Lincoln County private detective reveals his story of COVID-19


    Sixty-six-year-old Lincoln County Private Investigator Jacob Accurso took to YouTube to tell his story about testing positive for COVID-19 and walks the viewer through the process and his experience.

    In the video COVID-19: It happened to me!, Accurso gives a real world account of how he got the virus, the testing process, his symptoms and how he dealt with the ordeal.

    He says he first noticed symptoms seven days after his exposure. A loss of smell and taste was a big indicator and he goes into detail about it. A low-grade fever was also one of his symptoms.

    “The good news is I won’t be able to get sick again,” Accurso said. “Don’t know for how long, but yes I will offer my blood for antibodies once I’m out of the woods.”

    Accurso gives information that can be of practical use to those wanting to know more about what it’s like to deal with a positive COVID-19 test. I have to be symptom free and not have any fever for 24 hours.

    A Coronavirus survivors support group has been helpful to Accurso. Survivors talking about being on a ventilator and how they coped with the mental stress helped him get through the tough time.

    Symptom free for a week now, Accurso plans to release another video regarding his recovery and will be posting it to his channel where he says, you can find some bad singing as well.

    “If I don’t get dead, I will be very happy,” he said. “If I do get dead, I’m going to be very embarrassed and probably pretty pissed off.”



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