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Out-of-state teens packing fake heat meet LCPD

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Teens with Airsoft Gun Lincoln City
A teenager is told to walk backwards with his hands up as Lincoln City Police sort out a situation that occurred Friday night at Space Age gas station (Photos by Justin Werner)

Lincoln City Police placed seven visiting male juveniles in handcuffs Friday night at Space Age gas station, due to them brandishing a “machine gun.”

The weapon in question turned out to be a replica MP5 airsoft gun, which shoots spherical plastic projectiles, that the teens said they were playing with.

“The gun lights up but the batteries stopped working,” one of the young men said. “It would have been better if the gun had lit up.”

Minivan Lincoln City teens
A local watching from the sidewalk said: “it looked like a clown car with all the boys coming out.”

All seven of the boys, aged 16-17 and visiting from Vancouver, Wash., were told to exit a white minivan at gunpoint. One by one they were commanded to walk backwards toward awaiting officers, where they were placed in handcuffs, seated on a curb and interviewed.

Teens gun Lincoln City
Seven visiting teenagers from Vancouver, Wash. were cuffed and interviewed for playing with a replica airsoft machinegun

The 17-year-old driver of the minivan received a citation, but police could not comment what the charge was due to him being a minor. No other citations were issued.

According to the teenagers, they were on a grocery store run for their parents when multiple police cruisers pulled them over and boxed them in at the gas station.

Washington State Teens gun Lincoln City

One teen described the event: “Our driver was shaking and was like ‘man what do I do? Where do I pull over?’ At least we got the olive oil.”

Lincoln City Police guns drawn
A Lincoln City Police officer covers suspects and shows good gun handling safety

Another young man said he told his parents what was happening and the father said “please be joking.” The boys said their parents were waiting for them to return at a beach house rented nearby.

Airsoft gun Lincoln City
Officers do a sweep to make sure all suspects are accounted for

The teenagers said they were playing with the gun and realized after the fact that “it was stupid.” An eyewitness who saw the gun said it looked like the boys painted over the orange tip designed for safety and “only a bit of orange was showing.”

A local fisherman stopped to see what was happening and realized he knew the young gentlemen because they were on his boat earlier that day on a chartered fishing trip. The fisherman talked to the boys and was glad the entire bunch didn’t get cited and said he did worse when he was their age.

“It was a different time then,” he said.

Space Age Gas station

Justin Werner
I'm publisher of Lincoln City Homepage. Also the web guy, photographer, cameraman, video editor, sportswriter, tech support, beat reporter, cat trainer and e-bike enthusiast. I have a passion for telling people's stories and keeping my fellow citizens informed.

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  1. Okay…….THIS is a perfect example of popularized racism at it’s finest! These were kids that made a very stupid mistake. Who gives a rat’s a$$ what color they were??? YOU, that’s who. The ones that scream racism for every stinking event that unfolds these days! YOU are the racists! Stop trying to be the popular Smith or Jones who’s every breath is dictated by what is popularized by a few idiots, and the media!

    Also…….. for those that know very little about police, firearms and public safety…… If you aren’t absolutely certain about the “facts” you tout, don’t open your mouth! If you’re gonna talk about guns, learn a few facts FIRST. The police do not normally carry nor have access to automatic weapons. They (most departments) carry SEMI automatic weapons. There is a HUGE difference between the two!

    Lastly, one person commented that this was a case of overbearing use of force by the police. Really??? The next time you see anyone (kid, adult, he, she, her, him, them, us, non binary – whatever the he$$ that means) sporting what looks like a gun………. call your Mamma and ask her for her opinion on whether or not you should be concerned, and then ask how to “non racially” proceed! Good Gawd Almighty, people!!! Get a clue on life!

  2. Are you kidding me? Why do LC COPS NEED AR 4s with red dot sights? And full vests? Maybe if they walked a beat and spoke regularly with citizens and visitors they wouldn’t have to act like frightened new centurions when they encounter teenagers running an errand for their parents. Hey guys, you are CIVILIANS just like the rest of us, just city employees. It’s high time for police reform.

  3. KeKo- I have shot sub-machine guns when I was young. And I didn’t shoot anyone. But then again, my motto is:

  4. Very good comment Pat C. handled very well buy police. Now days you never know, could have been real gun. Good patience on both sides. Youths could have tried running which would have been bad move. Looks like all kept cool heads. Well done L.C.P.D officers this is not Chicago or Min.

  5. In as much there was not a shooting I would say the police did pretty good. Be happy Lincoln City your local cops are doing their job right. All it would have taken is one of these kids makes a wrong move or officer friendly screws up and this gets real messy quick. Now why did we end up with someone dropping a dime on a car load of kids in the first place? I will bet dollar to donuts you will never see any of these families in your fair city again or any of their friends either. And that folks is what your cities income is, out of towners who fuel you economy. On a side note if I don’t need a “machinegun” the cops don’t either.

  6. everything is about race to a democrat- look up this: “racist trees in Oregon”.
    If it wasn’t actually a real topic, it’d be hilarious.
    Married at 16? in what mud hut village? That’s what is wrong with the
    world, too many children getting married and having kids that have no clue
    about life.

  7. What does race have to do with anything? Sounds like you are racist and have no idea what you are talking about. Why would you bring race into this it’s ignorant people like you that are causing problems. They did what they were supposed to do they stopped pulled over listen to commands and didn’t fight with the officers that’s why they were not shot period.

  8. I can’t imagine a 16 yr old or 17 year old playing with toy guns or toys. Seems to me that is very unlikely and they wanted to cause trouble. Some people that age get married. Can you imagine them playing with toy guns? No.

  9. Sure, they have white privilege for not being shot while resisting arrest.
    Another thing- a machine gun? How many people here have even ever seen a real fully automatic weapon, or fired one? You don’t know the difference between
    a squirt gun and a rubber band gun, you’re in the same group of gun experts
    that think an AR15 fires a .50 caliber round.

  10. Anyone like to bet that in any large city in Oregon, the result could have been very different if the subjects were a group of non-whites?

  11. A perfect example of YOUTH STUPIDITY! Could have been a very dangerous situation that ended badly for Police as well as the kids. USE YOUR HEADS KIDS.


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