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What COVID-19 “High Risk” means for Lincoln County

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Kate Brown risk level

Oregon Health Authority officials moved Lincoln County’s COVID-19 risk level from “moderate” to “high risk,” giving the county a new list of rules to follow.

Oregon’s Risk and Protection Framework, a new system created to combat the spread of coronavirus, takes effect Dec. 3, the day after Governor Brown’s 2-Week-Freeze, and uses four levels of risk: Extreme Risk, High Risk, Moderate Risk, and Lower Risk. Oregon Health Authority (OHA) has examined data to determine which risk categories counties fall under. OHA will make determinations bi-weekly based on COVID-19 disease metrics.

Oregon COVID-19 Disease Metrics
Oregon COVID-19 Disease Metrics

High Risk Lincoln County
Oregon COVID-19 Counties & Risk Levels Map


The framework is being used under the authority of Governor Brown with executive order 20-66. Also cited is ORS 433.441, ORS 433.443, ORS 431A.010.

sector risk level oregon

High Risk Guidance:

Social gatherings indoor and outdoor will be limited to six and eight persons respectively, with a recommended limit of two households coming into contact with one another.

Indoor dining will be allowed with takeout being highly recommended. Indoor capacity is not to exceed 25 percent with a maximum of 50 customers. Outdoor dining will be allowed with a cap of 75 people and six people per party. Eating and drinking establishments will need to close at 11 p.m.

Gyms, indoor pools and indoor recreation businesses may have 25 percent occupancy or 50 people, whichever is smaller. Theatres, museums and any indoor entertainment must abide by the same rules.

Retail business, such as grocery stores, convenience stores and pharmacies, will be dropped to 50 percent capacity with curbside pickup encouraged. This includes shopping centers such as malls.

Churches, funeral homes and cemeteries will have a maximum capacity of 25 percent or 150 people, whichever is smaller. 200 people can congregate outdoors at these places.

Remote work is recommended for offices under “high risk” and if Lincoln County moves into the “extreme risk” category, offices will be asked to close to the public, if possible.

Outdoor recreation and entertainment establishments are to be limited to 75 people. This includes, outdoor sports, parks, hiking trails, campsites, zoos and stadiums.

Personal services are allowed and long-term care will allow inside and outside visitation.

All activities are subject to more detailed, sector-specific guidance and assume mask usage, minimum physical distancing and enhanced cleaning protocols.

Congregate homeless sheltering, youth programs, childcare, K-12 schools, and higher education — can continue operating under previous guidance issued by OHA.

Justin Werner
I'm publisher of Lincoln City Homepage. Also the web guy, photographer, cameraman, video editor, sportswriter, tech support, beat reporter, cat trainer and e-bike enthusiast. I have a passion for telling people's stories and keeping my fellow citizens informed.

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  1. Lincoln City has always been a tourist destination, and now, with the out of
    control VRD situation, it’s changed our city, and our neighborhoods, where I live,
    in a four block area, there are over one hundred VRDs.
    Democrats are mad with power, politicians don’t know anything about health care, and just go with the latest thing, the only thing Kate Brown hasn’t done yet, is get caught on video dining maskless with a couple dozen people,
    or getting her hair done in a closed salon.
    COVID got us where we are now, and it’s a bad place politically, it’s only
    going to get worse, everyday we find out new previously hidden bits
    of information,let alone, the changing face of the way the virus is understood.

  2. While this “woman?” is trying to destroy our state of Oregon, what is she doing to assist in helping small businesses survive, protests stopping in Portland, normal business that she should be tending to?? She is a disgrace! Everyone knows it! If you have a small business, how can you feed your family under her fraudulent rules? You can’t. She needs to be recalled.

    • Yes Jasmine my daughter has a small business trying to make ends meet Katie IS giant disgrace. Have friends Hawaii say hole islands are laughing at here stupid plans that never have worked how she has turned her back on us but yet claims to be helping her state hahaha. (when and WERE)

  3. Executive orders are reserved for for the president of the United States, not for governors or mayors or any other elected officials. So Kate Brown shut your hole and stop with your tyrannical behavior. You’re nothing but a tyrant and an enemy of the state!

  4. Keep the tourists out of Lincoln County. They refuse to social distance and spread their covid to the Locals who follow the rules. We need industries that areq NOT tourist oriented.

  5. Retail business, such as grocery stores, convenience stores and pharmacies, will be dropped to 50 percent capacity with curbside pickup encouraged. This includes shopping centers such as malls.

    Question… does one social distance when the general store does not direct foot traffic like a post exchange.

  6. A lot of us do know the story. On PBS I recently watched, and have watched many documentaries about the rise of the Nazis, and it’s eerily similar to what
    is happening in this country right now. They control the media, they confiscate
    the guns, they use violence to suppress opposition, they take control of the
    government making it a one party system. Remind you of anything?

    • Good deal at least one other knows the story yes doe’s remind me of a lot people wake up glad to see some are, this country is heading for big trouble am afraid we are only seeing the start. Need to start in Salem clearing Katie and her extremist partners out continue right on up clear out the rest start new maybe a kinder garden class could run our gov. better than what’s there now.

  7. yep go get infected the pass it on- not very bright but you got a heavy attitude about as smart as a brick. Covid seems to be an intelligence test – you fail, good luck.

  8. Someone approached me in a park as I was practicing social distancing he was not. He had no mask on and he threatened me with bodily harm for just simply sitting on a park bench. He threatened to kill me if I didn’t put my joint out. I was not smoking anything. Stranger danger so people be careful out there people are extremely hostile right now. Safe and happy holidays to you all.

  9. Another BIG reason to keep pushing for all the illegal votes to be taken out. America sees what the nasty, hideous democrat communists are trying to push us into. Terrible. Watch all the videos of the hearings and you will see how horrible these people are. We are a FREE COUNTRY, not run by Socialist/Communists. GUARD YOUR COUNTRY NOW. STICK UP FOR SMALL BUSINESSES THAT PROVIDE FAMILIES TO TAKE CARE OF THEIR KIDS, NONE OF THIS SHOULD BE GOING ON. THE MASKS ARE NOTHING BUT A TOOL FOR DEMOCRATS.

  10. This is just the beginning of the years of misery to come. Just wait until
    your new God, creepy and senile joe biden and his witch take over. You’ll
    learn a new meaning for the word”screwed”.
    Expect less support this time around from my family, as far as I’m concerned,
    go ask your moronic elected officials for a handout. This virus is not going away.
    Don’t forget the 3 state pact that OR,CA, and WA have for testing the new vaccines,above what the feds have already done, and wait until beijing biden
    sends all the vaccines overseas to appease the people that helped him get “elected”.

    • Well stated Kevin, just a little history a retired history tracker told me during Biden campaign. U.S needs to wake up look what happened when Germany brought Hitler into power and he eliminated police and started his S.S bunch. Hopefully everyone knows the rest of story.


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