Sunday, September 19, 2021

Vaccine passport ban introduced in Oregon Senate

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Vaccine Passports

SALEM— On Thursday, Senator Kim Thatcher (R-Keizer) introduced civil rights legislation to ban vaccine passports in Oregon.

SB 872 would prohibit public and private entities from conditioning service or employment opportunities based on vaccination status or the possession of a vaccine credential. The anti-discrimination legislation would also ban the government from preventing Oregonians from exercising first amendment rights because of COVID-19 risks.

“The Governor’s vaccine passport scheme is an extreme invasion of Oregonians’ privacy,” said Senator Thatcher. “No Oregonian should have to divulge medical information to participate in everyday life. This bill is about making clear Oregonians’ rights, which have been railroaded by the Governor during the pandemic. One person cannot and should not have this much power over Oregonians’ lives and livelihoods.”

Civil rights and business and labor groups agree that the move by the Governor to implement vaccine passports, contrary to the White House and CDC, is alarming.

According to news reports, a spokesperson for UFCW Local 555, which represents grocery store workers, said, “Telling essential employees to be the mask police and asking customers for their medical information puts them in harm’s way…”

A recent survey conducted by the local Chamber of Commerce in Medford found that 93% of businesses do not want to condition maskless service on asking customers for medical information. The ACLU has said that vaccine passports, “threaten to exacerbate racial disparities and harm the civil liberties of all.”

“Our local businesses have gone through a lot this year,” continued Sen. Thatcher. “The last thing we should be doing is making them play mask and vaccine cop. They have much more important things to do, like getting back to normal so Oregonians can earn a living.”

The legislation comes as Oregon approaches a 70% vaccination rate, the threshold the Governor has set to “fully reopen the economy,” although it is still unclear what that means given the Governor’s constant shifting of the goal-posts.

According to the New York Times, Oregon is one of 3 states in the nation that have refused to set a date for reopening. Oregon’s vaccine passport scheme runs contrary to the approaches taken by California and Washington, which have both opted to trust their residents.

Senate Bill 872 is waiting to be first read, after which it will be referred to a committee by the Senate President.

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  1. Do not get involved in this” POLITICAL CULT” concerning everyone MUST be vaccinated! They have two rules: 1Totally control the media, lie about everything.

    2 Lock up everything, businesses, churches. bars. restaurants, beauty shops
    This vaccine is their TOOL. It is only a jab, not a vaccine. It is not recognized by the FDA and is completely experimental. They are trying to reduce the population and that was their main goal by getting children to take the shot. DO YOUR RESEARCH.

  2. I’m not afraid of the vaccine’s effectiveness, the problem is that
    the mandate isn’t getting lifted until we reach 70%, I am sick of wearing
    a mask in the store when I am vaccinated, because a hundred thousand
    people refuse to be part of the solution.
    Besides that- I was vaccinated by a firefighter volunteer- NOT A DOCTOR.
    Your precious right to privacy is between you and your doctor- not at
    the Taft firestation. Not until the mandate is lifted will we have even the slightest chance of returning to normal. My own brother isn’t vaccinated-
    and he’s wrong, and so are you.

  3. If someone ask you to prove that you are vaccinated ask them if they have aids and then ask for proof. Noone has the right to ask medical questions about you to enter a store or anywhere else.

  4. Thank you Kim. HIPPA laws were made to protect our privacy in medical matters to only those who need it. The passports are directly against the intent of this law. It’s my body, my medical record, my decision. I wear my mask when working, in stores, etc., as does most people I know. Open the state without restrictions or with them, but make it universal. Let each person show that they are adults and making the right decision for their circumstances. Even Fauci has said there are some people who should not have the vaccine. Why should they be punished and be made to feel like a second class citizen for something they can’t control.

  5. If you’ve had the vaccine, presumably you believe in its efficacy and that you are now safe from the virus. Otherwise you wouldn’t have been vaccinated, right? Why then the insistence that ‘everyone’ must have the vaccine in order to rejoin everyday activities, or at least be masked in order to do so? What exactly are YOU still afraid of?

  6. Lol Kevin maybe YOU should be the one to stay home since you obviously have such little faith in your vaccine. If it works, why are you so concerned about other people’s private medical decisions? And I would guess most people still wearing masks in their cars ARE vaccinated, so yes let’s laugh at the complete insanity we now live with daily.

  7. I hope you realize that the unvaccinated are going maskless, they aren’t staying home. And we are out in the community walking around with you. Right next to you. You will never know who is or isn’t vaccinated. Glad you believe in the bogus vaccine. Good luck to you!

  8. Too bad there are checks and balances that prevent people like me from
    having power. I’d relocate every one who refuses to be part of the solution.
    A nice fenced off area in the desert.
    I laugh at every idiot I see wearing a mask outside, or alone in their car.
    Stay home and leave the world to the vaccinated. I have a preexisting
    condition- which is exactly why I wanted the vaccine. All you unvaccinated
    a holes stay away from me, better yet, stay home altogether.

  9. picky carol,
    Masks do not do ANYTHING. They were another fake “control” method. Grow up and wise up and remember, there are those people with pre existing conditions that can not take the experimental vaccine.

  10. Get or not get the vaccinations. We are told so many different things about the vaccine, but few are actually taking their own PERSONAL emotions and view points out of the equation to think logically about what has and is currently happening to humans. It doesn’t matter where you live or what you look like or even who you support or choose not to support politically. Hopefully we all want to be treated with respect and to not have someones own beliefs forced upon us. Has anyone in this angry hateful based discussion thought about the people who CAN NOT get the vaccinations due to preexisting medical conditions? Are they to be treated as scum of the earth because they need to wear a mask, do to something out of their control but never the less have to deal with their situation to live? Or would you have them die just to satisfy your inability to think before you open your mouth and insert your foot and show those around you that there’s no compassion from you for anyone but yourself. Maybe if people start thinking of others in a nicer more understanding or compassionate way, maybe just maybe this world will start being a better place to live and maybe the hate and anger in peoples hearts will go away so we all can live a better life. Maybe?

  11. Kevin et al (all imbecils that submit to tyrans) there are a few of us that will stand up against raconian rules and a goverment that doesn’t have the best interest in mind for is. We are the ones that see through the lies that come from these leaders. The lies are becoming more evident weekly.
    We will not submit to this fear campaign, and we will not surrender our sovereignty.
    The emergency authorization that is being used to experiment with biological instruments on human beings, goes against the Nuremberg code. There are many therapies and medicines already at our disposal, to treat the wuhan virus, thus making the emergency authorization illegal. You are confused and have been mislead
    The television is not the science. Do your homework

  12. I agree with not having to show a vaccinated card.My problem is why,when I’m fully vaccinated for three months now,do I have to wear a mask around people that don’t want to be vaccinated.I say,lets open stores and business for the fully vaccinated,and the mask wearers,who aren’t vaccinated can stay home!!

  13. Listen to the idiots. Wasn’t Bill Gates just talking about blotting out the sun
    to combat global warming?
    I am vaccinated and get to look at the dorks wearing masks outdoors, in stores
    that don’t require the vaccinated to wear masks, I’m sick of this sh*t.
    Stupid is in your mirror- Not mine.

  14. Everyone stop and think there is to much controversy in the U.S. today. So what’s the big deal you want to wear a mask or not get a shot it should be up to individuals own choice its there life. I personally don’t care I have nothing to hide all wear a mask where required I had the shots or not that’s for me to know I don’t need to show proof if I want to go out do things, but if goes other direction all just have to live with it like so many other rules that have been forced on us. Remember that when they came out with the flew vaccine it was unknown how it would be also but today still can get a flew shot. I agree 100% brown needs to go plus take her fallowers in Salem with her.

  15. Hey Kevin,
    Stupid is as stupid does, and who put you in charge of anything. I’m surprised you learned how to dress yourself. Take your advice and put it where the sun don’t shine.

  16. There are so many misinformed people that read falsehoods! Everyone has the right to make their own opinion. However, one should think about & consider others rights also!
    These people screaming & yelling mainly are following radical individuals limited & one sided opinions & in actual testimony can not back up what they are saying with clinical proof of any kind!
    Respect others & wear a mask even if you do not desire the vaccinations!
    I’ve had the coronavirus just prior to when the actual determination of this virus was discovered & was very sick for the better part of two months & since have had the vaccinations with virtually no problem other then a slight rash at the injection site!
    Plus I’m a Medic besides & have seen some very sick people with some young & older passing away!
    Be courteous & respect others!

  17. Kathleen,

    Well stated! FRONTLINE DOCTORS, frankspeech, conservativetreehouse, catturd2twitter just to name a few. Dangerous vaccines/shots God Bless those who were not informed properly and took them.

  18. The vaccines are deadly so don’t take them! Get truth from the frontline doctors at FLCCC and get cures like ivermectin there since this corrupt government doesn’t allow preventative treatment more early treatment because they are connected to Big Pharma who made this planneddemic and also controls the media but truth will soon come out of massive election fraud so soon these demons running things everywhere will be exposed and exposed of! Follow the money from China to Biden and all who hate Trump who was duped by Fauci,NIH,AMA,WHO, CIA,FBI, teachers unions etc etc

  19. Preach it JM! I agree 110%! So refreshing to see people speaking up against this nonsense we are being force fed.

  20. Wow kevon koffel, tell us how you really feel. Thank you Kim Thatcher! I continue to exercise my right to make up my own mind regarding my body, soul and mind. I am an American. I am a critical thinker. I have researched this whole plandemic inside and out. I have also had the Whuhan virus. And I will not allow anyone, not even her highness, Brown, dictate to me in what I can do or where I can go. I also choose IF I will where a mask or not. Ms. Kate Brown has been trying to flex her ability to control Oregonians. She has FAILED the people of this state. She has FAILED in being a Governor.

  21. I don’t know anyone now who wants to take the vaccine. Too many have come forward to show the dangers of a vaccine that will cause issues later on in life. There have been deaths, heart problems, many issues that could take years. The left wants to control population. One of the biggest problem was seeing all the left trying to give money away to anyone who will be vaccinated, free lottery tickets, free hamburgers. Ridiculous. A BIG SCAM.

  22. Thank you, Senator Thatcher! I am very weary of seeing this Legislature butcher our Constitutional based on fear and misinformation. We are hanging onto our rights and free country by a thread. To make everyone take a medication that has not been fully vetted is a crime. Time will tell, but we must maintain our right of choice even amid hysteria, misinformation and film flam politics!

  23. This is not an issue between a doctor and patient. As far as I’m
    concerned, you have no right to privacy during this relentless pandemic
    created by dr, doom and his chinese warlords.
    Just wait until the next one, the time when the climate change freakjobs
    come up with a real solution to overpopulation.
    I’m vaccinated, and it should be mandatory and you have no right to privacy
    concerning your stupid decision to not take the vaccine.


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