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Open letter to Kurt Schrader

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Lincoln City Homepage Letters to the editor

Dear Rep. Schrader,

Regarding your past and current refusal to support a $15/hr. national minimum wage, I would like to know your response to the following two questions that Thea Mei Lee, Economic Policy Institute President, asked at the outset of her Testimony before the Senate Budget Committee’s 2/25 hearing on “Why Should Taxpayers Subsidize Poverty Wages at Large, Profitable Corporations?”

(1) Why do large, profitable corporations pay such low wages that their employees are eligible for and must rely on federal anti-poverty programs just to make ends meet?

(2) What policies are necessary to address this problem?


Jay Roelof
Lincoln City

LCH Reader
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  1. “…personally I wouldn’t show up to hard labor work for $7.25 hour ($58 a day before taxes). Would you?”
    Depends on how hungry you are and what other alternatives are available to you.
    You don’t say when this occurred with your bother, but there have been minimum wage laws in effect for my working lifetime and i’m 72. So, i think it likely your brother is a criminal and certainly an a**hole if your story is true, which I doubt.

  2. My brother is a geologist and hired some Indians to do labor work on a mining project, he paid them a dollar an hour. He consistently complained how they didn’t work very hard. I ask him why? One Indian told him, “We give you the amount of work each day you pay for.” My suggestion to my brother was try paying them Two Dollars. True story…personally I wouldn’t show up to hard labor work for $7.25 hour ($58 a day before taxes). Would you?

  3. Glendora, if you notice I used “she” in the first question and “him” in the second. Equal opportunity commentator.

  4. Kevin,
    I agree with you, except that you used “she”. How about “them” instead. I won’t say anything against men if you don’t make women less important. LOL.

  5. Exactly Jim, years ago, when I was still doing minimum wage at the
    local Red Lion, I complained to my girlfriend about never having any money.
    She said “why don’t you go get a better job?” 4 weeks later I was making
    3 times what I had been, at roofing, and eventually started my own business. Which I still run. There are too many “victims” that think they’re entitled to
    an easy life. Well, it’s not easy, and the sooner you find that out- the better.

  6. Dear Jay,
    1. Why would any business, large or small, pay an employee more than she’s worth?
    2. Why is it not incumbent on the employee to develop a work ethic and skills that would make him more valuable to an employer?
    Employment is a voluntary agreement between two parties. If you as an employee are not being paid what you think you are worth, you are free to leave.

  7. I think that’s how the rich stay that way.
    Many years ago, a simple comment I’ve never forgot, when I was pumping
    gas for a job. Mr. Mercedes drives in, there was a promotion where if you fill
    up, you got a 2 liter bottle of soda, or a carwash, he badgered me me until
    I gave in, and gave him both, another customer, said “that’s how the rich stay
    They cheat, lie, manipulate politics to get that extra 100 million.
    Personally, I’m against raising minimum wage, I’ve worked everything from
    pumping gas, to making sandwiches, to nursery work, and piece work, and that’s where you separate the motivated from the clock watchers.
    Forcing a raise in wages , especially now, with the pandemic, and the uncontrolled border is going to hurt more than help. If our government wanted to really help it’s citizens, it could, and it wouldn’t involve forcing
    employers to pay 15 bucks an hour to every person, regardless of their
    skills. How many people have worked side by side with someone who isn’t worth the same wage you’re both getting? Entry level jobs are for just that-
    not making a career out of pumping gas, or stuffing cold french fries in a bag.
    They are for teaching young people the value of work, not raising 3.5 kids and a dog.


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Open letter to Rep. Kurt Schrader

On 8/24 you voted for a resolution to continue discussion of the Reconciliation bill.


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