Friday, October 15, 2021

Lincoln County Commissioners vote to stay in Phase 1

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Phase 1 Lincoln County

Lincoln County Commissioners voted Monday to keep Lincoln County in Phase 1 with a 3-0 vote, citing increased concerns over the Labor Day weekend, the convergence of the flu season and a desire to proceed cautiously.

From a Lincoln County Board of Commissioners news release:

After careful consideration of the County’s current situation, the likelihood of increased concerns over the busy labor day weekend, the convergence of the flu season with the continued spread of the disease in the County, and the desire to proceed cautiously to assist the reopening of schools to in person education, the Board voted unanimously to delay the request to move Lincoln County into Phase 2 until September 29, 2020.

In a motion, Commissioner Doug Hunt said, “I will move that we delay our application until the [Sept. 29], which will be consistent with our twenty-four-hour hold period. We can go backwards and move that date backwards if we want, but this will give us time to gather additional data, to look at the impact of Labor Day, look at the impact of flu season, and to try and get our schools open.”

Commissioner Kaety Jacobson added, “I would like to add a friendly amendment to Commissioner Hunt’s motion. The week before our September 29 meeting we try and have our Board of Commissioners Meeting with the Oregon Health Authority’s Director Allen or a person of his choosing, so that we are not in the situation of trying to understand if we meet the criteria.”

The Lincoln County Board of Commissioners heard from Lincoln County Public Health officials and Oregon Health Authority’s Director Patrick Allen, who said, “it is also necessary that all six metrics be met, though there is still room for judgement calls.”

Currently Lincoln County does not meet the required criteria to enter Phase 2. According to Lincoln County Public Health’s Susan Trachsel, Lincoln County is meeting five out of six metrics, with the last hurdle to enter Phase 2 being the percent of cases not traced to a known source. Lincoln County stands at 31 percent and needs 30.

Lincoln County is one of seven Oregon counties still in Phase 1. Twenty-nine counties have moved on to Phase 2.

Lincoln County Commissioners meet each week on Monday at 3 p.m. Meetings are live streamed on YouTube.

Public Input may be submitted to [email protected]

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  1. Who else is tired of these people who do not have local business and local residences best intrest in mind? How can we continue to let the few make the decisions for whats best for all? Now our State is burning all starting as things are getting back on track. How convenient for them to keep their control over the people. Im so heart broken over all the pain and loss we have a experienced this year. But by keeping the county closed down is not helping the current situation. Its time for we the people to stand up and start doing what we know is best for our future for our families and our communities…

  2. Nator the Bator- First they said wear a mask, and I said nothing. Then they said brush your teeth,, and I said nothing. Then they said you get a free education, and I said nothing. Then they said you get Social Security, and I said nothing. Then they said wear pants, and I said nothing. Then they said wear a hat, and I said nothing. Where does it end? So much control being applied (sarcasm) … “You can’t make me drive on those streets and highways!” How many things I mentioned can be considered “SOCIALISM? You are easily controlled. The R’s and D’s are pushing everyone into opposite sides. Ever notice that the parties are completely opposite- issue by issue. Sheep are easier to handle when they are in a small pen.

  3. Thank God most of the comments on here are from sane people who see through the radical attempt at socialism that we’re witnessing in our politics and corporate media.
    We gotta speak out against this madness.
    Open your businesses. Masks are about compliance not about safety. They push fear and division yet no mention of the kids that are abducted every 40 seconds in our nation everyday. Fight for your freedom. Stay vigilant. Prepare for the next big event and love your family as hard as you can everyday.

  4. All these orders from Governors and Mayors to OBEY or suffer the consequences is a democrat vote for SOCIALISM/COMMUNISM TO DESTROY AMERICA. They rarely mention that, they do mention free college education….well, can you only imagine what kind of an education that would be? Terrible. They lie to get your votes. Socialism does not work. It destroys countries. Please don’t destroy our beautiful country that has served us so well. Under their rule you would lose all small businesses. They are what has built up this country.
    Never give in to SOCIALISM. Riots, higher taxes, food shortage, no gasoline. They want to remove your cars. NEVER. How about gun rights? We have the right to guard our homes.

  5. Flu Season has not even started yet. So in other words when the Flu Season does start here shortly we will be in Phase 1 till next Sumner ?????

  6. Flu Season has not even started yet. So in other words when the Flu Season does start here shortly we will be in Phase 1 till next Sumner ?????

  7. Plaguedoc
    Nutella really doesn’t taste that great with tasty human fried fingers. Oh well heading to the Pizza shop anyway to get the days itinerary up and going. You know which kids to sell to the human traffickers and what have ya. Hillary and her friends are waiting. Gota go!

  8. Batman, thanks for making my point, paranoia and hysteria shouldn’t drive covid policies. Instead I offer you some friendly advice to help you avoid the pending doom you clearly fear. Obesity puts you at risk and from the looks of it your utility belt has run out of notches. So follow the science, put down the Nutella and stay safe.

  9. Plaguedoc
    Like tennis brings any money to this economy. Ever try to play tennis at the coast. Good luck. Hey I get it you would gladly pass your virus to me and kill me. Just admit it. You get your dream of killing a liberal and suffer no penalty. Go onto your ways run around and snug up to me in the grocery store with your mask hanging on your beard while keeping that shit eating grin on your face “Killer” .

  10. Batman, great call, keeping those tennis courts shut down sure will “flatten that curve”. If you live in a blue state there is no rhyme nor reason nor science driving these covid policies. What is driving them is politics. If you don’t get that you are the one in the cave.

  11. Amy
    You are right. Nightly we all conspire to bring the great POTUS economy down. We all meet down in our secret bat cave while we eat humans for dinner then sell their children into slavery. Really very beautiful and amazing and incredibly just glorious.


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