5% of ads purchased go to the backpack for kids program and the Lincoln City Warming Shelter.

Lincoln City Homepage is growing at an exponential rate. The site grows about 100% per month and that number has been growing every month since we started. With that many eyeballs on an ad for your business or event, doesn’t it make sense to advertise with us? You can have a month long ad run on our site for as little as $50. Want the big ad up top? $150. Looking for that prime left-side ad? $75. Want to be smack-dab in the middle of the articles? We’ll think about it.

Two things about our ads that separate how we do business from others:

  1. You are supporting a local news agency that will guarantee it puts the money back into the local Lincoln City economy. We shop local.
  2. We will give 5% of all our ad money to different charities every month unless a specific charity needs it more. This will be an easily verifiable number just by looking at the site.

Support your local free news outlet and get a return on investment that will grow long into the future.