5th Anual Tree Lighting Party

5th Anual Tree Lighting Party

A fun night had by all at the Lincoln City Cultural Center. Kids made ornaments and sat on Santa's lap, adults perused wares at the sale, and everybody enjoyed great caroling from the Sweet Adelines.

Posted by Lincoln City Homepage on Friday, November 25, 2016

The place was packed! Half of Lincoln City turned out to make ornaments, check out the sale, have their kids sit on Santa’s lap, watch the tree light up, and listen to the sound of the Sweet Adelines caroling. It was a fantastic atmosphere of friendship and true holiday spirit.

This reporter seriously believed a CD was playing Christmas music when I first walked in. It was the Sweet Adelines live and in person! They were phenomenal. What a gift to the people of Lincoln City.

Santa did a great job listening to the children and did an even better job handling the kids who cried when placed on his lap. That can’t be an easy job. Hats off to you Santa.

Lincoln City Mayor Don Williams lit up the tree and also lit up himself. He was wearing Christmas lights on his jacket! I have seen public officials do lots of things but that may be the coolest.



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