Sunday February 28, 2021

Power outage hits Lincoln City, cause under investigation

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Pacific Power Lincoln City Outage

A power outage Wednesday, affecting 2,243 Lincoln City Pacific Power customers, has crews investigating the cause and working to fix the problem.

Pacific Power officials said the cause of the outage is under investigation and it happened on West Devils Lake Road. Crews were also observed working in Nelscott.

Pacific Power

According to Pacific Power, 2,243 customers lost power around 11:30 a.m. and the majority of them have had service restored. About 1,800 customers are back on as of 4 p.m.

Pacific Power said crews are working to restore power to about 400 customers who have been without power since 11:30 a.m. and are hoping to have the work done by 9 p.m.

Justin Werner
Justin Werner
Justin is publisher of Lincoln City Homepage and an investigative journalist who finds facts. He's on a mission to seek out truth and isn't afraid to be the tip of the spear for freedom of the press.


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  1. Newport was also without power. I arrived there at 10:45 and no internet or phone most of the day. Several traffic lights off in Depot Bay.

  2. This city has the worst power reliability of any place I have ever lived, we constantly have power outages, glitches and lack of service.
    No explanation? Sure. What exactly are they doing with the money we send them every month? The only thing that can close to the reliability of power in
    Lincoln City is the guy I knew who lived in the mountains and used a diesel
    generator for power.
    Another thing- in Taft, more drivers were blowing through non functioning
    stop lights than were stopping, which is required by law. I called the police,
    and despite their new 5 million dollar copshop, they don’t have enough
    manpower to deal with important issue, like people not getting killed in an
    intersection because of scumbag twits that shouldn’t be on the road to begin with, personally, I thought about going out and committing some crimes, after
    all, with no cops around, isn’t that a great opportunity? Oh, right- the police are powerless to help you, but not to prosecute you.

  3. Ok, I got more. So, exactly how did Pacific”Power” fix this problem if they
    don’t know what caused it?
    I wish I could operate like that fixing roofs, ” I don’t know what’s wrong,
    but I fixed it, here’s your bill.” Stay in Lincoln City more than 1 week, and you
    will experience a power outage of some sort, maybe it’s just long enough to knock out your router, it only takes a few seconds, or maybe it’ll be long enough for you to get out some candles. This is developing nation bull flop.
    Not much better than Spectrum is it? We just “upgraded” Upgraded what?
    My bill? I can see that without asking. You’ve both got a future in politics.

  4. Question???If the power company does not know the outage problem,how can they fix it????? Our power has glitches almost every day that are also left unanswered.This is not good on appliances or the stress level.

  5. Trump caused it, just ask anyone. Obviously part of his master plan to
    threaten our democratic power grid., Then, with his Russian operatives,
    he’ll sell us electricity at vastly inflated prices, enabling him to buy China,
    and then take over the world.

  6. They replace all of their parts in Portland and then bring the use stuff down to the coast so when it goes out they can blame it on the salt air. The power down here has been good since they put in 2 main lines coming over from The Valley but this last year we’ve had a lot of problems.

  7. Pacific Power is absolutely the most expensive and the worst functioning utility company we have ever experienced. We have lived in the Bay Area and in Portland Metro and have had power from a number of power companies. They weren’t all terrific, but none come even close to Pacific Power when it comes to poor service, constant interruptions and high cost. PP is also the only utility company we’ve experienced that charges for using a credit card to pay the monthly utility bill. Actually, it’s the only company we deal with that does that…period.

  8. These issues are not the guys who go out in the weather to restore power,
    but the thoughtless decisions of bean counters and people who don’t work
    in the field.
    I have a lot of respect for anyone who goes out in a storm to work, it’s miserable.

  9. Kevin Koffel: Bravo, and thank you for speaking truth to Pacific Power! In my 68 years I have lived in several different locations (both large/metro and small/rural), and I have never, ever experienced so many problems with an electrical service provider as that which we endure with Pacific Power. Interesting that they never have a problem generating my over-priced monthly bill.

  10. To be fair to Pacific Power salt air does dramatically increase the corrosion on various components.

    Having said that perhaps running the cables inside underground ducts so that they are protected from the worst if the salt air & the effects of wind blowing things into them would be a good idea.

    On the flip side I am not sure what this has to do with either the police or politics.


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