Saturday, January 23, 2021

Pacific Seafood employee hospitalized with COVID-19 in Lincoln City

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Pacific Seafood COVID-19
The new Samaritan North Lincoln Hospital opened Feb. 4, 2020. The replacement facility is located just steps away from the original hospital on the southeast corner of the 12-acre campus overlooking Devils Lake.

According to medical sources, a Pacific Seafood employee was taken to Samaritan North Lincoln Hospital Sunday afternoon and placed on intensive care after testing positive for COVID-19.

Sources said the man, a Lincoln City resident, was intubated Monday morning and transferred to Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center in Corvallis. His family is quarantined and contact tracing efforts are underway.

Sources said the man is in his 30s-40s and didn’t know if he had underlying medical conditions.

Lincoln County Public Health officials said there are two cases hospitalized currently and one was hospitalized previously for a total of three ever hospitalized.

Pacific Seafood is the site of a COVID-19 outbreak in Newport, where 124 workers and local contractors have tested positive for the virus.

In a press release from Pacific Seafood Sunday evening, the company said:

The vast majority, 95 percent, did not report any symptoms and none of our workers have been hospitalized.

Pacific Seafood could not be reached for comment after repeated attempts.

Pacific Seafood Press Release

Samaritan North Lincoln Hospital officials said due to HIPAA patient privacy regulations they could not release any information.

Justin Werner
Justin Werner
Justin is publisher of Lincoln City Homepage and an investigative journalist who finds facts. He's on a mission to seek out truth and isn't afraid to be the tip of the spear for freedom of the press.


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  1. Pacific Seafood should be fined heavily for this. Now, LC does not qualify for Phase 2 reopening, and children will again be home-schooled. This is about responsibility, not profits. Now LC must fear going into its own hospital. Why didn’t they stay at Newport hospital and confine it there? Also, we both have June jury duty in Newport, starting Thursday. Think we should report? I expect this to be postponed without retribution. Beaches, hotels and restaurants opened too soon…and now we see the repercussions. Contact Kate Brown and ask her to close the coastal cities again. This is unacceptable.

  2. Totally agree Annie, I’m thinking we should blockade hwy 101 at both ends of town and then set our hair on fire.

  3. Thank you, Lincoln City Homepage, for following up on this so well. Someone needs to do a larger piece about how badly food processing companies are treating their workers. This example is pretty outrageous. Pacific Seafoods needs to be publicly shamed.


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