Advertising in Lincoln City

One business card ad linked to your website/social media account for just $40 a month!

(Prepay for 12 months and receive a 15% discount)

Your card will be placed on a “sidebar”  appearing next to the latest news.


 Thinking of something a little larger?

We can place your ad where your customers will see it.

Here’s a custom ad we did for the Lincoln County School District:

 This ad uses four 300 x 300 spots, which is a “full page” ad.

 $150 per month with a 15% discount for 12 month pre-pay

Lincoln County School District 100 Years


“Banners” and “Squares” are $50 month.  Banners and Squares are placed for visibility but are subject to being moved as required.

Premium “Banners” placed at top of the page will be charged higher at $99 per month.  It never moves and will remain the only ad in that position

Note, during political seasons, placement of ads are left to discretion of publisher.


This is a 728 X 90 “Banner ” ($50 mo.)

Werner Host

This is a 300 X 300 “Square” ($50 mo.)

Werner Host Web Hosting

Why advertise with us?

  1. We’re local, independent, and not owned by a media conglomerate. Support us and you support the Lincoln City community.  We’re here to cover Lincoln City’s citizens, businesses and government. 
  2. Other sites put up “Paywalls” demanding that your customers pay to see their content and your ads. We don’t and we won’t
  3. Our news (and your advertising) won’t get thrown in the trash or be used to start beach fires.
  4. Lincoln City Homepage (and your ad) is always within reach on any device.
  5. Your ad is built as an “image” and is not going to get removed by an ad blocker.

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