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Organized effort to put $87 million urban renewal plan on ballot

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Lincoln City Urban Renewal

A group of concerned Lincoln City citizens named Common Sense Lincoln City is actively seeking 693 signatures to get an $87 million Urban Renewal plan in front of voters.

According to the group’s website, Lincoln City Ordinance 2020-20: Urban Renewal Tax Increment Finance Plan, will cut over $4.8 million from North Lincoln Fire and Rescue’s budget and over $3.8 million from North Lincoln Health District.

From the website:

Why This Matters

1. Hurts our Lincoln City Firefighters/EMS Responders
North Lincoln Fire District Chief Dahlman: “We may have to ask voters to increase their property taxes to make up for the $4.8 million budget shortfall this ordinance creates.”
2. Hurts our Lincoln City Doctors and Nurses
The North Lincoln Health District loses a projected $3.8 million from their budget causing possible cuts to doctors, nurses and front line support staff.
3. Raises our Property Taxes
Property taxes will be forced to rise, to make up for these budget shortfalls, borne by our first responders.
4. Raises our Rents Too!
Rents will be forced to go up when property owners pass these property tax increases on to occupants.

Three ways to sign the petition:

1. Visit to download, print and mail your petition form.

2. Call/text 503.383.1669 or email [email protected] to request a volunteer meet with you for you to sign the petition form, using social distancing.

3. Visit any local business listed on to sign their petition form.

To volunteer to collect signatures, or if you have any questions, please call/text
503.383.1669 or email [email protected] Thank you for your support!

The group must have the required 693 signatures from registered Lincoln City voters by Sept. 9.

The City of Lincoln City passed the Urban Renewal Plan Aug. 10, and it is designed to revitalize the 500 acre area with numerous improvements. The area includes Roads End and a 360+ acre parcel of land formerly known as the Villages at Cascade Head, which has been renamed The Villages at Sitka Woods.

City officials have said the tax increment financing plan does not raise new taxes.

Homepage recently received a letter to the editor from Lincoln City resident Jerry Warner in opposition to the tax increment financing plan. Warner is known by more than a few as a “watchdog of the City of Lincoln City.”

Common Sense Lincoln City’s goal is to get the $87 million Urban Renewal plan on the election ballot to have voters decide if it should become law.

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Justin Werner
I'm publisher of Lincoln City Homepage. Also the web guy, photographer, cameraman, video editor, sportswriter, tech support, beat reporter, cat trainer and e-bike enthusiast. I have a passion for telling people's stories and keeping my fellow citizens informed.

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  1. Scott’s comment raised an obvious issue.
    Why doesn’t the city run the fire department?
    Why doesn’t the city run the garbage service?
    I’d rather see some of our utilities run by not for
    profit entities, although it’s entirely possible we’d be
    in a worse position than we are now, voting on more things might
    help, we already vote by mail here.

  2. Urban Renewal sounds subjective to me. I think a lot of the projects the city
    engages in are questionable. This issue and a great many others should be put
    to a vote, and there should be debate, not some star chamber that decides what’s best for everyone else. Like the sidewalks to nowhere, when there should
    be safer walking areas near beach parking, more parking for tourists.
    Some things we are just not going to get, like wider roads. and a limit on VRDs.
    Maybe we needed a new police station,I try to limit my visits there, but I am
    pretty sure we don’t need any artwork there, governments, all governments,
    local and otherwise are pretty free spending with other people’s money,
    Maybe we needed a new fire station. And Cascade Head? I didn’t know that was in the city. Seems like a long walk, maybe we’ll need a sidewalk.

  3. Lincoln City does need to move forward and grow let’s get our streets next to the ocean slowed down sidewalks for our guests that come to our beautiful community these whiners need to get a life growth is real.

  4. Actually the fire department achieved 2 bonds in a row. The first was to hire full time help and other,Then the next year was to build housing for new help and other from previous year. Raised my taxes a bunch. Problem is alot of the funds in my opinion are to make up for the shortfalls of the ambulance co. And I don’t quite understand the fire department dosent answer to the city , they police their own policy’s, unlike the police who answer to the city. And in 1988 I took a urban renewal loan,put 17,000 into a 18,000 home that I lived in . Sold it three years later for 91,000 so the urban renewal worked for me. Personally I don’t like it but it dose work for certain loans.i think the fire department should take a look at sharping their pencil and trim a little fat off the hog. But don’t take this out of context I do acknowledge the need for them , and have a great deal of respect for them, police, fire, and all responders. Scott Torrance

  5. Rob Dahlman doesn’t want this to go through because he want to keep wasting money. We had volunteers going to calls until the fire put there friend Rob in charge and now he’s just hiring his friends on. Rob has been trying to get rid of the volunteers and he wants to disband north Lincoln fire and rescue and depoe bay fire and rescue and create a new fire district and raise your taxes permanently so he can get rid of all of the volunteers and have only paid fire fighters. Rob should have been fired after the sexual harassment stuff that was going on when he was overseeing the paid fire fighters but nope he was promoted. That you Allen Lee, Jamie Wright and Tim beatty for NOT doing what is best for us the taxpayers. It sounds like you must have enough money that you can keep paying out on lawsuits so why are you crying about this?? You can’t manage your money or your house as is we don’t trust you with our money. We lost the best training officer we have ever had thanks to Rob. We miss you Jamie Mason.


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