Friday, October 15, 2021

‘Tsunami’ of visitors flock to Lincoln City to beat the heat

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Day-trippers swarmed the Central Oregon Coast this weekend, where thousands escaped tumultuous Portland, the steaming Willamette Valley and blistering Central Oregon. Lincoln City was beset by mile-long traffic jams, but the reward was apparent when we talked with four people on a breeze-swept beach.

Homepage asked a couple of questions, such as what brought you to the coast and what has it been like to be cooped-up amid the heat and riots. Rep. David Gomberg met us at the crowded parking lot of a McDonald’s, where he opined on the great divide between tourists and locals, calling the event a “tsunami” of visitors.

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  1. Sounds like a typical day off seasons with the “locals” racing up and down residential streets, all hours of the day, broken mufflers and without a care to consideration of others. Or throwing trash from their cars, stockpiling junk in the yards, dropping cigs on the ground, speeding, swearing, complaining, cooking meth and selling heroin. Perhaps 101 is the great divide and those who live west are clean and courteous while those east exhibit the manners listed above. Stop blaming tourists for the endemic issues here in LC. It is a tourist town; a retirement town with a short season. Accept that ANYONE who owns property; full time, second home, time share or partial ownership, is a LOCAL. They, we, pay the taxes and support the ifrastructure. The beaches are EVERYONES. instead of complaining, do something constructive.

  2. Dr Ruth, odd you target VRDs when most fatalities occur in nursing facilities. Why not complain DHS doesn’t regularly test staff in nursing homes where the covid fatalities occur. How about you complain about that? I know why…its because VRD haters such as you have shamefully weaponized covid to attack LCs tourist industry. PS I’m a doctor too.

  3. I understand the need for a break, but do wish that when folks come out here, they would wear masks, abide by the beach bans on fireworks, and stop leaving their garbage all over the place. When they leave, it looks like a garbage dump here. We do not treat them that way!

  4. We Live in a Tourist Town. If you do not like it, Leave. Us Locals Know we can enjoy our Beaches during the week and everyday..minus the months of June July and August. We shop before 10am and its done during the week. IF you Chose to go out at other times, be patient. The only thing i see is the IMPEDING of traffic at the Mc Donalds Intersection.

  5. The Ocean, beaches and a place to cool off belongs to everyone. If you live here, you need to put up with all the problems you speak about. Just remember, our Country is safe with the administration we have. If we didn’t have it, your life would be destroyed as you know it being from America. Take a look at what Socialism is…..Portland is one example. Minneapolis another, how about New York. You think our small community is at risk, yes. Vote carefully. Our Flag resembles peace. God gives us strength. Democrat run states are an example of what you are complaining about.

  6. This last week end in Lincoln City was a NIGHTMARE of rude, impatient tourists causing wrecks and speeding one another – This Hwy. through these small coastal towns are not equipped to handle the thousands that attack here like they are doing… The mass amount of NON distancing or mask wearing was everywhere…. The trash alone that was left behind on the beaches and parking areas and parks was disgusting and RUDE !!!!! Enjoy the beautiful coast but please be respectful of the wildlife, the people that make our homes here and please pick up after yourselves !!!! Yes, This is a small hwy. through town and the lights are slow … stop driving aggressively to get one second ahead of the next person !!! It was like an invasion … I don’t come to your backyard and act like an inconsiderate slob so don’t come here and think it’s okay. And stop tossing your garbage out the car window and flick your cigarettes EVERYWHERE….

  7. As soon as we get the empty city council positions filled I do hope everyone who is a long term full-time Lincoln City resident will go to the city council and ask that they reconsider allowing vacation rentals in our neighborhoods.
    The temporary people who toss trash in our yards,don’t leash their dogs, speed near our homes, and allow their children to play in areas with sneaker waves while adults carve their names on ancient cliffs,need to stay in hotels or along other areas but not in residential areas.
    Yes, we need to welcome people to visit here, but they need to be respectful !

  8. Screw the tourists. They put us in danger every day, by refusing to wear a mask and bringing Covid with them. We had 10 cases the first 3 months when we were closed down. Now we have over 500 and 9 deaths. Yeah, it hurts the local economy to shut down businesses, but gee, I’d like to be around to enjoy it all when this thing goes away. Stay home. Use your air conditioner. We can’t even go anywhere because of all the tourist traffic. How about letting us enjoy our own hometown.


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