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Meredith Lodging files suit against VACASA

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Meredith Vacasa lawsuit

Oregon vacation home property management company Meredith Lodging, based in Bend and Lincoln City, has filed a false advertising and defamation suit against international competitor VACASA.

According to a complaint filed Wednesday in US District Court, Meredith Lodging, a family-owned business, has been targeted by VACASA in what Meredith says is a smear campaign. The complaint details homeowners being contacted and given false information, including misleading statements about Meredith. Lawyers for Meredith are asking the court to put a stop to the practice and claim VACASA is undermining the reputation Meredith has spent years developing.

The complaint states VACASA sales representatives systematically contacted homeowners who VACASA knows are under exclusive contract with Meredith, and made disparaging and false statements, including saying Meredith “suffers from a lack of cleanliness, “has problems with its housekeeping crews” and “does not have a manager to manage negative reviews online.”

Meredith officials have said this is a “David vs. Goliath situation,” where Meredith Lodging manages around 700 homes exclusively in Oregon, VACASA oversees about 25,000 properties in 17 countries. Meredith says they needed to stand up or else VACASA could put them out of business with these tactics as referrals make up a good portion of their business.

From the complaint:

While these allegations would harm a business in any industry, they are uniquely harmful to businesses in the hospitality industry, like Meredith Lodging. And more importantly, Vacasa’s statements are false. Unless the Court puts a stop to this misconduct, Vacasa appears poised to continue its strategy of undermining the reputation and goodwill Meredith Lodging has spent years developing.

Homeowners of both vacation rental companies contract them to manage virtually every aspect of renting and the two are competitors in Oregon.

Meredith’s complaint alleges the “unfair campaign to poach” homeowners started in January of this year and the examples given of false statements include not having anyone managing reviews. Meredith says these statements are false as they have multiple managers working on negative reviews.

One example cited in the complaint surrounds a property in Lincoln City which is marketed under the name “Just Beachy.” A California resident, who owns the home, received a call on his personal cell phone from a VACASA representative who tried to persuade him to switch the management over to VACASA. During that phone call, the homeowner “heard lots of complaints about Meredith and their housekeeping teams.” The homeowner’s cell phone was not publicly available.

Six additional examples of VACASA trying to get homeowners to switch from Meredith are listed in the complaint.

Meredith is suing for false advertising under 43(a) of the Lanham Act saying VACASA has falsely disparaged Meredith’s goods and services. Meredith is also suing for defamation, saying the false statements made by VACASA harmed their reputation and deterred homeowners from dealing with the company.

Meredith’s lawyers, Sally W. Harmeling, of Jeffers, Danielson, Sonn & Aylward, and Kenneth R. Davis II, said VACASA acted with malice with the intention to injure Meredith’s business.

Meredith is seeking damages suffered in an amount to be proven at trial.

No court date has been set as VACASA still needs to respond to the suit.

VACASA has not responded to Homepage emails concerning the suit at the time this article was published. Additionally, no media contacts for VACASA could be reached.



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  1. I have had many family vacations to the coast and Bend and have thoroughly enjoyed being hosted by Meredith Lodging. I have stayed in larger homes with the whole family and smaller condos when traveling to soccer games with my daughter. On all occasions the homes have been clean and well looked after. Interactions with staff have been friendly and professional. For these reasons, our family will continue to choose Meredith Lodging as our go to for our vacations.

  2. I have stayed in several Meredith Lodging vacation rentals over the years and have always found the properties clean and well-maintained. Their staff is always friendly, professional and attentive. I am looking forward to our upcoming stay in a Meredith Lodging property in Bend for Spring Break!

  3. My family has stayed at Meredith Lodging vacation rentals in Lincoln City, Bend and Sunriver and we have enjoyed every one immensely. The homes were obviously well cared for and sparkling clean. We have also always received wonderful customer service when needed. We are looking forward to returning to another Meredith Lodging home for Spring Break!

  4. Having worked for Meredith Lodging for over 10 years, I’ve seen the company invest in their staff, in and for their homeowners and also in the community year after year.

  5. I’ll jump in one last time.
    A hot topic, VRDs, and I think the differences in comments make the
    arguable point that locals are often adversely effected and see these
    properties much differently than visitors, who do not experience the
    nuances of living next to transient lodging. The axiom- not in my neighborhood.
    We do not get to go home, we’re already there.

  6. Always look at Trustpilot for reviews – they are eye opening and BBB has so many complaints – hard to believe this is their only job…wait. I mean, besides suing people. lol I hope they finally poked the wrong bear! VACASA FOR THE WIN!

  7. We have stayed with Meredith Lodging along the coast and in Bend/Sunriver..we always rent from them because they have warm and helpful staff and beautiful homes. Can’t wait to go back to Roads End with them later this year!

  8. There are city municipal codes addressing dog poo, my household, by going to
    city council meetings and producing evidence, including a visit to the property
    by Ron Chandler, the city manager, we were able to get a law passed requiring dog poo to be picked up, even on private property. 9pm is quiet time, we bought a 20 dollar sound meter and the ordinance is somewhat generous to residents.
    We beat 2 rich guys who thought they’d move in and do as they pleased, 3 times in court and they eventually decided to sell and slime back to Portland. I beat their security cameras and their lies to the police, some of who were
    clearly biased against locals, I’ve written published letters to the Newsguard,
    complaining about the treatment we received, we had a chance to make a valid complaint against officer Preston Craig, and stupidly listened to Chief
    Palmer and relented. Making a legal complaint is your legal right and I encourage anyone who is adversely effected by VRD dwellings to do so.

  9. These lodging companies are more worried about making money and crying about competition.
    And bringing tourist to our community’s,Spreading this virus around. Lincoln county wouldnt have such a high out break If these would just shut these places down like have everything else.
    While these rich people are not even in Oregon, renting there houses out getting all of the local s sick .Get rid of all of em.

  10. That business- doing home repairs, I also go into VRD units to fix broken
    bed frames, patio doors knocked off the tracks, rehanging cabinet doors, all
    the while risking my life, because I have to go in before these death defying
    housekeepers, and it is a risk, I have an underlying health issue, but I still
    am willing to go and avoid your bodily fluid stained objects and who knows what else. So keep your bleeding heart in your chest and don’t shove it in my face.

  11. I’ll judge anyone I please. I go to work at a business I own.
    My comments are based on my real world experiences and opinions,
    which are formed by my experiences and often, first hand knowledge.

  12. Seems like there are plenty of vacation rentals in the area for two companies to exist, make plenty of money and not need to get into these kinds of fights. Both companies employ people of hispanic origins and that does not mean they are illegal. It means they are hard working people trying to support their families in any way they can. They are working through this pandemic in an at risk environment of cleaning peoples dirty sheets and body fluids. Not sitting at home judging people online and/or collecting unemployment.

  13. I stayed in a meredith lodge VR and it was fabulous. Price was great and it was as clean as any Ive stayed in. Will be booking another in the coming weeks. The way I see it is like with any consumer product. There are some bad reviewers, some good ones and thousands who dont post at all. Hopefully they stick it to the big guys. Not everyone wants to shop at walmartvaca.com. Support your small businesses.

  14. Even a high school journalism student knows one cannot be sued for one’s
    I stand by my opinion on this topic.
    I find this a little amusing, if I never see another Meredith vehicle, it’ll be
    just fine. I live in a neighborhood with over 140 vrd units. If my house wasn’t paid for, I’d be looking for a place to live without potsmoking vrd renters and
    streams of vehicles going by every weekend and holiday.

  15. The majority of people who work for them are illegals. They live together in a house with over fourteen people, I probably feel the same as the others.

  16. Meredith Lodging in my experience is a slob fest, many of their reviews
    also collaborate my observations.
    Frankly, one would think the rental terms for renting a Meredith operated
    property would deter any sensible person, we live in an area swamped
    with VRDs and have read these agreements, which do not give refunds for
    anything, even things not in control of the renter, like the city being shut down, you simply have to get reassigned a rental date. In my opinion, Meredith is a poorly run operation, and being pervasive and ubiquitous does
    not mean you have the customer’s best interests in mind.

  17. For your information, my niece purchased a vacation rental two years ago that was managed by Meredith Lodging. Whomever was “cleaning” this house, swept dirt under the cabinets, that were elevated above the kitchen floor, plus when we turned the range fan on, grease dripped down onto the range, no reason to go on, the dirt did not get there over night, it took months of not properly cleaning. Of course everyone has their own definition of “clean”. In my opinion, this house was filthy and needed a deep cleaning, which took many days.


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