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Lincoln City Homepage Letters to the editor

Lincoln City has an upcoming election in May for a new Mayor.

This city needs to have a new voice for Mayor. All of the candidates except for two individuals have either been Mayor or spent time on the city council. The current or previous elected officials have voted in several items that will cost the City millions of dollars without asking for a vote from the Residents. It seems to me, the City Council and previous Mayors don’t care about the cost of taxes to their constituents. Example: 87 million dollar urban renewal plan, increase in our garbage rates, etc. All of this was put into place during COVID and the Echo Mountain fire.

We need to have a Mayor who understands that this community is tired of their reckless spending and refusal to meet with residents in a forum to ask questions.

Please vote for Fernando Garza as Mayor. This community needs someone who will be the residents voice.


Fran Lonnon

LCH Reader
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  1. Please tell everyone you know to Vote for Fernando Garza. We need someone on the Council who will stand up for the Residents and not continue to raise our taxes

  2. Fran,you are “spot” on regarding that huge $87 million dollar urban renewal bill.Why don’t these city council members tell the truth???Answer,they can’t,won’t, and also think we are too dumb to understand how it works.This should have been voted on,not pushed through by our so called city council ,that is supposed to listen to the city residents,which they don’t. Their minds are made up before they listen to opposition regarding anything brought before them for a vote!!!

  3. Rick Mark you are totally wrong about taxes not increasing!

    Let me explain to you how this works. This 87 million comes from our county taxes by taking away money from various services. Example: Fire Department funds will be reduced to go to this program. Other essential services money will be gradually reduced over the years. So… guess what? Less money for these essential services will do what? Raise taxes because they don’t have the funds. So what if you get money from the government to do this?
    We the tax payers are tired of you (our elected Council Members) trying to convince us you are not raising taxes when in fact you are lying to us!
    Please quit telling people this won’t raise taxes because it is an insult to our intelligence.

    This SHOULD have gone to the voters to decide if they want it!

  4. 587,498 USA
    Total deaths reported from Covid. They are printing LIES. These people were mostly OLD and had UNDERLYING CONDITIONS. WHY TRY TO TERRORIZE THE PUBLIC INTO THIS CRAP. The hospitals make more money if they list COVID on the death certificate. NO REPORTS OF HOW MANY PEOPLE DIE FROM THE FLU!!!! How many are there? How many died of DIABETES?
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  5. As chair of the city’s Urban Renewal Agency, I feel a need to clarify something. The $87 million Urban Renewal plan is not a tax increase. No one’s taxes have been increased because of this plan. The plan will allocate the $87 million for much-needed improvements over the next 27 years. Nearly half of that funding will actually come from the state of Oregon, which means that Lincoln City will, in effect, be getting a significant infusion of revenue from the Portland metro area. Urban Renewal financing is complicated and difficult to understand at first. Please write to me at [email protected] if you have questions.


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