to improve the pedestrian environment.

7. To enhance and increase accessibility of Area parks and open spaces and to increase connectivity to greater trail systems.

8. To establish and improve water, sewer, and utility systems to support existing and future development, and to place underground, existing overhead utility systems in areas that will improve view corridors as well as safety in the event of inclement weather or natural disasters.

9. To be sensitive to, and to minimize to the greatest extent possible, the effects of tax increment financing upon the overlapping taxing districts through revenue sharing.

10. To enhance opportunities for business and tourist-related property to be developed, redeveloped, improved, rehabilitated and conserved in ways which will:

a. Ensure that traffic flow, off-street parking, and other public facilities within the Area are adequate to accommodate current and future development

b. Improve the Area’s visual quality consistent with that of the Oregon Coast’s natural environment

c. Encourage the expansion and development of businesses that will produce living wage jobs for the people of the City

d. Increase property values so that the Area will contribute its fair share to the costs of providing public services

e. Leverage the Agency’s financial resources to maximum extent possible with other public and private investment and other funding sources

Public comments can be emailed to [email protected] and will be read aloud during the public comment section of the meeting. The comments will also be provided to City Recorder Cathy Steere for the official record.

The meeting will be held electronically via Zoom and council chambers will be open to the public for those wanting to comment in person.

A report has been prepared with a comprehensive list of proposed projects and detailed information:


Justin Werner
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  1. The property L.C. put their name on to house the homeless at NE 34th street looks like Afghanistan now…no one has been there to clean it up, week after week. It is facing the HWY 101 and looks totally disgusting. What happened to that “project?” If it failed, then who are the people keeping it up. A total disgrace.

  2. The city council already made up their minds to approve this measure,why even bother taking comments!!!I am still paying,on my county taxes,for the last Urban Renewal!!!They say Our taxes won’t increase,why lie,do they think we’re that stupid!!

  3. Beware Urban Renewal slush funds with vague goals of how the money will be used. EXAMPLE: Newport took $1,000,000 out of the South Beach Urban Renewal funds to use as $10,000 grants to private businesses.

  4. That was amusing. Drunken floozies aside, I just listened to the council
    A vote? Guess again. The only people voting are the ones on the city council.
    Someday these zoom meetings will pass and we can go and complain in person.
    They read my letter! Ron does a fair job, but he doesn’t convey the passion of the writer, you need enunciation and flair.
    Anyway, now I see the scariest part of this Urban Renewal, and it’s
    sounding a lot like wealth distribution. Take a neighborhood, add up
    all the values of the various properties and divide it up equally. That’s
    what I got out of the taxation portion of this. This is f#$%ing scary
    for us, we live next to an overpriced, overvalued subdivision, 140+ houses, all in the 600G range, give or take. They sell a tiny lot for
    what our entire double sized lot and house is currently taxed at. PT
    Barnum was right, there’s a sucker born every minute, and they’re buying in Olivia Beach.

  5. Who thought up this “plan”,I need to know so I can vote them out of office!!My taxes go up every year as it is,not sure how much longer I can live here.Very sad!!!

  6. 87 million dollars of bonded indebtedness. Bullsh-t. The city is broke, the citizens are struggling yet the money grubbing idiots in city hall have spent every dime in our coffers and want to bury the taxpayer in debt. No thanks.

  7. Yes I agree both comments that’s all we need at this time, when is the city council going to wake up we have to many taxes now a lot of people struggle to pay.

  8. Now is not the time to be doing something like this!!!!! Just sell the property and make it pay for itself with property taxes. When will this City Council wake up and see we are in a crisis right now and need to figure out a way to create ways to save people money and not spend money. Thank goodness this is a referendum item and has to go before the voters. The voters will never allow this raise in our property taxes.

  9. Great. Increase our property value in Nelscott. I’ll tell you why they want to increase our taxes- it’s the son of a bytch Olivia Beach VRD
    I’ll be emailing my comments to the city council, and I hope they get read this time, the last time, people flooded the council with multiple comments from the same individuals and nothing got read aloud.
    Another thing- my letter to the News Guard, titled “city council cop out”
    was never printed. From where I sit- my house is a long way from Roads End and Cascade Head.
    I hope someone from the city management reads this homepage, and will have the fortitude to read at least one and only one emailed comment during the meeting, from each respective person.
    Your list of plan goals is a crock of flop. We live next to the ugliest subdivision in the entire city, a collection of multi-story crackerjack boxes with no landscaping and no architectural equivalent in the city-
    fit in with the coastal visual consistency my ass.


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