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Re-elect Circuit Judge Sheryl Bachart

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I first met Judge Bachart when we both served on the board of a local non-profit organization several years ago.  I quickly came to appreciate her ability to work effectively and efficiently with others and be a valuable team member. Specifically, when dealing with challenging situations, she actively sought and listened to input from others, provided prompt and insightful feedback, and made common-sense and practical recommendations.  Overall, her actions and contributions were guided by her sense of community service.

Judge Bachart has served in the judiciary system in Lincoln County since 1997.  Since assuming the role of Lincoln County Circuit Judge in 2008, she has demonstrated an outstanding knowledge and application of the law, basing her decision-making process on the rule of law, while not being influenced by policy, politics, or public opinion.   Additionally, she has developed effective working relationships with local enforcement agencies and has earned their trust and respect.  Finally, through her work presiding over Domestic Violence and Drug Courts, she has displayed a genuinely caring attitude and empathy for Lincoln County residents.

When electing a judge, knowledge, experience, qualifications, and character matter.  Through her extensive and proven judicial record presiding over criminal and civil cases, as well as strong dedication and commitment to community service, Judge Bachart has demonstrated she is the best candidate for Lincoln County Circuit Judge, Position 1.

To maintain honor and a level of judicial excellence in Lincoln County Circuit Court, I will enthusiastically vote to re-elect Judge Sheryl Bachart.   I hope you will join me; she has earned our support.

Franz Cosenza, PhD

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