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VIDEO: Falcon 9 rocket 2nd stage burns across sky

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Falcon 9 crash

A tight grouping of bright objects, believed to be a burning SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket second stage, was witnessed by many in Oregon around 9 p.m. Thursday, causing a bevvy of reports to flood social media and local authorities.

The Falcon 9 rocket second stage did not successfully deorbit and burned up in the atmosphere according to multiple sources including the National Weather Service and scores of Twitter users. These reports have not been officially confirmed by SpaceX or NASA. “Something” could be seen from “all over the Pacific Northwest” according to the Federal Aviation Administration.

Homepage contacted the FAA Operations Center at 9:15 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. and was told no pilots had reported seeing anything from any towers in Oregon and they had no knowledge of any crashed planes.

Willamina resident Jason Current captured the burning debris with an iPhone 8 and shared it to Facebook. Current says he and his wife went out for a cigarette when she started jumping up and down shouting: “What is that?”

“I looked up and noticed that a bright light was racing toward us. And I mean it was moving fast, too fast for a plane, and then we started noticing that it wasn’t one bright light but several. That’s pretty much when I started recording,” Current said. “That was honestly the most beautiful, awestruck experience I have ever had. I have always wished to catch a glimpse of the aurora borealis, but this in my opinion was a lot more rare. Meteor or space trash, I do not know, but it entering our atmosphere was really cool to see.”

Falcon 9 rocket
Falcon 9 rocket

SpaceX, the company who makes the Falcon 9 rocket, says the two-stage rocket is “designed for reliable and safe transport of people and payloads into Earth orbit and beyond.” Falcon 9 is the world’s first orbital class reusable rocket.

Local law enforcement was aware of the incident, receiving multiple calls about bright lights in the night sky.

SpaceX founder Elon Musk could not be reached for comment.

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  1. The National Weather Service? Twitter sources? Seriously! Obviously this was a North Korean missile test to tweak heat shields on the Hwasong-11, which has experienced multiple re-entry failures. When development of the ICBM was first revealed, it had an estimated range of app. 6,500 sm – enabling it to reach only Depoe Bay, Ore, which projects into the Pacific Ocean as the westernmost point of the Continental U.S. This may explain why eyewitnesses elsewhere saw the debris field arcing across the sky while observers exiting the Wing Wa Lounge in Depoe Bay reported the flaming objects appeared to be “raining straight down on Collins Street.” Due to its ideal location in a bowl-like depression, not unlike Nagasaki, Twitter experts fear Depoe Bay’s ‘slam-dunk’ target value exceeds its negligible military and economic importance, thus making it an attractive bullseye for Pyongyang.

  2. I’m in Silverton and, as Rebecca noted, there was a big boom right around the time the “light show” started. So far, she’s the only other one I’ve found who reported on the sound effects, but it stands to reason considering the reentry speed (reportedly around 17,000 mph!)

  3. We felt a sort of sonic boom; the house shook and my husband and I thought maybe a deer ran into the house or something landed on the roof, we heard a noise we couldn’t identify from where exactly. i said maybe a raccoon ran over the roof? We turned on all the lights and saw nothing, but it was at the same time the lights were noted by others. Weird.

  4. My wife said it look like it came from the middle of the ocean and to me it didn’t look like it wouldn’t of made it to Idaho it didn’t look that high in the sky

  5. Do metors fall through our atmosphere? This being a object supposably falling with the force of gravity pulling it the earth? How on earth did it fall across the sky? As if it is being propelled. And how is it a rocket? There are visibly many different sizes of objects moving simultaneously across the sky. From the Pacific Ocean to it’s crash landing spot, somewhere in Idaho. That is one hell of a fall. Gravity and all.


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