Sunday, January 17, 2021

Commissioner Jacobson press briefing follow-up

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Kaety Jacobson, Chair of the Lincoln County Commissioners with a follow-up message from Monday’s COVID-19 Outbreak Press Briefing June, 8, 2020.

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Lincoln County to remain ‘High Risk’ for next two weeks

Lincoln County Public Health officials confirmed Monday night that Lincoln County will remain in the "High Risk" category for COVID-19 under Governor Brown's Oregon’s Risk and Protection Framework.


  1. Why do we have to stay home? What do you tell all the protesters? Thousands in Portland and have they been tested? They let them do this night and day for 12 days or more. None of this makes any sense. Who gets tested? Only businesses? Protesters taking over the freeway in Portland…test them.

  2. I don’t think you are doing enough. Who are we to know if people are running around Newport like it’s the 4th of July without a care in the world while us senior citizens are fearful for our lives. Who is to say that they are carrying the virus because they do not care. We do not feel protected. What have you done to flatten the curve……probably nothing…let it run rampant….

  3. Spot on Libby, progressives are after churches, businesses and now police. The protesters carry Kates message thats why they run wild. And Mike, you sound like a little girl, protect yourself dude.

  4. Why do we have to stay home . . . oh why can’t we smoke on the plane . . . man why can’t I drive home after drinking???

  5. Hey Sickofit thanks.
    Man we got you scared and your mind all messed up just like planned. If we instill enough paranoia into right-wing they will implode from the inside out! I love watching you guy’s wine and create all sorts of tabloid propaganda, it works in our favor. It’s part of 2020 master plan. Wait till we start the other stuff. You guys will probably melt into an orange puddle or go hide in a bunker . . . now thats a little girly!

  6. Ouch Demwthgun, Are you trying to be hurtful? Could I share your “safe Space” with you and Mike. Oh wait, I just got a call from Kate and she told me you and Mike no longer have to wear a mask. Instead she’s sending you a cap that says snowflake. Also I think you meant whine.


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