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Lincoln County COVID-19 vaccines

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Vaccines Delayed Lincoln County

Lincoln County will stay low-risk through March 26, with nearly 23 percent of the population vaccinated, and the next group eligible to get COVID-19 vaccines will include pregnant women.

Governor Kate Brown added pregnant women to the 1B Group 6 list of those eligible starting March 29 to receive the vaccine, along with adults 45-64 with certain underlying conditions, such as cancer, kidney disease, COPD, Down Syndrome, heart condition, obesity, sickle cell disease and Type 2 diabetes.

Also on the list are migrant and seasonal farmworkers, seafood and agricultural workers, food processors, people living in low-income senior housing, wildfire victims, wildland firefighters and homeless.

According to Lincoln County Public Health officials, 11,036 –22.87 percent– of Lincoln County residents have started or completed vaccinations as of 12:01 a.m. Friday, March 12. 5,964 people have been fully vaccinated and 5,702 have received one dose.

Lincoln County’s total COVID-19 cases as of March 12 is 1,152.

Those who want to get a COVID-19 vaccine can request one online when available:


Health officials said they will email or call eligible groups when new clinics are opened with additional appointments.

Covid-19 vaccines can also be obtained by eligible groups at local pharmacies, such as Safeway, via website or app. No walk-ins are possible at this time. Lincoln City’s Safeway gets 100-200 doses weekly of the Moderna vaccine, but staff said they go quickly and urge vaccine hopefuls to check the app or website frequently as the computer links available doses with requests and fills them immediately.

Justin Werner
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  1. Most death certificates say “died of Covid”. “They get more money at the hospital if they state that”, so now Gov Brown says Lincoln County is at Moderate Risk. Hmmmm sounds like more people listed on the covid death certificates in our county who all had underlying conditions. Diabetes, Heart Disease, Cancer, Flu…..all fake. What is it going to take for people to realize the democrats are using covid as their tool?

  2. One more message from Greg Hunter March 19
    We are being told to take the CV19 vaccine by virtually all top politicians, but we are not being told much else. Nobody admits or talks about all the CV vaccines being totally “experimental.” That is a fact. Even President Trump is telling people to get the vaccine. Mr. President, can’t we have a debate about this “Warp Speed” project, which some experts in vaccines say has some big downside risks? The answer is NO. Debates are not allowed. You are only allowed to submit and keep quiet or you will be removed from all social media. Drug companies and politicians have no idea what the long term effects of CV vaccines will be. There are also lots of reports of problems, including death in some cases that go unreported or under-reported. This is nothing short of the biggest live drug trial the world has ever seen. We are told that the multiple CV19 vaccines are safe, but many doctors say they have NOT been proven safe. Some doctors also adamantly say to not take any CV19 vaccines. Instead, take HCQ, Ivermectin and other treatments early on, and you will be cured. All this to say you will not hear any debate on CV19 vaccines or alternatives to treat this virus. As I said, debate is not allowed. You are supposed to roll up your sleeve and agree to be a Guinee pig in the biggest global experimental drug trial in history.

  3. We all have the right to chose what we take and what we don’t take, Kevin. You are so “CHILDISH” the way you criticize others. Asking a pregnant woman to take the vaccine could be criminal. You are so pathetic.

  4. biden is a cheater and a senile liar, but I’m going to be vaccinated, and. I think vaccines should be mandatory.
    What exactly is the goal we all want? To end this manmade crisis that’s
    allowed the more rapid destruction of our American way of life.
    I’m in favor of taking everyone that refuses the vaccine and putting them in a
    leper style colony. We are never going back to normal, if you are not part of
    the solution, you are part of the problem. Maybe vaccine cards that allow you
    to shop would be nice, no more food or gas for you.
    So, now I live in your head rent free geronimo,
    I purposely use lower case for a reason. I don’t consider certain individuals
    worthy of a capital , and also use the word “individual” for a similar reason.

  5. We all see and hear comments of many, many people refusing the vaccine. If the Government allows Antifa to burn down and destroy our Federal Bldgs night after night, do you still believe in what they tell you about the safety of the different vaccines they are offering??? I don’t think so. Nothing makes me believe in ONE THING THE FRAUDULENT BIDEN GROUP SAYS.

  6. Robert, stop spreading this dangerous misinformation and get some psychiatric help! You sound even crazier than Kevin.

  7. Quoting Greg Hunter,
    Vice President Biden (I refuse to call him President as he was cheated in) went on television tonight to give an update on his Covid plans for the nation. What it boiled down to was a pep talk to convince all people to get vaccinated. Of course, VP Biden left out the fact that the vaccination is totally experimental, and they have no idea what the long term downside effects will be. The FDA approved these vaccines on an emergency basis only. I ask why not take HCQ, zinc and Ivermectin. These have been proven effective in fighting CV19 and have zero downside risk. We will not be taking the vaccine either. Too risky.


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