Saturday, August 8, 2020

Seven Clark County men arrested for harassment in Lincoln City

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Driver who crashed into house in stable condition

The driver of a car that crashed into a house on NW Jetty Thursday is listed in stable condition according to Legacy Emanuel Hospital staff in Portland. 

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beach Lincoln City racial

Update from Lincoln City Police Department 5:47 p.m. Tuesday, July 7:

At the time of the arrests, one of those in the group refused to identify himself. That subject was transported to the Lincoln County Jail and lodged there pending his identification.

Once the subject was down at the jail he was identified to be Oleg Saranchuk (45) of Clark County Washington. It was determined that due to a language barrier and some lack of cooperation the subject originally identified as Oleg Saranchuk (in the original mug shot photo spread) had been misidentified, and was in fact Andrey I. Leonchik (41) of Clark County, Washington. Both men were charged with the following crimes: Riot, Interfering with Police, Disorderly Conduct II, Harassment, Possession of Illegal Fireworks, and Offensive Littering. Andrey Leonchik was cited and released from the Lincoln City Police Department. Oleg Saranchuk was later released from the Lincoln County Jail.

The case investigation is being referred to the Lincoln County District Attorney’s Office for further review and determination of charges.


Seven Clark County, Wash. men were arrested on Independence Day by Lincoln City Police for harassing a black family, launching illegal fireworks and causing a disturbance on the beach in front of Inn at Spanish Head.

According to police officials, at 9:33 p.m. officers were dispatched to a group of people launching illegal fireworks and causing a disturbance on the beach. The first officers arrived in an all terrain vehicle and were surrounded by a group of about 10 people who began taunting and challenging the officers as they seized illegal fireworks.

Several officers arrived as backup and learned the group causing the disturbance was responsible for yelling racial slurs and using Nazi salutes towards a black family who said they felt intimidated by the men. Lincoln City Police say they formed a line between the white Clark County men and the black family, allowing them to safely leave the beach and return to their room. During this time the men continued to shoot illegal aerial fireworks and taunt the officers, “trying to challenge them to fight.”

Several more officers arrived and police moved in on the highly intoxicated confrontational group and placed them under arrest for a variety of criminal charges.

Gennadiy Kachankov (30), Antoliy Kachankov (28), Andrey Zaytsev (28), Oleg Saranchuk (45), Ruslan Tkachenko (22), all of Clark County Wash., were charged with the following crimes:

  • Riot
  • Interfering with police
  • Disorderly conduct
  • Harassment
  • Possession of illegal fireworks
  • Offensive Littering

They men were cited and later released.

An additional male, who refused to identify himself and who had no identification on his person, was transported to the Lincoln County Jail for fingerprint identification and charged with the above listed crimes. Yuriy Kachankov, 30, of Clark County, was also charged with the above along with Resisting arrest. He was cited and later released.

Lincoln City Police was assisted by Toledo Police Department and Lincoln County Parole and Probation.

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Justin Werner
Justin Werner
Justin Werner is founder and publisher of Lincoln City Homepage and a journalist reporting news for the fine citizens of Lincoln City, Oregon and beyond. He's on a mission to seek out truth and isn't afraid to be the tip of the spear for freedom of the press. When he's not wearing his reporter hat, you can find him enjoying the Oregon Coast with his wife and three children.


Driver who crashed into house in stable condition

The driver of a car that crashed into a house on NW Jetty Thursday is listed in stable condition according to Legacy Emanuel Hospital staff in Portland. 

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  1. RELEASED?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    Wonder if they had been released if they injured or shot someone?

    • citizen I agree 100% with you Nancy plus Suzanne, steve, fordshack Nancy well done I remember the story on KPTV news also. miller sands don’t forget all the other terrorist groups loving what’s going on in this country now.

  2. Response to Nancy. You can thank Sheriff Landers. Apparently, these thugs did not meet his jail’s intake policy!

  3. I highly suspect the Oregon AG will get involved given Oregon’s new hate crime law passed last fall (ORS 166.165 – Bias crime in the first degree). This is a Class C felony in Oregon btw. The “yelling racial slurs and using Nazi salutes towards a black family” part certainly qualifies, particularly if the family was in fear of physical injury which I suspect they probably were given these guys had fireworks.

    The law states: “A person commits a bias crime in the first degree if the person: Intentionally, because of the person’s perception of another person’s race, color, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability or national origin, places another person in fear of imminent serious physical injury.”

  4. Released. Nice, to go back to Washington and never come back.
    Does anyone think these guys are going to get extradited? Being arrested
    has sure come a long way since my days as a younger person. I’ve seen
    disparate treatment like this before, with pathetic bail amounts for
    clearly dangerous persons, if they think you have money, you get high
    bail. No way are these guys coming back to face these charges, and this is going to be the last we hear about it. All these idiots should have been
    in jail at least overnight, but the article doesn’t read that way.

  5. Trump promotes this at his rallies. These are his people . . . “Russians” “Nationalists” “White Power” “Nazis and Commies”. A Nazi salute on American soil should translate to prison time. What has happened to that Political Party? Why does that one White Nationalist Russian dude keep getting released from jail? Do you have to kill the person in order to stay in jail? He should have gotten at least 5 years 10 months prison for that ordeal last year . . .

  6. Denny Wayne you need to wake up! This has nothing to do with trump just idiot’s like yourself. You want to make everything political. Because of people like you they couldn’t stay in jail because you are afraid that they might get sick. So that means every year we can’t put people in jail because they might get sick. It sounds like you are racist screaming at them calling them Russian? How do you know that they are Russian?

  7. Liberal: Trump promotes this at his rally’s.
    Me: Really? Give me an example.
    Liberal: “crickets”.
    Just like most Liberals they feel “offended” that that an Obama figurehead is not present in D.C at present. But they feel justified in supporting BLM/Antifa “protesting” and vandalizing major cities.
    Enjoy what you have been planting for many years. The chickens have come back to roost. Will we see it in LC? Probably, then we’ll how many liberals back track to say “I didn’t support that happening!”

  8. Putin approves of exporting these criminal gangs to the USA with Trump’s blessing because they promote civil unrest and social division. Nothing pleases Putin more than riots in the streets of America and disrespect for law and order. Trying to goad the cops into a fight on a beach? throwing fireworks at cops? What tourist town on the Oregon coast would turn those idiots loose without bail or fines? All of them, except these knucklemonkies must know someone pretty influential to make the call to let them walk,

  9. I wonder if they were released so easily if it happened to be the other way around: a group of black aggressive intoxicated men harassing a white family and messing with police.

  10. Tell that to the DA. Of course these racist crimes meet Oregon State law to be charged as well as the Federal Hate crime standard. These thugs are dangerous and need to be behind bars.


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