Friday, October 15, 2021

Lincoln County does not meet Phase 2 reopening criteria

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Lincoln County Phase 2

Governor Kate Brown released the Phase 2 reopening application process Thursday night and today the Oregon Health Authority determined Lincoln County does not meet the criteria to apply due to “high community spread.”

Multiple criteria for the application are not applied due to the small number of ten cases in Lincoln County with a population just shy of 50,000.

Lincoln County meets emergency department visits below 1.5 percent for covid-like illness with .6 percent.

The percentage of positive tests does not trend up in the last week.

Part of the requirements for Phase 2 reopening state: “A county may only enter Phase 2 after 21 days in Phase 1. A county may request to move into Phase 2 any time after 14 days in Phase 1.”

According to the Governor’s website, under Phase 2, Phase 1 is further expanded to include:

  • Optional increased work in offices
  • In-person local gatherings up to 100 with physical distancing (tentative & subject to change)
  • Visitation to nursing homes (limited)

Lincoln County has been in Phase 1 for 15 days since being approved on March 14.

Lincoln County officials said they are reviewing the application process.


Justin Werner
I'm publisher of Lincoln City Homepage. Also the web guy, photographer, cameraman, video editor, sportswriter, tech support, beat reporter, cat trainer and e-bike enthusiast. I have a passion for telling people's stories and keeping my fellow citizens informed.

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  1. Beautiful! In my opinion, nationwide, the worst is over. I , feel its just being dragged-out. Ya know, it seems odd, that a month or more ago, when things were at their peak, LESS people were wearing masks. Now that things have already been subsiding for weeks, more people than ever are wearing masks and freaking out. Go figure.

    We hear people say to listen to the experts and to science.
    That may have been easier back in 1960, but the problem today is that the experts have their own biases, politically, and can use the prestige/title of their position to influence the public! More of us should be asking: why does TV news basically show us 1 or 2 experts over and over and over? And why don’t they show or air other experts who disagree more often? Dr. Knut Wittkowski has studied Epidemiology for over 30 years and a good deal of what he says disagrees with what we hear from Dr. Fauci.

    Here is an article I found interesting—

  2. Today we, Lincoln County, is up to 25 cases, we have more than quadrupled our cases in Covid since Brown started reopening the state. BAD IDEA!! Stay home and stay out of Lincoln County, stay in your own infected county and stop spreading it to ours!!

  3. The percentage based requirements are bull. We got 4 new cases. 2 could not determine origin so they are counted as community spread which puts us at %50. Those cases may not in fact be community by they are counted that way anyway. 4 people out of 500k and how many visitors from out of county have been coming through? This is getting ridiculous.

  4. Here’s a handy questionnaire for all of you germophobic scoldies. Are you actually wondering if Covid 19 will actually kill you? Well:

    Do you plan to stay inside for the entire next two years or until there is herd immunity?

    Y- you will NOT die of Covid 19.

    N – You WILL get Covid. But don’t worry – 80% chance it’s mild or asymtomatic. In this case, here are your chances of dying of Covid 19:

    Age: Under 19 and healthy: ZERO chance of dying.
    Under 50: Dying of Covid 19 has roughly the same probability as being drafted by the NBA as a high school player.
    50-59: Same chance as dying of natural causes at age 40.
    60-69: Same chance as getting murdered. So keep social distancing, I guess.
    70-79: Same chance as meeting the love of your life on an airplane.
    80-89: Same chance as winning any amount on the Lotto (7.12%) Keep in mind that dying of any cause at this age hovers around 13% a year.
    90+: Roughly the same chance as getting heart disease (17.5%)

    (Source: Armstrong Economics)

    Please stop the insanity and reclaim your country and sovereignty over your own health and welfare.

  5. So, what does “… the Oregon Health Authority determined Lincoln County does not meet the criteria to apply due to “high community spread.” actually mean? There’s only 10 cases over 8 weeks in our county of 50,000 people.

  6. Well said Plaguedoc, Heir Kates “stay home” ad blitz claimed 60,000 Oregonian could die. I missed that. When Brown is not twisting the facts she is hiding them. There are f-15s flying over empty hospitals honoring the pretend hero’s battling the plague that isn’t here. You bag of hammers applaud and pretend with her that an apocalypse is at hand. Why? The question becomes what propaganda wont you believe. Everything Brown predicted has been wrong. Please follow the science.

  7. Hey Laney, If the OHA told you to jump off a bridge would you? And Fred where shall I begin? Yes, that mask-less guy with disease ridden kids was me reaching over you. How could I not… you are the size of a hobbit. Now that I think about it that would make sense. Hobbits come from the same fantasy land where you have clearly procured all your statistics. And JohnB..Jesus IS watching, and he’s wondering why all you “caring” folks don’t give a flip about the 200 Oregonians aborted every month.

    • Wow. You know exactly what Jesus is wondering, huh???? (last I heard the REAL Jesus was non-judgemental, I guess the one you “worship”
      must be somebody else) Maybe if someone you dearly loved died from Covid you would feel differently. Also, abortion is not contagious. I pity you

  8. What is so disappointing is the lack of human caring. Simple respect for your friends,family and neighbors. Why some are so blatant to infect someone else in my opinion is premeditated murder. They will tell you it is their freedom. What about the freedom you are taking away from someone else? When you infect them by disregarding basic social distancing rules. Staying your course or pushing someone out of the way because you care so little about someone’s else’s rights makes you a prevailing cause in someone else’s demise and I am sure the Lord you follow is watching.

  9. Unfortunately there are quite a few people not using common sense or are outright rebellious against simple measures of prevention. Wear a mask, social distance. I have witnessed and have been a victim of the person in the store, unmasked, reaching over the top of me. I have seen the family’s shopping together, again, unmasked, kids running around touching everything after wiping their face. These are the same people, without regard to others, who sneeze on me during flu and cold season when they come to the store sick. This time however, the risk is much greater. 6-10 times the death rate. 15-30 times for people in my age bracket. That’s just not acceptable to me. If you want the state/country to re-open and your parents, grandparents, and friends to not be at risk, just do these simple, easy things. Wear a mask in public, social distance. It REALLY isn’t that much of an inconvenient or difficult thing to do. But you could possibly make this go away faster and keep from being the person who is responsible for another’s death.

  10. Hey Laney,
    If you believe what you just said “GO CRAWL UNDER A ROCK AND STAY PUT”. We citizens that cherish our freedom will begin to really live again. We hope someday you will see the light and resume your life without fear.

  11. Just fyi to all you haters, it is the Oregon Health Authority that has made the decision. If people would distance, wear a face covering and stay home if possible this would get over much faster.

  12. This is becoming so obvious that America is being taken over by the Left by trying to CONTROL each and every person in Democrat states. Look at all the paid America Terrorists destroying all our cities one by one. All in the name of POWER. Who gives a hoot about any of this. We have to stand tall. So obvious, now Portland being destroyed. Post Office, car dealerships, looting. no arrests, fires. Aren’t you disgusted by all of this, people? Has nothing to do with TRUMP. It is domestic terrorists and democrat run states. Bring in the Army! Arrest people.


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