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Lincoln City water and sewer hikes — by Jerry Warner

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Lincoln City water and sewer rate increases: (all numbers come from City public records)

These are the increases the City Council has approved over the last 15 years.

From 2005-06 the Council approved 10% increases for each of 4 years for a total of 40%.

In 2009-10 water 4%, sewer 4%.

2010-11  water 4%, sewer 4%

2011-12  water 8%, sewer 4%

2012-13  water 5%, sewer 4%

2013-14  water 4%, sewer 4%

2014-15  water 4%, sewer 4%

2015-16  water 4%, sewer 6%

2016-17  water 4%, sewer 6%

2017-18  water 4%, sewer 6%

2018-19  water 3.9%, sewer 3.9%

2019-20  water 3.9%, sewer 3.9% proposed

Remember, these increases compound each year.

But wait, there’s more.

The Council has also approved millions of urban renewal money for sewer and water projects and yet has $13 million in reserves earning interest. This year the City will receive more money in transient room taxes ($7,861,684) than in property taxes ($6,810,885).

It’s your money, do you care how it’s earned and spent?

Jerry Warner

LCH Reader
LCH Reader
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