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Oregon reopening date set for June 30

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Oregon Reopening

Governor Kate Brown said the State of Oregon will reopen by no later than June 30 in a press conference Friday.

Brown earlier said she’d open Oregon when vaccinations hit 70 percent, and that metric is likely to be hit by July 1, if the current rate of vaccination holds.

Reopening means there will be no more emergency COVID-19 restrictions on businesses or social distancing, although Brown said Oregon might choose to stick with federal guidelines concerning masks in airports, hospitals and public transportation.

“It means, effectively, Oregon is 100 percent open for business,” Brown said.

Lincoln County went “permanently low-risk” in May, having hit the 65 percent goal for vaccinations. Businesses in the county are open, but a staffing shortage affects many operations with owners having to reduce open hours.

A reopening could come sooner than June 30, if Oregon’s vaccinated percentage reaches 70 percent before then.



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  1. I hope everyone realizes, this was all politics, the virus was used as a means
    to an end, well, see where it’s led? Dr. Doom knew the story when Trump
    was president, and led us all down a path that got them what they wanted,
    shutting this country down was a mistake- we don’t shut down for the flu,
    The best thing- no one is ever going to be held accountable. isn’t that great?

  2. The bottom line- if you are vaccinated, great, the decision took no thought.
    Everyone else can, you know- there are many acronyms for it.
    I’ve been vaccinated for weeks now, I think, I’ve lost track of covid time,
    and am more than ready to put away my mask, which I wore faithfully,
    to comply with a mandate/rule I didn’t agree with, not enough of a cross
    to die on, we complied, this time anyway.

  3. We did same went store early before invasion of heat retreating inlander traffic was already started flowing in. Kind of wondering about reopening state this early going into the unknown we have been vaccinated but so many still not with all the mutations with the virus happening. Are we going to open a gate for the virus or not only time will tell.

  4. Well, well. It’s going to be very interesting. Today, I went to Mckay’s
    before the hordes of overheated tourists show up, now, there is a sign,
    albeit a small one, that says if I’m vaccinated, I don’t need a mask,
    I’ll concede that it’s a little overshadowed by the larger signs telling
    people the opposite. Now- guess how many people in the store, including
    me were not wearing masks? If you guess 1, congratulations, I’ll cook
    you a cheeseburger tonight. Now, what can I presume by that experience?
    How many people are going to wash their masks, put them in a drawer, and
    get on with life, and how many will embrace the new normal and go kicking
    and screaming before they toss this bs in the heap of history.


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