Friday, October 15, 2021

Why Democrats Endorsed Susan Wahlke for Mayor

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Lincoln City Homepage Letters to the editor

There are some good candidates running for the Lincoln City mayor’s office, but Susan Wahlke stands out as a candidate with the necessary experience, a strong work ethic and the institutional knowledge necessary to foster good governance. She has a clear understanding of the issues we face and will help Lincoln City grow, prosper and attend to the problems that confront us as we move forward from the past year’s turmoil.

Her four years of experience serving on the City Council, her time on the budget committee and as chair of the Urban Renewal Agency have given her the necessary insights into the things that need to be done and the means to achieve progress. There will be no learning curve: Susan Wahlke will be ready on day one to bring a renewed focus to the important issues of job growth, homelessness, emergency preparedness and long-term infrastructure planning.

The Lincoln County Democratic Central Committee and the Lincoln City Democratic Club by the Sea have weighed the merits of all the mayoral candidates on the May 18 special election ballot. In consideration of her progressive views, experience and outstanding ability, Democrats have endorsed and will wholeheartedly support Susan Wahlke for Lincoln City Mayor.

Eliot Sekuler
Lincoln County Democrats

LCH Reader
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  1. A Democrat Governor

    Michigan Governor Whitmer Blackmails Citizens, If You Don’t Get The Shot I’ll Keep the Mandates in Place

    It is illegal to force anyone to take an experimental vaccine when there is also an alternative to the vaccine.

  2. One more thought! Democrats do not want “Law and Order”…they arrest criminals for breaking into your long hard businesses that you struggled with each dollar to make money for your family, BLM or ANTIFA breaks the windows in the night….goes inside and LOOT the entire store or just destroy it. That goes on every night in the democrat run cities. The Police are given orders to arrest, then release. Is that what you hard working people want? What about protecting your own home from violent intruders? Police sometimes arrest you if you held a gun on them. Is that constitutional? What about someone who steals your car overnight and now you have no way to drive to work? The Police have orders not to do a thing. NO LAW AND ORDER MEANS NO COUNTRY. ALL COUNTRIES NEED THAT TO SURVIVE.
    GO TO 24/7 tells the truth about the election fraud, everything that is going on in America now with many guests. Mike Lindell owns the site. Send to everyone you know.

  3. Susan was on the Committee Chair for the Urban Renewal. This says something about a candidate for Mayor.

    This 87 million Urban Renewal comes from our county taxes by taking away money from various services. Example: Fire Department funds will be reduced to go to this program. Other essential services money will be gradually reduced over the years. So… guess what? Less money for these essential services will do what? Raise taxes because they don’t have the funds. So what if you get money from the government to do this?
    We the tax payers are tired of you (our elected Council Members) trying to convince us you are not raising taxes when in fact you are lying to us!
    Please quit telling people this won’t raise taxes because it is an insult to our intelligence.

    This SHOULD have gone to the voters to decide if they want it!

  4. Portland, Oregon democrat mayor and governor shows what is going on. You get what you vote for Oregonians. Democrat run cities destroy every inch of their streets like the infestation of TERMITES. They are trying to destroy all cities, Antifa, BLM and no arrests, destroying businesses, etc. NEVER PUT A DEMOCRAT IN OFFICE. It all starts at the lower end of your offices held in each city. Americans must stand strong to keep our peace and love of our country.

  5. I wish we could leave out political parties in city elections. I learned a couple things during the 2020 presidential election- there are a lot more conservatives
    in Lincoln City than you might think, a lot more. Picking a political party
    in the city is not necessarily a good thing.
    What I learned for sure, is that anti- conservatives tend to be ruder and louder, for example, the “ladies” that liked to drive by and scream obscenities out the window as they bravely drove by, and the moronic activists that had a nice talk with LCPD a couple weeks ago.
    The national democrat party is not something I’d want to be associated with,
    it’s a bad message.


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