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Pictures from ‘high risk’ Lincoln City

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Lincoln City, Oregon Sunset by Justin Werner
Sunset on the Oregon Coast taken at D River in Lincoln City (Photos by Justin Werner)

Lincoln City on the Oregon Coast is home to many things, with beautiful sunsets and visually striking imagery on the list.

D River in Lincoln City, Oregon
D River in Lincoln City, Oregon – zoom in and see a person walking on the rocks

People come to the small coastal town to enjoy its beaches and all that entails. From hunting for rocks and shells to kayaking the “World’s Shortest River,” this vacation destination can be a wonderful place to take pictures.

Kayaker in Lincoln City's D River
Kayaker in Lincoln City’s D River

As a reporter riding an electric bike back and forth in Lincoln City, I see many things worthy of snapping and putting on the Internet for all time. It’s a great job when the weather cooperates and I’m kind of getting exercise (it’s an electric bike).

Beachgoers near the dock in Siletz Bay
Beachgoers near the dock in Siletz Bay

As we get into warmer weather, I’ve noticed Lincoln City filling up. Hotels are full and lines are everywhere. The traffic is also back. With all the extra people in town, there’s a lot to see and cover. These lean-tos everyone is building seems like a story, but I just can’t seem to find the angle.

Proud builder sits watching Siletz Bay
Proud builder sits watching Siletz Bay

Huts on the beach in Lincoln City

Talking to visitors is a great way to put my finger on the pulse of Lincoln City because it’s a tourist town. These vacationers come here for myriad reasons but one thing they all come for is the beach. People do all sorts of things when by the ocean.

Man with log at D River
Man with log at D River

Lincoln City Beach


Lincoln County is in the “high risk” category, which puts certain restrictions in place, such as indoor dining reduced and non-essential travel discouraged. What I’m seeing, however, is full hotels and good amounts of people on the beach. Some restaurants are “doing great,” according to their owners, and adapting to online ordering and takeout has been key.

Finders Keepers —the hunting for glass floats on the beach— has been temporarily suspended and I don’t know when the next kite festival will be (Summer Kite Festival canceled). City government is dealing with a bunch of stuff, including looking for a new city manager. When will Lincoln City officially reopen? That’s a great question. Please let me know if you find out.

Mo's in Taft

For a rural tourism-driven community, Lincoln City has a lot to offer. Just make sure you bring your camera and be mindful of the locals.

Siletz Bay

Justin Wernerhttps://lchomepage.com
I'm publisher of Lincoln City Homepage. Also the web guy, photographer, cameraman, video editor, sportswriter, tech support, beat reporter, cat trainer and e-bike enthusiast. I have a passion for telling people's stories and keeping my fellow citizens informed.

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  1. Every morning at the beach at Jetty and 34thW – 35thW street north…..not far from the Casino he flys down Jetty on his bike with this small dog tied to the bike. It is horrible. The little dog’s tongue hangs out and has no way to stop…could get under the wheels of his bike. It is horrible.

  2. Is that dog dragging going on where? SW, NW? We see a lot of dog walkers,
    but no dog vs bike. Sounds like an issue for Animal control. which is part
    of the Sheriff dept if I remember correctly. I doubt the LCPD would be interested, it’s just not part of their “jurisdiction” if that’s the right term.

  3. How To Bike With Your Dog: The Ultimate Guide – Prodify …
    Search domain prodifycycling.com/how-to-bike-with-your-dog-the-ultimate-guide/https://prodifycycling.com/how-to-bike-with-your-dog-the-ultimate-guide/
    First off, make sure your dog is the right size. A small dog, under thirty pounds, isn’t built for running alongside you on your bike. For a small dog, running with a biker is like you running alongside a motorbike. The dog could die from heart failure or exhaustion or heat stroke.


    Please, if anyone recognizes the man on the bike early mornings going to the beach from Jetty to 35th st dragging a small black and tan dog tied along his bike,turn him in. He then takes the dog further down on the beach and continues. He has been approached by an ex law enforcer from another state who I spoke to. That gentleman said he told the man he was committing Animal Abuse. The bikeman cussed at him. I see this man on my walk at around 8:30 am. I hope someone will turn him in. The ex lawman said “I wonder how long that man would survive being dragged behind a automobile?” Please help this 10 to 12 lb little dog. Thank you!

  5. A lot of the terms we use to describe ourselves and others are ambiguous,
    and can be misinterpreted. Personally, “locals” are people that live in that area,
    at least to me, as far as being “native” that’s a real stretch and, ultimately,
    there are no “real” native Americans, I’m going to catch hell for that, but
    in prehistoric times, this continent was unpopulated, without people, there
    were of course, peoples who migrated here from other lands, and we call those persons- Native Americans, but they didn’t evolve here. They were here first, and if that makes you a native, or a local- that’s more of something an
    anthropologist might be able to explain. And before I get jumped- Mom is 16th Cherokee. So, there.

  6. Robert if you were born in the USA then you are native. Just a quick history lesson the Indians migrated here also the mayans and Aztecs were here before them. Yes this town belongs to the locals. The people that live here. We share it but some of the people that we share it with think that it is their sewage pond and they don’t care about it.

  7. Thank you, Kevin. However I simply try to be mindful of everyone. To me the term “locals” should mean, everyone who lives in this “Small Small World” called planet Earth. In a shrinking world where we realize we all need to live together as equals afterall. Other uses of the term “locals” sounds more to me like, us and them; adversarial; divisive. In my 30+ years in North Lincoln County, I never, ever thought of a visitor to Lincoln City as different. No more than when a friend or reletive comes to visit me.

    Keep in mind also, unless a person is Native American, non of this is our land. Everyone else is just passing through as visitors.

    Thank you again for your explaination to me, Kevin.

  8. I’ll explain it for you- “be mindful of locals” that means you are a visitor,
    and you are visiting a place where other people live, not a zoo or an open bar.
    If you lived in a neighborhood laid to waste by VRD units, you might understand
    It’s like when you go into the woods- “leave no trace” is a nice mantra.
    I always enjoy going camping and picking up beer caps, bottles and
    other trash left by dorks who should have stayed home.
    I make money here, and the economy is fueled by tourism, but it can
    be trying at times.

  9. I lived in and around Lincoln City for over 30 years with family living there since the 1940’s. I have and will always feel it’s an open friendly town where locals never project that we have anymore ownership of the town, nor over it, anymore than the visitors we welcome into it. When I lived there I was always was very mindful of our much welcomed out of town visitors. They were afterall my income for many years which I raised a family on. Now I’ve moved on.

    “Be mindful of the locals?” I’m not really sure what that means exactlly in the article. No one has any special claim to the town I will always call home, my home town, Lincoln City. It is a town for all to enjoy equally on equal footing as a resident or visitor. It’s the spirit of Lincoln City. What makes Lincoln City stand out from all the rest of the tourist towns located around the world. We are #1 in making visitors feel at home on vacation.

  10. I think the lean-to material came from the last big king tide but I’m not sure. Some local indoor restaurants operate at 100% even when the rules say cap is 50% or 25%. But I’ve seen that in other towns in Oregon and California too. One nice thing in Lincoln City is retail business employees are wearing masks. In Douglas County, Oregon and much of rural California such as the Central Valley from Merced to Redding that is not the case right now. For instance there it is very difficult to find a gas station or service shop where employees are following any CDC guidelines. In Lincoln City if you enter a business including gas stations, restaurants and convenience stores, the employees are all wearing masks.

  11. I love and miss Lincoln City. I visit regularly but haven’t due to Covid. Waiting and hoping for normal life again some day. Thank you for such a great story and photos.

  12. Good job Justin, I have a lot to say about the city, but I’ll skip it for now,
    although those lean-to’s? In the entomology hobbyist site I use, there’s
    someone who’d attribute those to bigfoot. There could be a story there
    after all.
    And there are a lot of pictures to be taken here. For sure.


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People pack beaches to beat heat wave

Lincoln City beaches were full of people Saturday, as they sought to avoid record high temperatures for the Pacific Northwest, predicted by the National Weather Service.


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