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Looking for advertising Lincoln City?

Lincoln City Homepage is growing at an exponential rate. We continue to attract new users every day, and our engaging social presence is outperforming the competition. With the addition of Jim Fossum as our Senior Reporter/Sports Editor, we are breaking every record. With that many eyeballs on ads for your business or event, you’ll be getting the best return on your investment! 


Get in the Homepage all year long for $1000. Save $200 and change your ad as much as you like.


The classic desktop experience has been around since the Internet started and remains a great way to display content with many extra features, such as entire backgrounds being clickable ads. We take full advantage of the latest web standards to ensure readers have a good experience and your ads are served in an unobtrusive way. 


More than 60 percent of our web traffic is from mobile visitors. To make sure readers have the best possible experience, we have created our own mobile website that strips away most of the desktop site elements and focuses on the content. Therefore, we maintain the fastest, lightest footprint in Lincoln City news media.

How we do business in general

  1. We’re local. You are supporting a local news agency that supports the Lincoln City economy. 
  2. We care.
  3. We will do our best. 

By supporting your local free news service, you give us the ability to increase our coverage, and get a return on investment that will grow long into the future.

If you’re ready to buy an ad right now, call and let us design your ad for free. Looking forward to working with you and thanks for supporting your local news.


Need help creating your ad but don’t have time to talk on the phone? Leave it to our crack team of professional designers to make your business stand out on our website, literally. Fill out this form and we’ll be in touch.