Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Lincoln City to deliberate process for selecting new mayor

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Lincoln City Mayor The Lincoln City Council will hold a special meeting Monday, Dec. 21, to discuss appointing a new mayor or if a special election should put it in voter’s hands after the resignation of Dick Anderson.

Dick Anderson
Dick Anderson

Anderson, a republican, won the election for State Senate District 5, defeating democrat Melissa Cribbins by 2,187 votes. Anderson’s term was scheduled to last for two more years.

According to the City of Lincoln City’s charter, picking a new mayor caused by vacancy is at the sole discretion of the City Council and they can appoint one with a majority, however, the council may refer the vacancy to a special election.

Councilors Riley Hoagland and Mitch Parsons both adamantly pushed for a special election at the Dec. 14 council meeting. Councilors Rick Mark and Diana Hinton were undecided and said they needed more time to think about it. Councilor Judy Casper laid out possible criteria to follow if the council were to appoint a new mayor.

Interested candidates for mayor would need to file by early March for a May 18 election that would cost the City approximately $1,400.

If the council decides to appoint a mayor, they have the sole discretion to do so.

The special session Monday will be open to the public, but not open to public comment. Lincoln City residents who want to have input can call or email their city councilors before the 10 a.m. Monday meeting.

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  1. After many attempts to get elected Barney Fife finally gets to go to the big city. Hopefully an honest mayor will be elected.

  2. I can’t understand why there is a need for a special election. The last one had a
    runner up. It’s an unpaid position, just like the council members are unpaid.
    You can whine and belly ache about crooked city level politicians, but there is
    a limited candidate pool. The real crooks are in Washington DC. at least when they decide to go to work. Run for office, if you like, I make more than the Mayor does already, and I work less.
    Recycling is an interesting topic. Try looking up what happens to Amazon returns. You’ll be disappointed. So, the planet has only a dozen or so years before we go tits up. Well, the bottom line is that recycling just doesn’t pay for private jets. That’s why you can’t even return a soda can right now, much less recycle styrofoam,or all those Amazon bags.

  3. Let the residents decide the city is already crooked vote someone in that’s not going to help counsel pass issues that hurt the city like more taxes thrown on us. Ease up on small business that are already struggling to stay afloat. create more jobs as Kevin Koffel says make a recycle center and donation for city other than goodwill, there are people lives here that do need helping hand right now without having to buy at goodwill.

  4. I would join Vickie and Jane in their support of the strong stand that Counselors Hoagland and Parsons have taken for holding a special election.

  5. Only 1400.00 for an election? I was under the impression they cost hundreds of
    millions of dollars, or is that just the national election for candidates that get
    rich off of being in office? Or get their family members rich selling access?

  6. This is a waste of money. We already had an election, and there was a runner-up. Exactly how many of you are planning on running for an unpaid position
    anyway? A special election is just the kind of thing we don’t need, spend the money on something useful, like a recycling center that stays open.

  7. The residents of LC should select the next mayor in a special election. I strongly implore the council to not self select but to allow us to make the decision. Thank you.

  8. I feel…We the people of Lincoln City should have a say as to who would be qualified to best address WE the peoples issues. Our full time residents, including me, are up to here with decisions made on our behalf. Put your egos aside.. get over yourselves and listen to the citizens.


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Two Lincoln City citizens have stepped forward to fill a vacant Ward 1 City Councilor position created by the resignation of Diana Hinton.


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