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Motorcyclist crashes into Cadillac on Highway 101

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Harley-Davidson crash

A Harley-Davidson motorcycle rider struck a Cadillac sedan near NW 21st Street and Highway 101 around noon Sunday, causing a backup on Highway 101.

Car crash Lincoln City

A woman was the sole occupant of the Cadillac and she was uninjured. Family members of the female said they had been vacationing in Lincoln City and had a good time until they went to leave and the accident happened.

Family members of the woman also said the motorcycle driver was trying to speed around a car and that’s what caused the accident. Conflicting reports say the motorcycle was cut off by the Cadillac. This article will be updated with new information as it becomes available.

The male driver of the motorcycle was seen on his smartphone as he was being transported by Pacific West Ambulance to Samaritan North Lincoln Hospital (SNLH), appearing to be in good condition.

A Lincoln City Police Officer on the scene said he was having trouble locating witnesses and was on his way to SNLH to interview the motorcycle rider. Motorists are reminded to stop and speak with police if you witness an accident.

North Lincoln Fire and Rescue arrived to assist and both vehicles were being towed at 12:30 p.m. Traffic was down to one lane southbound on Highway 101.

Members of the Cadillac driver’s family said the vehicle wouldn’t start and was probably totalled.

This article will be updated.

Justin Werner
I'm publisher of Lincoln City Homepage. Also the web guy, photographer, cameraman, video editor, sportswriter, tech support, beat reporter, cat trainer and e-bike enthusiast. I have a passion for telling people's stories and keeping my fellow citizens informed.

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  1. Too bad “Mr Wizard” was available to help on this one. Oh wait, we have a bunch of amateur rocket scientists making all kinds of determinations, from paperwork to coffee shops. Holy sh*t, Im living amongst true brillance.

  2. That doesn’t look like a Harley to me, and about these SOB coffee shop
    patrons- quit blocking the road!!! Your coffee is not as important as the safety of others. Dutch Bros for one, is a clear danger to anyone going south on 101, I don’t have to let anyone into traffic at any time, and I
    will purposely try and prevent people from pushing in. It’s too frickin’
    bad for you, isn’t it? Leave your house earlier. There are too many bleeding hearts that cause traffic to slow down and create problems down the line.

  3. No one HAS to let people in that coffee shop! It’s the responsibility of anyone wanting to turn LEFT into that shop to make sure it’s CLEAR to do so! Caddie is at fault no matter how u look at it. Motorcycle had the right of way and if the car in the left lane south bound stopped and waved the caddie through well he should informed the right hand south bound lane that that was the plan.

  4. I personally know the biker and he didn’t swerve around! He was getting or got into the right lane to go to a restaurant that was on the very next block on the right hand side of the road. The caddie driver has a responsibility to make sure BOTH lanes are clear before turning left. So her fault. Plus I know that section of road. There is a double yellow line and it’s illegal to cross over a double yellow line and it’s my understanding she gave the cop a insurance card that wasn’t valid. That’s irresponsible. I hope she loses everything if she can’t pay she should go to jail.

  5. First of all the female turned left when it wasn’t clear….. bottom line!! She also made an illegal left hand turn over double yellow lines and low and behold she has no insurance!!! Driving while uninsured. Really smart. I hope she goes to prisons !

  6. Kellie M Irwin were you at the scene of the accident? No, you get NO opinion unless you stopped to give your witness statement.. and if someone is going around another vehicle in their lane why would that driver look both ways when they have the right of way to continue traveling in said lane. Also, not having proper paper work hardly warrants your license being taken away.

  7. Classic failure to yield. Left turn in front of bike. Caddy driver 100% at fault. Motorcycle had right of way. If it had been another car, same result.

  8. LOL no one in Lincoln city lets cars threw to that busy coffee shop. This was Obviously the motorcyclists fault! Also super awesome that NONE of the people that are commenting stopped to be a witness. You get NO opinion unless you stopped to give the police your witness report. He didn’t even have the proper paperwork to be driving that motorcycle. Plus don’t we still look both way before we go around someone? He should have his licence taken away.

  9. Justin, was there a sale on the word “female?” You use it FOUR times (in place of woman) to describe the Cadillac driver. And you never state the motorcyclist’s gender except that the “female” saw him on his smartphone.

    I believe you have better journalistic skills than this. Please use them.


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