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Mixed compostable cans are coming

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North Lincoln Sanitary Service Photo Illustration
(Photo illustration by Justin Werner)NLSS

North Lincoln Sanitary Service is happy to announce curbside Mixed Compostables service coming to Lincoln City March 1.

The 2018 Lincoln County Materials Management Plan established a County-wide organics recovery program as a top priority to meet State of Oregon waste reduction goals. The State of Oregon has set a Food Waste reduction goal of 25 percent by 2020. Over the last few years, Lincoln County, Local Cities, and the Solid Waste District worked cooperatively with NLSS and added curbside yard debris/mix compostables service to their residential customers.

Organic materials collected in residential garbage roll carts are a significant part of waste communities send to the landfill each year, (roughly 1/3 of garbage is organic material). Many organic items being sent to the landfill (such as yard clippings, fruits & vegetables, and kitchen scraps) can instead be used to make nutrient rich compost. Each year, community composting programs divert significant tons of materials from being wasted in landfills.

NLSS will use an Automated Side Load garbage truck (it looks like our recycle truck) to collect Mixed Compostables from your home. The Mixed Compostables will be loaded into a 53-foot semi-trailer and transferred to Pacific Region Compost (PRC) near Monmouth, OR for processing. Just like the landfill for garbage, PRC charges a per ton fee to dump the Mixed Compostables.

At PRC, the Mixed Compostables is turned, tended, and aged in windrows until the organic materials breakdown to become a marketable nutrient rich compost. The process takes about 50-65 days depending on certain conditions. The compost is then supplied to local farms, soil supply chains, and bagged as garden compost. The compost produced helps farms and gardens enrich their soils and reduces their demand for fertilizers, pesticides, water and diverts much needed space in our local landfills.

NLSS will begin delivering Mixed Compostable Roll Carts mid-February. The 96-gallon Mixed Compostables roll carts will be blue with a brown lid, (Additional Roll Cart sizes will be made available if an accommodation is needed). Toter, the roll cart manufacturer will utilize their crews to deliver the new roll carts to our customers. The delivery process will take approximately two weeks to complete.

Curbside Mixed Compostables pickups will begin March 1st with every other week service and will follow your Comingled Recycling pickup schedule. Reminder, please place your Mixed Compostable roll cart out the night before your pickup day along with your Comingled Recycling roll cart.

NLSS will be sending a flyer in our February billing outlining the basic items that can go into your Mixed Compostable roll cart such as; Lawn and tree clippings, weeds, leaves, kitchen scraps, vegetables, coffee grounds, kitchen food waste, bones, meat, cheese, and yes, pizza boxes! Items that may not go into your Mixed Compostable roll cart are; plastics of any kind (even compostable or biodegradable plastics), to-go food ware, animal waste, metal, or any items you would not want in your garden or compost at home. Remember, “If it Grows-It Goes”.

Around Earth Day, NLSS will bring a semi-trailer of finished nutrient rich compost from PRC and make it available to customers, free of charge, for use at their home. Please check our Facebook page for updates on when NLSS will be hosting a free compost pickup event.

Beginning April 1, residential customers will have a rate increase on their bill of $6.85 per month. If customers elect to not utilize the new Mixed Compostables service, the rate will still apply.

If you have any questions regarding your new service, please call us at 541-994-5555. You may also check our website or Facebook page for additional information.

If you would like pickup reminders or to get your pickup schedule, download our mobile app for Google or Apple. You can enter your address and set up collection notifications which will alert you the night before your pickup day via text, push notification, phone call, or email. The app also has “Waste Wizard,” where you can search for an item and find out what roll cart the item goes into.



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  1. Exactly, like owning an electric vehicle. So, without solar panels, your electrocar
    is nothing but comfort food. Even with solar panels, it’d be a stretch.
    I did find a possible a use for a compost bin during the halftime show…

  2. True Kevin but your missing their motive. For City council and rest of the enviro-nazis it is not about protecting the planet, it is about a faith tenet of progressivism. It’s about them feeling good about themselves. Let the citizen be damned they are on a crusade… they are “saving” the world.

  3. you can also try, if it hasn’t been taken down, google what happens to Amazon
    returns. Guess where they often end up? Canadian study done with implanted gps tracking chips. Yep, the garbage landfill.
    Recycling is sporadic, right now, we can’t even return our soda cans because
    of covid?? There’s no place to recycle styrofoam, which is recyclable, it’s
    all bait and switch, at least you can think you’re making a difference. Surely
    that’ll stop global warming.

  4. This should be an optional program! We have to pay for it whether we use it or not? $6.85 a month? Really? How is that OK? What about the people who don’t have garbage service? Will they be charged as well and forced to participate?

    We have no need of free compost. Our green waste is taken by our gardener, who we also pay!
    In addition, we will NOT be adding food and kitchen waste to this can. Our cans have to be stored in our garage. I don’t need food flies and maggots everywhere.

    This is a good idea that is being executed badly!

  5. I am noticing these compost bins are just big enough to fit a large adult male body in. Maybe these would be a good solution to the child abuser problem in Lincoln County.

  6. The only way I know to send a message to North Lincoln Sanitary is to send my can right back to them the day they give it to me. And while I can cancel my service and visit the transfer station bi-monthly, i know that the majority of the people don’t have that luxury so they remain victims of this forced and unwanted fee and can. I’m not sure how to help here. This isn’t right.

  7. Another United Nations Agenda 21 directive being shoved down out throats. Everything they have been doing to “fight” Covid and “racial injustice” just happens to fall right in line with the stated goals of Agenda 21 for 2021!!! They just count on the public to be to lazy and distracted to actually read the 400 page document.

  8. You can all thank the City Council for this. They approved this in the middle of COVID! I emailed the council when they did this because this is absolutely horrible to do to our residents.

  9. Another angry person. This is crap, and not everyone in the city even has
    garbage service, which should be required, but it’s not.
    A dipstick do gooder pipe dream, just like the feds are up to.
    Other ravings withheld at this time.

  10. I am glad to get this third can because I have tons of yard waste from all the trees in my yard. But there is one thing I find objectionable, namely, that North Lincoln Sanitary plans to pick up both recycling and compost cans on the same days every other week instead of alternating days every other week. That means every two weeks I will need to pull three cans out to my street. I live down a 2-block-long gravel lane that the garbage trucks will not enter. It would make more sense if I had to take two cans to the street every week, not three cans one week and one can the next. Also, at my location there is absolutely not enough space to put three cans out at once unless they stick out into the traffic lane.

  11. I live on what we refer to as “Widow’s Row”. All senior citizens who live alone. We’ve discussed this amongst ourselves, and agree that none of us generate enoough compostable material. I understand that for some households it’s a worthy effort: my daughter and her family compost, but there are five people in the household, including two teenaged boys. I can’t even imagine another huge can that would take me months to fill up. Not to mention, most seniors are on fixed incomes – $6.85 a month in addition to our regular NLSS bill, is not justified for a service that we won’t even be using.

  12. Is anyone else angry that we are being charged for a service that we don’t want or need? (Other than those of you who want this service).

    Seems like this should be an optional service charge, not a required one. I agree with the comment above, I have no place for a 3rd container.

  13. This is stupid they charge you to take it. Then you have to pay to get it back. What if you don’t want it because you are already composting? I don’t want 3 garbage cans at my house where do you put all of them? Just another thing for the wind to spread everywhere.


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