Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Taking the high road amid dirty politics

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Lincoln County District Attorney

In response to Mr. Park’s announcement that he is suspending his campaign for Lincoln County District Attorney, I have one question for Mr. Park.  What campaign?  Mr. Park has done absolutely nothing that a person actually campaigning for office would do.  It is abundantly clear from Mr. Cable’s campaign materials that he has never viewed Mr. Park as an “opponent.” Mr. Park declined to withdraw his name from the election when he had the opportunity, instead using his announcement of suspending a campaign than never existed as a political stunt.

I have been a Deputy District Attorney in Lincoln County for 13 years. I have been here through multiple DA election cycles. I was hoping this campaign would not get dirty and tear our office apart, but Mr. Cable and his team are engaging in some of the dirtiest politics I have ever witnessed. When I read or hear the untrue things that DA Jonathan Cable and his supporters say about Lanee, I want to respond.  But I will follow Lanee’s lead and take the high road. What matters is not what people who have an agenda say about Lanee, but who Lanee really is, what leaders who are trusted in this community say about her, and who should serve as your District Attorney.

Our Circuit Court Judges are not allowed to endorse candidates for DA.  But I encourage you to ask court staff, victims, jurors, and anyone else that has seen Lanee at work, what they think of Lanee.  Does Lanee act with integrity and professionalism?  Does she know and follow the law?  The answer is Yes.

Lanee has shown tremendous leadership in the DA’s office.  She is a problem solver.  Lanee has many supporters in the DA’s office, but they are reluctant to speak up because they fear retaliation, as do I.  But someone has to have the courage to speak up and tell the truth about why Lanee is running for District Attorney.  Lanee is running because she cares deeply about victims, our community, integrity, the law, and doing what is right. You will not find anyone that knows the law better or works harder on behalf of our community. I invite you to get to know Lanee, and vote for her in May.

Kylie Andrisa

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  1. I will vote for whoever tells me “No more plea bargains for 3 time losers.” I will probably end up writing in a vote for “Mickey Mouse”, like I always do.


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