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Oregonians deserve to keep stimulus money

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Dick Anderson Stimulus Check protection Act Working families have gone through a lot over the last year. Many have had to deal with job loss, losing a loved one to COVID-19, and learning how to become a teacher for their kids – or even grandkids like my wife Sue and I have had to do.

The last thing we should be doing is adding to this uncertainty by allowing the state to tax the federal stimulus checks that many Oregonians received last year. I could not believe that the state would be taxing money meant to help people pay rent and/or mortgage, put food on the table, or pay for babysitters.

The Legislative Revenue Office issued a report that estimated 870,000 middle-class families could be sending around $300 from their stimulus check to the state government. I was shocked that the issue had not yet been corrected. That is why I introduced the Stimulus Check Protection Act, also known as Senate Bill 842.

To me, it’s common sense that relief money meant to help Oregonians should not be taxed. Oregonians deserve to keep all of this money to support their families and their communities.

In a time when Oregon is seeing better than expected revenue because of federal bailouts, there is no need to be ‘nickel and diming’ Oregonians. This loophole in the tax code is expected to raise over $110 million. Massive federal packages have been sending billions to the State of Oregon, to turn around and tax Oregonians on top of that is flat out wrong.

It is no secret that our politics are more polarized than ever, and bipartisanship is increasingly difficult. Yet, I have been encouraged by the amount of support this idea has received from other state and federal legislators. Congressman Peter DeFazio (D-Springfield) has expressed support for the concept of ensuring stimulus check dollars stay in the pockets of Oregonians. After I announced my intent to draft this fix, other legislative Democrats have voiced interest in solving the issue. Bipartisanship should find its way forward when we are helping people.

Some will ask, “Why send me a reimbursement check when we could just exempt the stimulus money from taxation?”

That is what I, and several of my colleagues in the Legislature, would have preferred. But because of procedural rules, if passed, SB 842 will not go into effect until September. So, yes, when you file your taxes in the coming weeks, you will be sending part of your stimulus check to the state, unfortunately.

But only temporarily, when SB 842 is passed, you will get a check in the mail around the end of September or October to make up the difference.

I urge my Republican and Democrat colleagues alike to support this bill and show Oregonians that bipartisanship isn’t dead. We can work together and show our commitment to Oregonians.

Senator Dick Anderson

Dick Andersonhttp://www.oregonlegislature.gov/anderson
I am proud to be your Senator in District 5 which serves all of Lincoln County and parts of Tillamook, Yamhill, Polk, Lane, Douglas and Coos counties.

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  1. Dr. Seuss . . . really!
    We can’t live without Donald Trump to blame things on” . . . say what? Who has a Blue “Biden Sucks” Flag waving over their yard? Biden Consumes You . . .

  2. Kevin Koffel why didn’t you ask the people you assumed were ineligible for vaccine instead of hiding behind your post here on Homepage?

  3. This is a gift from (Democrat) Peter DeFazio who started inquiring about this back in middle february. Anderson takes it up to get his feet wet at state level. Most everyone is on board with this. It has to do with a state law that got some people caught up in possibly paying some extra tax cause of stimulus checks. These checks were tax free, so this should be easy! Can we say “Kicker Checks”

  4. I didn’t mean to insult anyone who uses facebook, it’s just my personal feelings,
    I was a member of the platform for 3 days or so, until their relentless demands
    for better and better pictures of my face, after they got my phone number out
    of me, claiming they saw “suspicious”activity on my account, I reached a point where I told them what to do with their website, and they didn’t like it.

  5. facebook doesn’t interest me, I think it’s an evil propaganda platform,
    and I really shouldn’t post my real opinions here about zuckerburg.
    It is apparently a “public” platform if you have the correct
    ideology, so I suppose you could post if it you want as long as that doesn’t violate Homepage policy.

  6. Interesting if true, I’ve been with my Mom (76) twice now when she got
    her vaccination, and did notice at least a noticeable number of people who
    were clearly not in the current age category, what their circumstances were,
    I have no idea, I’m in the next phase 1B, underlying condition.
    It will never cease to amaze me how many people will post on social media
    their transgressions of civility, crimes and other bad behavior. On that issue
    alone, are these persons who should be driving, or engaged in activity that
    can affect others? Maybe it’s some sick “badge of honor” to impress others.

  7. How about give the country vaccines not more money to get everything back to normal faster? Meanwhile local business owners brag on social medial about cutting the line for a Covid vaccine in Lincoln County. Matt & Amy White, owners of Beachcrest Brewing in Lincoln County bragged on Facebook this week about getting their vaccines. Apparently if you know someone in this county, you can cut the line in front of the elderly, the chronically ill, teachers and first responders so that you can sell more non-essential things (like beer) to people in the community. Is there no shame in what people will do to jump the line for a vaccine? Where are the checks and balances in this county that would have given these vaccines to people who need them more? I know one business I won’t be supporting any longer. Shameful behavior.

  8. I am glad to see Senator Andersen at work, just from being in city council
    meetings, I got the impression his politics were more in line with reality,
    even though council members don’t identify with a party.

    For the umpteenth time, I wear a mask, having an underlying condition,
    and as amusing as it is, arguing with the left is boring. I think Portland is
    missing you, and your double standards.

  9. Brian, I don’t see anybody complaining about the rabid antisemitism of Henry Ford. In 1931, two years before he became the German chancellor, Adolf Hitler gave an interview to a Detroit News reporter in his Munich office, which featured a large portrait of Ford over the desk of the future führer. The reporter asked about the photo. “I regard Henry Ford as my inspiration,” Hitler told the News. Ford’s anti-Jewish campaign provoked protests and a boycott of Ford Motor automobiles in the 1920s. Ford offered an apology

  10. Here are the facts.

    Dr. Seuss (Theodor Seuss Geisel) made cartoons and wrote stories that were shockingly racist. He later repented, apologized, and tried to create positive work for children. Google it. If you are not familiar with this you will be shocked, I don’t care who you are.

    Geisel’s intellectual property belongs to Seuss Enterprises founded Seuss’s wife, Audrey Geisel in 1993. That company, of their own volition, found that there were some relatively unpopular titles that still reflected some racial insensitivity and of their own volition made a business decision not to release any new copies of those books. You very likely have never seen these particular books.

    Hot headed right wingers looking to label this business decision as “cancel culture” have rushed to publish misinformation and idiot frickin’ gullibillies never bother to check anything so long as they agree with it, so the whole controversy went viral with misinformation.

    Don’t be an ignorant frickin’ gullibilly. While we are at it, put on your mask so that you will also not be a filthy hillbilly who can’t handle basic personal hygiene.

  11. Bug off Geronimo, if that is your real name, I don’t like you. In your opinion you think I’m wrong, well, in my opinion
    you are wrong, and so are all your liberal buddies.
    I saw you bring up politics in the Vacasa thread, you people cannot live without
    Donald Trump to blame things on. He lives rent free in all your heads. That thread had ZERO to do with politics, Z E R O. Biden is taking this country
    straight to the toilet, he’s a walking joke, and it’s not funny.

  12. Kevin, I have never seen anyone be so wrong about so many things. Why do you need to hide your copy of Cat in the Hat?

  13. For the most part, this is why we voted Republican, Democrats do not have
    our best interests in my mind, especially at the federal level. Crazy changes
    are coming, to the way we vote, to your gun rights, and what books your kids
    can read. Luckily, I don’t have school age kids bringing home propaganda,
    and have my Dr. Suess books safely hidden away with Sun Tzu.
    All Oregon needs to do, is open up the state, and there wouldn’t be a budget
    shortfall, this virus is here to stay, and the sooner people quit listening to
    that moron Faucci the better.


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